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Project Software Engineer

Woburn, MA
September 28, 2018

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Ammadul Haq

Extensive hands-on software development experience of multi-tier applications using object-oriented paradigm. Areas of expertise include complex design & development of modern web and desktop applications. Passion to design stunning user experiences. Professional S kills:

Tools & Technologies:

● Angular, Ionic, Angular.js, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Google Material, Figma, Divi, Wordpress, S VG, d3js, Git, Bitbucket, SourceTree, Blockchain/Ethereum, C ouchDB, Jira, Confluence, Junit, Karma, Jasmin, Mocha, ElasticSearch, jQuery, .Net, C#, WPF, Silverlight, XAML, MVVM, Managed Extensibility Framework, WCF, REST, XML, PRISM, LINQ, Expression Blend, Expression Design, MS Enterprise Library, Visual C++, C/C++, Pascal,, Python scripting, Infragistics controls, COM, PL/SQL, Developer 6, Crystal Reports, NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System), Microsoft Visual Studio, Turbo C ++ 3.0, Wireshark, Visual Source Safe, Perforce, VirtualPC, UML, Visio, Rational Rose, XMLSpy, Photoshop, Macromedia DreamWeaver, Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe Photoshop.

● APIs: Windows API,.Net Framework Base Library, MFC, WinSock, WinINet, Djvu Lib, Celartem DjVu SDK

● Databases: CouchDB, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata

● Excellent presentation, communication and organizational skills. Experience:

Perficient – Senior Software Consultant ( Dec 2017 – Feb 2018) Project: Health Services Dashboard

Worked on front end and participated in a 5 person team doing analysis, design, development and testing of a single page responsive web application to provide a portal for employers as well as their employees to manage their health benefits. Using agile methodology, tools and technologies utilized in development of this application are Angular 5, Typescript, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, SVG, Google Material, Confluence, Bitbucket.

● Worked on architecting front end of the portal to be responsive and lightweight.

● Planned sprints and wrote stories following agile software development methodology.

● Designed UI and implemented features

Johnson Controls – Senior Software Engineer ( Dec 2011 – Dec 2017) Project: iStar Ultra Video

iStar Ultra Video web application was a redesign and combination of two legacy web applications with improved architecture, flow and branding. I worked on UI side of this project. With Agile software development methodology, technologies and frameworks that I used in this project are Angular.js, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, j Query, Node.js. I also worked on 2n d phase of this project in

Angular 2, Google Material, Sass, Typescript and its mobile version in ionic. Other than this my contributions to the project are:

● Leading the project to work with cross functional teams like backend team, product managers and QA.

● Gathering and analyzing requirements, plan sprints and write functional specifications.

● Designing UI and implementing features.

● Exploring and incorporating new patterns and frameworks in development. Project: VictorWeb

VictorWeb is the web version of Victor unified Client. With Agile software development methodology, technologies and frameworks that I have used in this project are Angular.js, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, j Query, Node.js, CouchDB and ElasticSearch. I am part of core team that takes care of UI side of the application. My contributions to the project are:

● Analysis of requirements and writing functional specifications.

● Architecting, designing UI and implementing features.

● Exploring and incorporating new patterns and frameworks in development.

● Leading and mentoring developers.

Project: Victor Unified Client

Victor Unified Client is a video management/surveillance system that enables users to use both analog and IP cameras and provides a single solution to manage recorded video from both Intellex DVRs and VideoEdge NVRs. Many high profile companies in corporate sector and shopping malls in Tyco's clientele are using Victor Unified Client. Tools and technologies used in this project are .Net 4.0, PRISM, C#, WPF, XAML, Silverlight, Infragistics controls, WCF and SQL Server 2008. I am part of core team that mainly takes care of framework of application. My contributions to this project are:

● Analysis of requirements for architecting, designing and implementing new features.

● Implementing new methodologies/patterns and frameworks in development. PeakPoint\L1-ID – Senior Software Consultant (August 2009 – Dec 2011) Project: R oadTest

Worked as Senior Software Consultant on RoadTest. RoadTest is an application to automate scoring of candidate when he/she takes road test driving exam. RoadTest runs on tablet PCs. RoadTest consists of digital form using which examiner can easily mark the actions which candidate has done correctly or incorrectly. RoadTest has an embedded MapPoint ActiveX control with prefilled route that keeps track if

the candidate is going to the correct route. Candidate's exam is then stored to DB and can be pulled from DB and viewed again in RoadTest. It also consists of a reporting module to view statistics of candidates.

Tools and technologies used in this project were .Net 3.5, C#, WPF,, Python script and SQL Server 2008. My contributions to this project are:

● Analysis of requirements to design and implement digital forms.

● Customizing reports for customers.

Project: I mageServer

Worked as a Senior Software Consultant on ImageServer. ImageServer is a product for creating driver licenses and ID cards for RMV/DMV departments. It is a complete workflow solution right from the point when a person steps in RMV/DMV for his/her driving license. ImageServer is the backend component of complete solution with Capture as the frontend component. This solution automates the process of assigning transaction number when a person comes in, taking his/her portrait, fingerprint, signature or other identification particulars, printing card and sending it to that person via mail. According to the requirements of different customers, this product is customized using plug-ins, web services and windows services. Worked on ImageServer project for California and Idaho. Tools and technologies used in this product are .Net 4.0, C#, WCF, XML, SQL server 2008, XMLSpy and Wireshark. My contributions to this project are:

● Requirement analysis involving client interaction.

● Designing and code implementation of requirements. NERO/Ayesoft - Sr. Software Engineer (June 2008 – July 2009) Project: N ero BackItUp & Burn

Worked as Senior Software Engineer on Nero BackItUp & Burn in front end team. Nero BackItUp & Burn is a component of well known Nero CD/DVD burning application. It has the capability of taking backups of full system, selected drives or selected files at scheduled times. This backup can be stored directly on any online storage space, DVD/CD or local disk. Backend of this application is in VC++ whereas front end is in .Net C#/WPF/XAML. Also developed small research based projects to explore PRISM framework and MVVM pattern. Contributions to the N ero BackItUp & Burn project are as under:

● Leading a team of four developers. Scheduling and assigning tasks to developers.

● Analysis of use cases for frontend development.

● Implementation of front end: designing GUI in Expression blend and refining it in XAML (that includes creating and working with Styles, Animations, Templates, data binding, dependency properties, attached properties and routed events).

● Implementation of frontend communication with backend using COM. Komatsu Ltd. - Software Engineer ( March 2006 – May 2008) Project: D jVu Control

DjVu Control is a light-weight OCX. A complete image viewer application to display DjVu images is developed as a product and can easily be plugged-in into other applications. It has all the functionalities of displaying and manipulating DjVu documents like navigation, zoom, rotate, copy, search text, highlight and export DjVu image to bmp, gif, png, jpeg formats, printing, adding, deleting an image to DjVu document, enabling and disabling OCR of DjVu documents. DjVu control is developed using VC++ and Celartem DjVu SDK. Supervised and developed this product. Contributions were as under:

● Analysis & Design of DjVu Control.

● Implementation.

● Testing.

Project: O nsite Software development and support

Worked in Japan for 3 months as an onsite engineer on client side in one of the departments of Komatsu. Duties in Japan were as under:

● To establish a smooth coordination and communication channel between client’s site and offshore development team.

● Software development.

● Software testing and deployment.

Project: e Brochure

This is a lightweight web application consists of an ActiveX and web interface that supports DjVu compressed documents. Due to small size of DjVu documents compared to bmp, jpeg or PDF Komatsu provides its material i.e. product manuals, product brochures and service manuals on web in DjVu format. eBrochure includes features like panning, zooming, OCR search, bookmark, text highlighting and dynamic content loading. The technologies used in this product are Visual C++, XML, XSL, ActiveX, Classic ASP, and DjVu Compression API. I was involved in implementation and unit testing of this project.

Project: M achine Distribution Xpress (MDX)

This is an ERP system, used by part distributors of heavy machinery around the world. This ERP covers full supply chain business workflow of heavy machinery manufacturers and distributors. It has both desktop and web versions. Technologies used are .Net, C#, XML, SQL. Was part of implementation team and also carried out unit testing of this product. PlanetBeyond - Software Engineer (January 2005 – March 2006) Project: D esktop Messenger Application

This messenger application provides the facility to the users to chat with their mobile friends from their PCs. Users can maintain a buddy list and can add, delete or block any contact. Users could download is Desktop Messenger from the website of mobile operator and install it on his/her machine. Tools and technologies used were VC++, Sockets, COM programming. Project: M SN Messenger’s SMS Addin

Using SMS Add-in for MSN Messenger users could simply login to their MSN Messenger and just like chatting with their PC friends they could also chat with their mobile friends. Users could maintain a buddy list of mobile friends just like their MSN buddy list. Tools and technologies used were VC++ Win32, Message Hooking, Sockets, COM programming.

Project: O utlook Corporate SMS Addin

Developed an add-in for outlook for sending and receiving SMS through GSM modem in a corporate organization. Tools and languages used were C# .Net 1.1. Project: S MS Applet

This applet was developed for the website of a mobile operator to send and receive SMS from PC to handset. Tools and languages used were J2EE and Jbuilder 2005. Project: A lert Sender

Alert sender was a server side application for sending SMS Alerts to the subscribers of a well known mobile operator. Tools and languages used were J2EE and Jbuilder 2005. I also contributed in the development of web admin applications in jsp, JDBC, JavaBeans and servlets. Project: C rossings Minimization by Genetic Algorithm in Bipartite graphs Main part of this project was implementation, heavy simulations, and analysis of different parameters on simulation results.

Project: C rossings Minimization by Simulated Annealing in Bipartite graphs Main part of this project was implementation, heavy simulations, and analysis of different parameters on simulation results.

At the end of above-mentioned projects a comparison report was created discussing the pros and cons of both approaches.

Project: D ata Warehouse

Development of Data Downloader and Information Extractor, which automatically downloads data from internet (h ttp:// using multiple threads and extracts information from downloaded HTML files and loads it into the database. This data was then used for automatic data standardization, house-holding & individualization for addresses and names using VC++ & Teradata. Tasks carried out in this project were:

● Development of a Dimensional Model (DM) of DWH.

● Development of Database Schema.

● Index Modeling.

● Implementation of Schema in Teradata.

● ETL and Cleansing, Data Loading in Teradata.

● Design and Run analytical queries.


MS (Software Engineering), National University of Computer & Emerging Science (2004) BS (Computer Science), IIU (2002)


MCP, Enterprise Application Developer, (.Net C#)

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