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Mechanical Engineer Design

Katy, TX
September 28, 2018

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Hannah Xu

Houston, TX ***** 713-***-****

Highly-Adaptive Mechanical Engineer

Experienced in static and dynamic analysis of mechanical systems/structures

Professional Structural Analysis & Design Engineer with over 20 years of experience in aerospace, oil & gas and FEA analysis consultation. Possess an engineering ingenuity to provide lasting change and develop novel solution to optimize equipment. Comprehensive exposure in numerous software packages including ANSYS, ABAQUS, NASTRAN, SolidWorks, Caesar II. Focused on performing advanced engineering simulations technology to meet design needs. Areas of expertise include:

Classical Hand Stress Analysis


FEA and Failure Analysis

Mechanical Design

Fatigue & Fracture Analysis

Manufacturing and Testing


UTC Aerospace Systems, Houston, TX 2016 – Mar. 2018

Senior Structural Analyst

Successfully designed and conducted FEA to analyze R&D products, keeping the end user in mind with safety as the highest priority. Developed the product from concept to completion/final product release.

Universal Waste Management System: Optimized designs using FEA, ensuring ISS and MPCV requirements. Identified resonate rotating frequencies with modal analysis to verify critical speed of motor and select isolators. Documented Stress and Fracture reports to certify the final product. The analysis led the design to manufacturing.

Heat Melt Compactor: Provided vital design inputs after performing heat transfer and thermal stress analysis.

Core Stage Auxiliary Power Unit: Evaluated structural and fractural risks of unit by considering operational loads and time in service, ensuring function and safety. Identified low frequency fatigue of bearing housing by heat exchange analysis and thermal stress analysis to prevent operational failures. The analysis led the design to manufacturing.

ALCLR Project: Conducted facture control reports.

Genesis Oil and Gas Consultants, Houston, TX 2011 – 2015

Senior Staff Specialist

Julia Project of ExxonMobil (FEED and Detailed design): Conducted deep-water pipeline design with buoyancy modules (Julia project of ExxonMobil). Developed FEA models to evaluate HPHT lateral buckling, thermal fatigue, PLET end force, and riser end walking per DNV and ASME standards. The design successfully installed and operating.

Julia Project of ExxonMobil (installation): Simulated as-is flowline during installation, such as buoyancy module misplaced, flowline route deviation, and strakes misplaced and made engineering judgement. Conducted modal analysis of pipeline to estimate vortex-induced vibration (VIV) damages. This analyses led installation successful.

Juniper project of BP: Team lead of seismic design and developed FEA models for deep-water pipeline. The FEA model incorporated tie-in spools, wye/check valve skids and riser. Analyzed the pipeline seismic behavior and the maximum seismic loads and displacements of three skid structures under different earthquake ground motions. This analyses led to the design operating safely per ISO and ASME.

Scarborough project of ExxonMobil: Assessed the global buckling susceptibility of offshore pipeline by hand calculation and a FEA model. Developed design basis of Scarborough per GP and DNV.

Barrios Technology, Houston, TX 2009 – 2011

Principal Engineer

High Definition Earth Viewer: Performed FEA by using NASTRAN and classic stress calculation to meet NASA standards. This analysis led NASA products to function safely during launch and in space environments, consistently meeting project standards and design needs.

International Low Impact Docking Systems: Optimized designs to meet requirements and maximize strength and duration, utilizing NASTRAN to perform structural FEA analysis.

Orion Project: Implemented an optimized composite panel, analyzing thermal protection system concepts for reentry, pad abort, and cold sink temperature by FEA and CAD.

Performed hand calculations of fasteners, lugs, and welds for flight vehicles and novel products using MathCAD. Conducted fracture analysis by FEA with NASGRO, ensuring ample strength during launch and operations.

Knighthawk Engineering, Houston, TX 2002 – 2009

Senior Finite Element Method Adviser

Performed redesign, troubleshooting, failure analysis, and fit-for-service analysis for offshore, petrochemical and power clients, utilizing ANSYS and ANSYS Parametric Design Language.

Redesigned offshore flanges to prevent field leaking problems, conducing non-linear rubber material contact analysis and code assessment.

Designed a Moon Pool Centralizer for the Thunder House Project to pull riser into proper retrieval position, avoiding damage to either riser or rotary table using hand-calculated wind, wave and current forces and assessment of FEA stress and code analysis.

Identified, developed, and implemented solutions to allow an Ethylene Plant to resume operations through root cause analysis of critical heat exchangers, utilizing a high-level FEA model, and initiating fatigue analysis of thermal cyclic loading.

Completed a highly-detailed Level 3 Fit-for-Service structural simulation for SASOL gasification which properly addressed service and reliability roadblocks.

Performed root cause analysis on critical heat exchangers by high level accurate FEA model. Middle East ethylene plant had failures on its transfer line exchangers during commissioning and cannot start the plant until the reason for the failures were identified and solutions were developed and implemented.

Redesigned tube to tubesheet joints for Waster Heat Boiler (HTHP) by cyclic structural and thermal analyses and accessed code (Division II Appendix 4) requirement. Design and reliability issues were properly addressed.

Additional Relevant Experience

NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO – Sr. Mechanical Engineer 2000 to 2002

Provided technical consultation and guidance to design teams for evaluation and optimization of equipment structure. Performed linear/nonlinear stress analysis using FEA with ANSYS and Pro/MECHANICA such as structural static, modal, transient dynamic, buckling, and contact analysis for sophisticated multi-assembly equipment including Pipe Racking System, Pipe Transfer System, and Riser Handling System. Diagnosed system failure criteria through use of static/vibration FEA.

SOLIDWORKS - R&D Developer 1998 to 2000

Developed FEA software & Implemented new solution and solver options for more accurate stress analysis into the COSMOS family. Conducted random vibration analysis of satellite antenna and nonlinear analysis for urethane wiper blade. Performed nonlinear analysis of composite material systems.


Ph.D. of Wood and Paper Science, Minor in Civil, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

M.S. in Engineering Mechanics, Southeast University, Nanjing, China

B.S. in Engineering Mechanics, Southeast University, Nanjing, China

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