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Manager Training

United States
September 28, 2018

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Management professional with 10 Years of experience in the Aviation /Aerospace industry in Quality Assurance and Control as well as implementation of Environmental Health System (EHS) infrastructure . Successfully implementing the FAA, EASA, ANAC, ISO certification requirements for the organization as well as initiating, managing and optimizing the Internal as well as External audits resulting in continued quality operations and organizational image and growth .

Continuously develop and implement required changes for compliance with Regulatory and certifying bodies of the workstation and thereby keeping the certifications hanging on the wall and enhancing company image.


Prepared, Revise and Obtained RSM,QCM, for EASA FAA certification at 3 CFR 145 repair stations

Obtain New regulatory certification for Cool and Start Aviation (145 Repair station) ANAC certification

Implement the workstations Calibration, Shelf life, Training, Standard forms compliance program at 3 stations.

Obtain and get ISO 9001 certification for Plating Tech, IAG, Alpha Turbine Aviation, Cool and Start Aviation, and processing the same for Thrust Tech Accessories.

Implemented transfer of ownership and required documentation for transfer of workstation ownership with FAA and EASA

Recommended and got accepted more than 4 repairman certifications from FAA for technicians .

Implemented changes or required corrective actions based on regulatory audits(FAAA,EASA, CASE, ISO) and maintain the continuity of certifications for the work station.

Comply with state and federal agencies requirements and minimize any non compliance issues based on agencies audits, thus prevent any major violations and liens.


Thrust Tech Aviation Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2016 to Present

Quality Control Manager

Manage the Q.C department operational procedures for compliance with FAA, EASA, EPA, DERM, ISO 9001 and other certifying State and Federal Authorities.

Liaison with FAA for the development, and implementation revisions of all QCM, RSM, Capability List, Standard Forms and Audits with FAA, EASA, EPA, DERM, ISO 9001 and other certifying airlines as well as State and Federal Authorities.

Strictly adhere to and enforce Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), quality assurance / control procedures and safe work practices

Conduct audits, supervise and review activities, prepare and review in process as well as final inspection and quality control documents., and management, supervisory and inspector repair station rosters

Run and authorize repair stations calibration program, shelf life program, internal audits and all trainings mandated for 145 repair stations .implement and conduct human factors training in accordance with EASA and FAA requirements.

Run the Drug and Alcohol Misuse prevention program in accordance with FAA, EASA requirements.

Timely completion, and update all Quality Control, Training and Capability Manuals

Implement internal audit and develop corrective actions on a continuous basis in compliance with regulatory

requirements of certifying bodies.

Cool &Start Aviation Inc., Miami, FL 2012 to 2015

General Manger Quality and Regulations

Responsible for ensuring all the Federal and State, Regulatory and Quality control regulations for the 145 Repair Station is implemented, in a manner where no violations are noted.

Conducting and implementing EHS training courses, (hazardous waste management, hazardous materials transportation, “Hazcom”, “Hazwoper”, lock-out/tag-out, electrical safety, fall protection, fire prevention)

Review Repair Station’s training program to ensure all the Repair Station’s training needs are met.

Train and develop people to comply with all regulatory requirements

Facilitate marketing to enhance work scope opportunities within USA and South America and expand to Asia by ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements related to FAA, EASA, ISO, and ANAC

Operational EH&S Management Duties

Direct and develop current practices and implement comprehensive environmental health and safety compliance system for workstation.

Regulatory Compliance of EPA, DERM, OSHA related to environmental health and safety

Lead emergency response activities following spills and releases should they occur

Anticipate and prevent risk of major hazards and during operations and proper housekeeping to eliminate risks

Lead site self-audits and coordinate external EH&S audits as well as those enforced by FAA, EASA, ISO, ANAC at site, and implement audit recommendations.

Alpha Turbine Aviation Technology, Miami, FL 2008 to 2011

Chemicals & Environmental Safety Manager

Operational EH&S Management Duties

Plan, implement and manage safety/environmental policies and procedures in compliance with local, state, and federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) & EPA rules and regulations including DOT & IATA reporting and recordkeeping.

Plan, implement and manage programs to train managers and employees in work site safety practices, for

but not limited to fire prevention, lockout/tag out, fall protection and correct handling techniques for

chemicals, toxins, equipment, and other materials.

Ensure timely submittal, acquisition and maintenance of all environmental permits

Developed, and revise site safety plans, contingency plan, spill management, workshop safety, fire drill documents

Develop and implement control charts and procedures as per regulations for Identification Of Hazmat, Quantity of materials Used, Spill Management, Collection and Training Of Employees

Regulatory Compliance Duties

As the team leader Prepare the complete audit report and document ISO 9001 control measures for follow up by all the departments and work station and Obtained ISO 9001 Certification

Continuously ensure operations are in compliance with environmental health and safety regulations and permit conditions Prepare EH&S recordkeeping and ensure timely submission of periodic reports to regulatory agencies

Lead site self-audits and coordinate external audits (FAA, ISO,) with division and/or site management to close audit findings and implement audit recommendations / corrective actions.

Develop the SOP for workstation and test cell for aircraft engine overhaul station.

Technical Writing and Documentation of SOP

Plating Tech - Subsidiary of G Car, Hialeah, FL

Marketing and Chemical Process Officer

Testing of all kinds of chemicals used in the plating shop for anodizing, chromate conversion, iridizing and black oxide lines.

Daily records of testing and analysis of chemicals on regular basis and maintain inventory and desired functioning of chemical tanks.

Marketing and Business development of plating process by getting new clients, re induction of lost clients.


Bachelors of Science Degree. Chemistry, Botany and Soil Science

MBA, major in Management and Marketing

FAA, Human Error In Aircraft Maintenance course ALC-107

FAA, Failure TO Follow Procedures-Inspections course ALC-37

OSHA, HAZMAT & HAZWOPER Certified Manager/Supervisor/Trainer

Conduct internal audit and documentation for ISO 9001

Authorized and Certified to conduct Human Factors in Aviation, HAZMAT, HAZWOPER training


US Citizen

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