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Electrical Engineer Project Manager

Belgrade, Stari Grad, Serbia
September 28, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Predrag Spasojevic E-mail:

Nationality: South African/Serbian Sex: male

Resides in: Serbia Driving licence, code 8

Date of birth: 23.3.1967 Marital status: Married, two kids

Tel (viber):+381*********/+277******** Skype: predrag.spasojevic


Expert technical knowledge in distribution, transmission and generation, currently researching renewable energy and water, very good organizational skills.

Discovered serious deviations in equipment specifications from the applicable standards regarding special environment conditions in SEC project, KSA.

Won a first research project for PRO TENT: “Development of new generation of crane cabins as integrated visual systems for detection and interpretation of environment (CABVIS)” funded by EU – Eureka program - in co-operation with Universidade di Mihno, Portugal and other local partners.

Phase 6 Power System Expansion - Qatar. After only 3,5 months I was organising all inspection and erection activities for both subcontractors on project worth 1,2 BN USD, responsible for all ABB substations, sorting out some commercial and technical issues, distributing incoming mail, delegating engineers to do SAT procedures, monitoring pre-energization activities etc.,

In ABB worked on prototype panel, rewarded for speed and work quality, solved complex and challenging technical projects and problems.

Working well in multinational environment, under pressure, have tutorial skills, like challenges, quickly adaptable on changes, broad technical and managerial knowledge.

Good execution skills, able to deal with different technologies, non-electrical as well,

Building relationships with people at all levels from shop floor to board level,

Worked in Africa, Middle East and Europe.



College of Applied Studies in Engineering, 2010-2011, Cacak, Serbia

Master - Professional Engineer of Electric and Computer Engineering - Specialist in power engineering, Grade 9,25 out of 10 and an additional 60 ECTS points as per NOKUT.

Thesis: Supervision and analysis of electrical power networks with special attention to usage of Digital Recorders.

Tshwane University of Technology Pretoria, 2003-2005, South Africa

Masters (Magister Technologiae) in Power Engineering, Smart Grid technology in Transmission Networks, Data processing - Fault diagnostics and protection for 120 ECTS points as per NOKUT.

Thesis: A practical approach to fault analysis in electrical power transmission networks

Bachelor in Power Engineering, general, 1991/2011, Serbia valued 180 ECTS points.


PD PRO TENT d.o.o, Serbia (Company employ more than 2300 people and has work activities built around the Company “Thermal Power Plants Nikola Tesla “, a Consortium of four coal fired thermal power stations (combined cycle) with turbines from 125MW to 630MW and total installed power of 3285MW). Technically focused on operation, maintenance and repair activities.

July 2013 – Current: Engineer.

Projects involved:

Negotiations and activities coordination with Fisia Babcock Environment GmbH, Germany regarding partnership in project “Electrostatic Precipitator System Upgrade in TPP TENT A and Morava” offer for design, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, testing, start-up and warranty on a turnkey basis. My responsibilities included qualification process, communication, correspondence, technical support, contract preparation etc.

Various maintenance projects of Head office maintenance from quotes to execution.

Participation in various projects for maintenance of I&C equipment activities coordination at TPP Kolubara, preparing cost monitoring reports etc.

May 2016 – Current: Director at ATS, Johannesburg, South Africa

Research on climate changes, renewable sources of energy and water under company Called “Advanced Technical Solutions” with main focus on creating of new and improvement of existing technologies. So far I have studies climate changes problem, all known renewable energy technologies, water and water purification, astronomy and astrophysics from work of Prof. Dr. Milutin Milankovic, Mr. Nikola Tesla articles and other documentation to learn about AC invention and applications, but also about wireless power transmission and control of power, heat and light. I have published two international scientific articles on the topic:

”Concept for constant and reliable supply of clean energy and water from wind and solar power – Hybrid technologies” at, and

“An alternative for clean energy and water supply from new technologies prospective – Hybrid technologies” at International Forum for Clean Technologies, Novi Sad, Serbia, Europe 2016.

Worked on the following problems:

-Graphene based water purification application of both salty and fresh water,

-Integration of solar, wind and ocean energy,

-Optimum performance of solar power systems in combination with other infrastructure (from maintenance and operational prospective),

-Improvements on wind power prediction,

-Risks and vulnerability in the future intelligent electricity distribution systems,

-Development of scientific and technological breakthroughs to enable hydropower to operate with very high flexibility in order to utilize the power and storage capability,

-Development of optimal asset management strategies for power systems, including the very important aspect of data acquisition and cost,

-Improvement of O&G industry in order to implement new technologies and provide storage of GHG (sensors, signal processing, renewable energy),

-Innovative hybrid energy system for stable power and heat supply in offshore oil and gas installation integrating wind power and gas generation (microgrid),

-Integration of tidal generation and hydrogen production technologies in microgrids.


July 2012 – March 2013: Owners Engineer for Electrical engineering

Contract consists of 3 power stations –Najran, Sharourah and Al Wadi (open cycle, crude oil) extensions for SEC (GE, about 180MW each), South-East region valued 450 MIL. USD (HV, MV and LV cables, switchgear (GIS and AIS), earthing, transformers, etc. infrastructure buildings, 132 kV substation and other objects) and Protection (electrical, lightning, cathodic).


Understanding the contract in order to monitor subcontractor activities, especially technical specifications.

Commenting and categorisation of all incoming documentation in connection with electrical and protection, rectification if documents are in accordance with the relevant International and SEC standards and finding ways to correct it.

Plants design documentation review, corrections and approval.

Delivery monitoring, coordination and approval of incoming parts and material related to the electrical and protection as well as equipment used for testing.

Witnessing, monitoring and approval of all site testing and commissioning activities related to electrical and protection.

Attendance and participation in Management meetings, correspondence with the subcontractors’ management in order to clarify problems, correct mistakes, improving quality, project progress and corrective measures,

Issuance of claims and variation orders in coordination with Project Manager,

HSE Control on all electrical activities, warning writings to the subcontractors,

Selecting a team of young Saudi engineers and teaching them how to participate in the project.

Assistance in recruitment on more engineers to various projects.

Negotiation and contract preparation with Holiday Inn for staff accommodation, sorting other everyday site problems related to the team life conditions, personnel presence control.

Oct. 2007 – February 2010: PRO TENT, Serbia, Manager for Electrical works


Monitor and control all electrical projects (HV, MV and LV cables, switchgear, earthing, transformers, SCADA and infrastructure buildings) and Protection (electrical, lightning, cathodic etc.), technically and commercially, like approval of payments, expenses, working hours, subcontractors, cost analysis (Achieving the set targets within the allocated cost budget), issuance of claims and variation orders in coordination with project superiors, invoicing. I was also involved in monitoring of tender preparation, definition of technical details (negotiations and approval of detailed drawings), execution supervision, testing, commissioning and handover, coordination and material deliveries.

Sourcing, negotiations and coordination with subcontractors and internal multitask teams.

Leadership and coordination on building refurbishments and extensions for various electrical equipment,

Involved in personnel recruitment for electrical division,

Director’s adviser for all electrical matters,

February 2010 – February 2011: Reporting to the Director on Business Development

Presentation preparation and conduct (multilingual) for possible local and international partners and customers, market analysis, planning of future projects and expansions, contacting of relevant companies,

Selection of new technologies that can be interesting in our line of work and international partners that already using it in order to improve our work quality.

Keeping up to date the Reference lists, company growth information regarding profitability, number of employees, restructuring, certifications etc.

Preparation of qualification documentation for big governmental, as well as international companies in order to conquer new markets together like Alstom, POR, Bauschutz, ATB Sever, FISIA Babcock, EPS Edison, PD TENT, Dantherm etc.

Preparation and monitoring of big tender documents for local and international customers,

Host to the company visitors – local and international.

Screening of possible foreign partners.

Organising a workforce recruitment to work internationally.

College of Applied Studies in Engineering, 2010-2011, Cacak, Serbia

The second Masters was related to supervision and analysis of power networks from the prospective of equipment used for this purpose, specifically to Siemens range of products. Focus was on improvement and development of digital recorders comparing first and current models. The analysis has been made on its functional and performance development over the years, design of specialized software and models, standardization, interaction with other equipment, contribution to Smart Grid concept.

PD PRO TENT d.o.o, Serbia

February 2011 – Jun 2012: Reporting to the Director on International relations:

Interface between our clients and other authorities and companies involved in project. Monitoring and control of all multitask, international activities from technical and commercial aspect.

International project management with focus on planning, organisation and control, defining business approach and strategy of growth and development,

Part of the team for preparing a senior document defining risks at work for electrical group of jobs (HSE)

All activities related to marketing with special attention on promotion – locally and internationally, result evaluation and correction.

Energoprojekt- Fichtner Consortium, Doha, Qatar, consulting (EPC) company.

March – September 2007: Engineering coordinator

Phase 6 Power System Expansion in Qatar consists of 35 substations supplied by

Siemens and ABB from 220 kV downwards HV, MV and LV Gas Insulated and Air insulated switchgear, transformers, batteries and chargers, AC/DC distribution and cabling (HV, MV and LV) and supporting building infrastructure. Total value of the project is about 1.2BN. USD.

My job was to coordinate all customer/consultant/contractor activities on ABB substations, especially prior to substation energising, solve problems, speed up testing procedures, prepare defect lists, inspect documentation before transfer of responsibilities takes place, control of all final project documentation etc,

In charge of Protection Department,

An overall coordinator for all inspection and erection activities for Phase 6 including protection, transformers, switchgear, earthing LVAC and DC, Telecoms and SCS department. Appointing specialists to comment test procedure and method statements as well as for site inspections,

Distributing of technical, financial and other incoming correspondence to various departments, control and approval of design modifications,

Issuance of claims and variation orders in coordination with Project Manager,

HSE on site Control,

Organising of technical support to other projects which were not part of Phase 6,

Duties regarding Siemens substation were: Preparing of Defect lists, assisting in solving some technical, documentation and organisational issues, coordinating inspections, involvement in energising activities, especially in documentation checking and final test coordination before energization. Involved in direct supervision of substations in Ras Lafan, a major O&G facility, and for this purpose completed a course organized by Siemens for 8DB10 33kV gas insulated switchgear,

Started a tutorship program in order to improve new engineer’s knowledge and help senior engineers with processing of increased volumes of SAT procedures,

KAHRAMAA approved engineer.

2005 – 2006

Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa

2005-2006: Researcher at the Graduate School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering on a project: Multispectral Image Fusion for corona monitoring during daytime for PhD.

Project consisted of positioning of multispectral CCD cameras (can be 2, 3 or more cameras in the system working simultaneously), image fusion through stereopsis and DSP/FPGA electronics design in order to monitor Corona during daylight. Project migrated from power engineering to image processing and I realised that work will take much more time that I anticipated. Facing also problems with the financing, decision has been made to terminate the project in September 2006. Before that, cameras positioning and image re-registration procedures were completed.

2003 – 2005: Research Assistant at the Department of Power Engineering on a project: “A practical approach to fault analysis in electrical power transmission networks” for Master’s Degree.

This research project was completed under collaboration and financing of local utility ESKOM as they have quite big collection of faults registered by various Siemens digital fault recorders like OSCILOSCORE and SIMEAS range. The scope of my research was to learn about equipment used on transmission lines of 220 kV and above (protection relays, SCADA, SER, IED), analogue and digital information and methods for fault analysis, collect and group data and do series of tests for some typical conditions in power networks. The algorithm used for signal processing was based on a Nonparametric Technique for High Precision Estimation of Power System Time-Varying Phasors and aim was to decompose recordings into fundamental components. Thesis has been rewarded with title: Masters (Magister Technologiae) in March 2005 and published on various scientific Internet sites like:; University web page and

And can be bought through Google books.

2000 – 2003: My Master studies were discontinued twice during this period due to my Professor’s involvement in some research projects in Germany in total of about 20 months. Research topic was Electrical consumption optimisation of water filtration process in SASOL, petrochemical plant that extract petrol out of coal. Project was terminated due to time constrains and luck of funds.

April 1998- October 1999

I have travelled from Cape Town (South Africa) to Alexandria (Egypt) by land and through Europe.

ABB Industry (Pty) Ltd, Durban, South Africa

March 1996 – March 1998

Project engineer – Manager (MV/LV switchboard manufacturing)

Each project engineer was responsible for group of customers from start to finish with technical, quality and commercial monitoring and control. My responsibilities were preparation of tender documents, definition of technical requirements and other negotiations, planning, ordering and payment approval of all local and overseas equipment, detailed design, expense monitoring during the project including working hours, travelling etc., instructions for collection of advance payments, paying subcontractors as well as final invoicing and instructions to close the project. My clients were: Sasol, ESKOM, Chrome Resources, Richards Bay Minerals, Mondi (Sappi Saiccor), Anglo Alpha Cement, EHL, Silicon Smelters, ABB T&D – England, various switchboards from 2,2-22KV. Some of these projects were very technically unique and time demanding, like:

Responsible for design and manufacturing of prototype panel (mining application) for Electro mining show at NASREC in Johannesburg - RSA 1995with self-powered PR512P/G ABB SACE protection relay,

Project for Siguiri gold mine in Ghana consulted by EHL Project has been rewarded with 2,5% of contract value for quality and delivery 6 weeks after confirmation of all technical details,

In charge of repairing and testing Switchboard in Sappi Saiccor RSA, where transients blow-up 350kW motor, Zorc, HT fuses on contactor and capacitor bank in various panels. Analysis showed that prestriking - restriking disappeared after final repair test,

Travelled to ABB Sweden, Finland and Germany to get knowledge in new technologies (SCU relay, Rogowski coil, GIS (gas insulated switchgear).

Successful delivery of project with supply and installation of MV and LV switchgear, motor, lights and other necessary equipment fitted on removable drill for the mines, panel steelwork design for Orenstein & Coppel - design and coordination of complete project between MV production and installation department.

Head for 36kV gas insulated switchgear for SA market. Duties: Sales, marketing and handling projects for Standard Products Division,

Relay Settings (Pty) Ltd / Alrode, Johannesburg, South Africa (Agents for ABB SACE-Italy in South Africa. Company manufactures and retrofit low voltage &medium voltage, indoor & outdoor air insulated switchgear equipment (from 400V to 33kV)

Jan. 1995 – Feb. 1996: Tender proposal engineer

Prepare quotes and tenders,

Jan. 1994 – Feb. 1995: Test engineer

Testing of all incoming equipment (CTs, VTs, protection relays etc),

Switchboards in-house testing and minisubs for different mine houses (Gold Fields, Anglo-American, JCI, Saldanha Bay) and municipalities (Witbank, Parow, Kuils River etc.), ABB Tanzania and site commissioning from 0,4-33kV,

1986-1991: BSc Power Engineering Tehnicki Fakultet Cacak/Visa Tehnicka skola, Serbia, Yugoslavia

Thermal Power Stations "Nikola Tesla" Serbia, Yugoslavia.

1986 – 1989: Maintenance technician –a part time job during studies

Refurbishing of various low and medium voltage distribution equipment from BBC, Siemens, GEC, General Electric and Westinghouse.

Maintenance, repairs on site, testing and commissioning.


Completed a course in Research methodology

Completed a course organized by Siemens for 8DB10 33kV gas insulated switchgear.

Certificate for ISO 9000

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Projects, Power Point), Impact,

AutoCAD 13 and E-plan course.

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