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Software Engineer Manager

San Jose, California, United States
September 27, 2018

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Summary: A Global software engineering leader with significant people, technology and project management skills. 20+ years of contributions and accomplishments in networking solutions, e-commerce applications, medical devices, medical analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Industry Experience:

Software Development Manager, IBM Inc., San Jose, CA, August 2016 – present

As software development manager in Watson Health Division’s Health Care Advisor team, I recruited, nurtured and lead a team of 10 engineers. The Health Care Advisor is IBM’s Artificial Intelligence based diagnostic software that evaluates several parameters to determine disease progression. Working with IBM research, we delivered several new innovations for the Health Care Advisor. As an experienced practitioner, I enable other IBM teams in matters relating to software engineering processes, execution discipline and focus on improving the productivity of the software community.

Sample Projects include:

Delivered a highly flexible data mining and organization tool that allows for rapid and scalable development of diagnosis algorithms, analysis and continuous learning in for diagnostic solutions. We leveraged a combination of technologies including Python, AngularJS and Java,

Built a Patient Health Identification (PHI) detection and removal solution that anonymised and pseudonymised patient health care data from both image and clinical data

Delivered a Cloud hosted Image Annotation solution used to collect findings in medical images identified by subject matter experts from all over the world. This software is hosted on WebSphere. Technologies used in this application are Java, Javascript, AngularJS.

Software Development Manager, Accuray Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, November 2010 – August 2016

Joined Accuray as a staff software engineer and was promoted to being a hands on software development manager. I was responsible for architecture, design and development of several Accuray products. My responsibilities also including recruiting and mentoring team members. I was also responsible for key 3rd party integrations and was the liaison for Health and Oncology information products from Varian, Elekta, OncoChart, RaySearch and several other hardware and software vendors.

Specific technical accomplishments include:

Digital and Electronic Signature : Designed and Delivered a capability that allowed users to add a digital and electronic signature to any PDF document. The functionality developed is similar to what DocuSign and EchoSign provide

Storage Vault : Developed the feature that allowed connectivity to, and status retrieval from, the Overland Storage Vault.

License Editor : Designed and developed a web based License editor application using HTML, Javascript, C# .NET, which allowed users to generate the license for the Cyberknife product.

DICOM-PDF encapsulation: Module that created a DICOM file with a PDF file encapsulated in it, conforming to the DICOM standards for file encapsulation.

Patient import feature : Designed and developed a patient import feature that allowed a user to import patients from a different Cyberknife system by importing the DICOM series, patient and plan files etc..

Staff Software Engineer, Harmonic Inc., San Jose, CA, July 2008- October 2010

Joined Harmonic as a staff software engineer and quickly assumed a leadership role in the architecture, design, and development of the company’s next generation Network Management Software Product. The software managed video delivery systems and provided a single pane of glass to manage device configuration and video streams for large complex networks. This product has been deployed at large operators such as DirecTV.

The software was developed using C#, WPF, WCF and ASP.NET. Specific accomplishments are listed below:

GRID Server: Designed and implemented the business logic for the entire product. The software maintains device state. When the user makes changes, the corresponding commands are generated and sent to the participating components and executed in a reliable fashion. The commands to the distributed components use MSDTC, to maintain Transactional execution.

Lineup Editor: Designed and implemented the flagship application of the GRID Server project. This application allows user to initiate video/audio program lineup changes and was developed in WPF and communicates with the GRID Server using WCF. The lineup editor application is installed on client machines using ClickOnce installation.

Backup/Restore: Designed and developed the module that backs up the current data from various network management systems. The software presents valid configuration views to operators and ensures consistency amongst the views of various network management systems. This was developed using ASP .NET.

Performance/Scaling: Led efforts to improve performance and scalability. Configuration upload times were improved by a factor of 5, command enforcement times were improved by a factor of 2.

Emergency Services: Developed this feature to enable operators to comply with government regulations requiring them to switch to an emergency channel broadcast by the government in case of a national emergency.

Conducted WPF and WCF development training classes for members of my team and other teams at Harmonic. Led, mentored and managed the day-to-day activities of several team members.

Engaged with customers such as DirecTV in the requirements gathering, prioritization and deployment phases

Senior Software Engineer, Cenzic Inc., Santa Clara, CA, July 2007- July 2008

Joined Cenzic, a web-site security assessment company, as a Sr. Software Engineer and spearheaded the design and development of key User Interface modules, leading to two customer releases. These were developed using C# and ASP.NET. Specific accomplishments are listed below.

Security Assessment module: Designed and developed the security model that provides multiple interfaces depending on the User’s expertise level in the product. This module collects the user input and allows user to run a new security assessment, run an existing assessment, create a template for an assessment and schedule assessments. These assessments test for vulnerabilities in the server, which can be exploited to access unauthorized data.

Chart Drilldown: Designed, using Dundas charts, a module to display the data collected from the assessments in the form of Charts. Several filtering and analysis tools were created to enable users to assess results and make decisions.

URL Validation: Designed a module that allows users to validate the site URL under assessment to ensure that a valid response is returned for the Head request and also ensures that URL does not attempt to access domains that they are not allowed to attack per their license etc. This helped contain the attacks to only the site under assessment.

Senior Software Engineer, AuctionDrop Inc., Menlo Park, CA, September 2005-June 2007

Created a service that used Ebay and PayPal SDKs to launch and monitor online advertisements, manage payments, and manage disputes. This application replaced a 3rd. party application and saved the company tens of thousands of dollars while improving performance by a factor of 6x. The service were developed using C# and SQL stored procedures. A sample of projects that I delivered are listed below

EbayService: This application uses the eBay’s API to launch and manage advertisements, transactions, payments, shipments, feedback, and disputes.

PayPal Wrapper: This application uses the Paypal SDK to manage payments and refunds.

FileSync Service: Product image files are maintained on two servers. One server is used by AuctionDrop internal applications and the second by the Ebay service that launches the advertisements on Ebay. The FileSync Service keeps them synchronized.

Buyer PickUp Application: This application allows the shipper to retrieve the correct shipment, verify the pickup person, confirm payment, print invoice and confirm shipment.

Senior Software Engineer, Motorola, Schaumburg, IL, May 1999 – August 2005

Joined Motorola as a software engineer creating windows networking applications and was quickly promoted to senior software engineer and subsequently asked to lead and manage multiple projects. Duties involved requirements analysis, architecting, designing, coding, testing and packaging (using InstallShield). I was also responsible for managing and leading two teams of seven and nine engineers each. Provided architectural/design oversight, project management, and technical leadership.

Select projects that I executed at Motorola are listed below:

Designed and developed an application in VB .NET as a generic, extensible application framework. This framework allows for rapid application development and has dramatically reduced application development cycle time – Applications that utilize this framework are detailed below.

Designed and developed an application to do peer to peer text messaging, file transfer, ping etc. in VB and C#. This utilizes .NET remoting using HTTPChannels. This application was developed to demonstrate to end customers that data transfer between mobile laptops is successful through the Motorola infrastructure.

Designed and developed an application that reports the state of Motorola modems. I developed the modules that display modem configuration, modem statistics, and a utility module that makes the SNMP calls to the modem to GET/SET the data from the MIBs.

Designed and managed the development of an application that sends and receives GPS requests/responses using a Motorola proprietary protocol. This software demonstrates to end users that the GPS requests get sent to and responses are received successfully from the internal GPS device in the Modem.

Developed and maintained application and protocol level modules for the Mobile Wireless Communications Software (MWCS) product for the DataTac and Astro Modems on Win 95, Win98, Win 2000 and Windows CE platforms. I also developed UDP/IP and SLIP modules and ported them to PocketPC and PocketPC 2002.

Software Engineer, U.S. Robotics Corp., November 1996 – May 1999

Duties involved creation, maintenance and administration of an intranet Web site, development and maintenance of test harnesses for testing Remote Access Dial in servers in C++ and PERL. Projects executed at U.S. Robotics are:

Developed an intranet Web site using FrontPage, HTML, CGI, PERL, Java Applets.

Implemented authentication schemes for Remote Access Dial in service in C++.

Implemented test harnesses for testing Remote Access Dial in servers in C++ and PERL.

Implemented test harnesses for testing 3Com’s IP Telephony/VoIP products

Software Engineer, Ignifluid Boilers, India Ltd. June 94 - October 96

Developed a boiler design software package in C++. The software was used to generate assembly drawings for various components and helped accelerate design cycles and reduced errors.


M.S. in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology – May 2001

B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering from Madras University, India - June 1994

Citizen of the United States of America

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