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Electrical Engineering Software Engineer

Santa Clara, CA
September 27, 2018

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Kavana Nandagodanahalli Ganesh

Scott Blvd

Santa Clara 95050

Phone: 615-***-****


Career Objective:

Looking for a Software Engineer position in a reputed organization to support the engineering team and help me improve my theoretical and practical skills. Thoroughly knowledgeable in current and evolving trends.


San Jose State University, California

Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering

Specialization: Computer Networking

GPA: 3.810

Graduation date: 24th May 2018 (New Grad)

Relevant Skills:

• Ability to comprehend technical layouts

• Excellent ability to work in a team and independently

• High desire to learn and adapt and follow instructions of seniors

• Excellent communication, teamwork, and task prioritize skills

• Exceptional multitasking skills

Excellence in:

• Networking Protocols

• Network Programming, Virtualization

• Network Security

• Python

• Data structure

• Linux

• Mobile and Wireless Communications

• Internet of Things

• Hands on experience with Wireshark


• Masters project:

Detection and Mitigation of DOS and DDOS attack, Analysis using Web GUI and Software-Defined Networking Controller. Developing layer filtering mechanism using flow installation.

• Smart Security based Camera:

Building an automated home security camera using Raspberry Pi 3 and camera modules for intrusion detection and prevention.

• Network Simulator-3 tool projects:

Showcasing to understand the behavior and working of the wireless routing protocols such as Destination Sequenced Distance Vector Routing protocol, Ad-hoc on-demand Distance Vector Routing protocol, Dynamic Source Routing.

• Python Socket Chat Server and Client Application: Creation of multiple clients and a server to support chat application for exchanging messages between the clients through server using socket programming.

• Micro -Controller based Auto synchronization of Train Lighting Alternators

(bachelor’s project):

The main objective was to provide regulated DC power for train lighting. Since there is variation in generated voltage and current due to variation in speed. Therefore, regulating and rectifying the alternate voltage to the desired setting using electronic regulator cum rectifier unit.

Previous Education:

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (2009-2013)

National Institute of Engineering, Mysore, India.

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