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Sales Manager Capital equipment sales.

Costa Mesa, California, United States
September 27, 2018

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Steve Schofro

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Costa Mesa, California 92627


Top Sales professional with stable high performing track record. Consistent closer that will enhance your personal and business brand. Available as a 1099 contractor or W2, W2 liability release status.

Sales and sales management roles held and performed successfully. Capital Equipment Sales. New product sales channel development. Business development. Government sales local, federal, and foreign. Distributor Management. Heath, safety, worker protection sales. Medical, hospital, surgical

physician sales.

Aerospace, cleanroom, microelectronics sales.

. Trade show management. Software, hardware, pay point kiosk system sales. Systems integration. Consultative sales training curriculum creator and presenter. Technical project management. CRM, customer relation management system training person. Pro Sales and Consulting, Sales Manager Current position Sales training, advising and consulting for specialty markets. Clients are vehicle wash, manufacturing, commercial real estate, automotive, legal and medical. Commercial and Industrial Products, Ryko Solutions, Area Sales Manager, Capital equipment and commercial projects sales manager. 13 years.

• Sold and managed hundreds of equipment projects ranging from the $100,000 to $750,000.

• Annual equipment sales budget exceeded $3.2 million.

• Annual service agreement and consumable budget of $3.6 million.

• Designed and delivered presentations for investor groups, and C-level development groups.

• Developed investors from idea to income, financing, secured construction contracts plus the project management and business development roles.

• Public relations and customer problem resolution.

• Improved, established sales revenue with national and major account new business.

• Accurate in short and long-term forecasting.

• Responsible for consumables and service agreement growth of 15% annually.

• Developed key architectural, banking and finance partners.

• Met or exceeded quotas for 12 of the 13 years with the firm. Imaje, a Division of Dover Corporation, Sales Engineer, Southern California,

Integration of high-speed coding, marking, labeling and packaging systems. 3 years

• Developed many new major accounts such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Minute-Maid. Page 2

Nilfisk of America, Area Sales Manager, Southern California, Toxic waste and worker protection, sales of capital equipment. 10 yers

- Hi tech dust and debris collectors.

- Portable HEPA and explosion-proof vacuums, central vacuums, and ventilation systems for fume, odor, vapor, fine dust.

- Bodily fluid biohazard management for medical, hospital, physician, forensic applications.

- Sold direct, dealer, catalog, governments U.S. and foreign, military, city government.

- Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, medical equipment, medical packaging.

- OEM supplier agreements for all types of production machinery and processes.

- Aerospace, aviation, microelectronics markets such as Intel, Motorola.

• Doubled the areas sales volume direct and through dealers.

• Developed a stellar reputation and brand for industrial hygienists and safety officials.

• Business development to the composite dust control market within the aerospace industry.

• Presented to large groups on a monthly basis.

• Worked with an abrasive manufacturer and company for a patent.

• Developed medical biohazard markets and company patent.

• Designed and fabricated specialty dust-free tool and multi axis end effector enclosures.

• Multiple role assignments such as sales training new hires and new product development.

• President’s award for the composites market development increasing company sales 27%.

• Published articles in Asbestos Issues and Composites magazine.

• Business development for the hospital, aerospace, commercial real estate developers including high rise buildings, contractors, safety dealers, school districts, food industry, coating removal, powder coating, vehicle fleets, graphics, and the semiconductor/electronics industries, including clean room to class 100.

Illinois Tool Works, Distributor Manager. Stapling and nailing systems division. Pallets of tools and truckloads of fasteners, automated machinery.

Additional skills and capabilities.

Quickly attains consultant level of understanding to build influential contacts and referrals for growth.

Documentation in very litigious projects to avoid issues.

Salesforce CRM, Microsoft 365 customer relations management systems, trained and trainer.

Spin Selling, trainer.

Trained in “Selling to Zebras,” C level strategy.

Accurate +/- 3% in sales pipeline forecasting for manufacturing and budgeting.

Sales script writing professionally for emails, cold calling, telemarketing.

Created/implemented sales and customer service training.

Public speaking skills.

Graphics, audiovisual, marketing, brochure creation, video creation.

Relied upon for field tests and evaluation.

Understanding of regulatory standards for general industry safety to network and be a speaker in that market.

Financially stable with high credit score and clean driving record.

Knows air atmosphere, water, dewatering, wastewater effluent systems, clarifiers, pumps, reverse osmosis filtration/design.

Highly detail oriented.

Computer hardware and advanced software skills.

Detailed plan and drawing takeoff, correction, and markup of AutoCAD drawings.

Subcontractor agreement creation, job specs, and project management.

Residential, commercial and construction experience.

Collections management and problem resolution between departments for solutions.

Three phase, high amperage systems used in commercial and industrial environments.

High volume and high pressure compressed air system design. How can we help you? ●●

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