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Engineer Design

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
September 29, 2018

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Creative and skilled Engineer, proficient in programming languages such as Verilog, C, Nvidia-CUDA and EDA tools like Cadence, MATLAB, LabView.

2+ years of experience in Electronics, Programming in Digital domain.

1+ years of IT experience in software Automation testing.

Experience with AT&T IoT kit, Raspberry Pi3, and other microcontrollers for projects.

Knowledge in developing embedded firmware for 8/16/32-bit microcontrollers in C/C++.

Wish to pursue open positions in my core field of Electrical, or entry positions in Data-Science.

Knowledge of common communications busses SPI, I2C, RS232, and CAN.

Designing evaluation kits including PCB design, Generate PCB layout in Layout XL, component placement and fab assemblies using Mentor Graphics.

Recently learned SAS programming. I have experience using formulas in MS Excel and use of statistical methods for data analysis using MATLAB from academic experience.

Schematics design, electrical test and measuring equipment, electrical design verification.

Good oral and written communication skills.


Operating systems

Windows, Linux Ubuntu.


Verilog, C++, Embedded C, Nvidia-CUDA, MIPS (RISC processors), SAS.

EDA Tools

Cadence, Visual Studio, LabView, Xilinx ISE, MATLAB, LabVIEW, Multisim, RTL Synthesis.


Integra Technologies June2018-present

IC Design Engineer Intern:

As a Design engineer, I am working on development, validation and testing support for components designed in Cadence.

Designed baseband ADCs to be used in outsourced wireless and cellular devices.

Designed digital circuits with Verilog and VHDL language.

Owned system and block identification design verification debugging systems and test designs.

Electrical Engineering Intern:

Symetrix Corporation, CO June 2017- May 2018

As a part of the Software team, I worked on the testing software for Statistical models for financial Black-Sholes equation using C++ and Nvidia-CUDA.

Designed, analysed and optimized 2-bit Josephson Junction array in MATLAB.

Tested and troubleshooted of test cases in raspberry Pi-3 SOC board for wireless communication.

Software Engineer:

Syntel Limited, India Dec2014-June2016

As a Software Engineer I worked under the supervision of my team lead on production support programs

Implemented and troubleshooted mainframe system in production environment.

Prototyped Automation algorithm for POC (Proof Of Concept).

Provide Technical Support to Health care systems.

Used Regression models to estimate potential loss to the company.


University of Colorado, Colorado Springs May2018

Master’s in Electrical Engineering GPA 3.67

Activities: IEEE Student Member.

University of Pune, India May2014 Bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering GPA 3.0

Activities: Published paper in the International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology.



ASIC Modeling and Synthesis: Jan2018-May2018

Designed FIFO and state machine using Verilog HDL. Understood the asynchronous design, timing and delay analysis and cost effectiveness of ASIC design.

RTL implementation of a specification, RTL functional verification, synthesis, gate level simulation, Familiar with ASIC Design Flow, place & route Synthesis & Static Timing Analysis.

Design of 32 bit Single Cycle Processor: Aug2017-Dec2017

Implemented a 32 bit processor of the MIPS ISA in Verilog and simulated as is in ModelSim. Wrote test bench to test one of each R, I, and J type of the instructions.

IC Fabrication & clean room work: Aug2016-Dec2016

Fabrication of MOSFET. Designed plan and cross section view of all relevant areas during the key segments of process flow of A CMOS gate & calculations. Photolithography techniques, Oxidation, Diffusion, Ion – Implantation, Wet Etching (isotropy, etch rate), plasma gas mixtures, temperatures, interconnects, CMP, Challenges & procedures to overcome it.

Embedded Systems and C programming: Jan2014-May2014

During my undergraduate studies, I had experience programming 8051 microcontrollers in C, using the Keil vision 2 IDE. Some of these projects are mentioned:

Developed a path following robot using Atmel’s 89c51 which used an IR sensor pair to detect white colored path lines which the robot followed. The circuit was developed in Eagle CAD.

Developed a working model of an automatic toll tax system using 8051.

Developed a propeller display which used an array of LEDs to display text as the LED array rotated as it was being switched.

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