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Linux Engineer

Tulsa, OK, 74120
September 29, 2018

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Bryan E. Helvey


Professional Summary

• Wholly responsible for first and fastest non nation-state computer to crack the top 15 and reap the monetary benefits of being 6 months ahead of competition with unique approach to massive data migration. 46% ROI - 1st 12 months. See (debuted as #15, - currently #26Nov, 2015, ABEL - Petroleum Geo-Services)

• Project computer lead for PGS’ HyperBeam. Project generated $2MM/month off initial $2MM budget. Traveled worldwide with tradeshows, winning Hart’s E&P Engineering Medal.

• Lead systems engineer for 1st BP OpenSource product ( 40 years of signal analysis code (C/C++, Fortran,MatLab, Python) made available for download. Led to oil industry adopted benchmark seismic data test set dissemination.

• Early tech adopter (e.g CUDA - OGS, 2007)

• Personality skillset tailor made to mentor/project leadership

• Conceived and setup ‘follow the sun’ support to allow 24x7 user system access

• BS Computer Science - University of Tulsa

Technical Skills

High Performance Computing/Super Computing

Linux Kernel tuning

Expertise in SSH, DHCP, IP, TCP, UDP, DNS, GIT

Linux OS: CentOS/RedHat, SuSe, Ubuntu, AIX, UNICOS Hardware: Intel X86, FPGA, PowerPC, nVidia,ARM

Coding: C/C++, Fortran, MPI, OpenMP

Scripting: Bash, C-shell, KSH, Perl, Python

File Systems: High Performance File Systems (Lustre, Panasas) as well as standard Linux supplied FS’s.

Professional Experience

HelvCo – Tulsa, OK May 2015-present

Owner/Principal/Independent Consultant

• Automating seismic processing data center and Imaging group using Ansible, bash, python

• 24/7 on call support for products and Data Center operations

• DevOps stance initiated for over 10 years (before it was called DevOps).

• Communicates effectively with all management levels, peers, reports and general public

• Early GPU/CUDA adopter (2007) that has provided a consistent ROI of over %1000.year over year

• Providing key metrics (e.e running code I/O & network patterns) on an ongoing basis to ensure solutions are at or above defined success points (usually time &price). Currently providing design, performant, and operational aspects for deep learning via Torch/LUA/CUDA/Internal toolkit

• Manage ALL IT infrastructure remotely.

• Modifying code base for Cloud integration

PGS Americas, INC. Nov 2008 - May 2015

HPC Senior Staff Engineer

• Planned/Managed research machines as Data Center management, from build out to transfer of services to production. 300 commodity nodes and Panasas.

• Identified and automated via CFEngine/scripting HW and software alert level issues in data center environment for Nagios feed.

• Planning/Migrating/Installation of Rack mounted Servers, Blade servers/enclosures (and level 3 support).Plan and push Remote console for commodity compute (saving over a $1MM/year)

• Implemented a DevOps experience with XCAT/CF Engine, Nagios.

• 3 month engagement with AWS services, EC2, Auto scaling, S3 to test suitability for seismic processing.

• Performance Tuning and reconfiguration of kernel

• Installing latest patches automated via internal YUM tree, creating RPMs for Linux to maintain the systems up to date and compliant, delivered via CFEngine.

• Install and configuration of Web Hosting Administration (LAMP) HTTP, FTP, Telnet, SSH, SSL and complete web site design and build.

• Maintenance of Source code (GIT), directly interact with developers, migration, testing, performance.

• Designed & Configured Networking Concepts using DNS, NIS, NFS and DHCP, troubleshooting network problems for both TCP and UDP over IP. providing support for users in solving their problems in 1,000+ node datacenters

• Design & Troubleshooting of NFS servers,NFS Clients in Auto Mount Environment for paralleled, continuous I/O.

• Set up On Call rotation for supporting production strictly maintaining SLA's.

• Design/Implementer for Hyper BEAM; a tradeshow ‘rack full’ project to allow a live data migration in under 5 minutes on show floor Taken to 16 trade shows in 2 years; Currently generates $2MM/month revenue.

• Researcher for KNL/GPU/Power/FPGA suitability

• Trade show and level 3 support

BP – Houston, TX Jan 2000 – Oct 2008

Research Scientist

• Principal System Engineer for Unix Seismic Processing group.

• 24x7 on call rotation

• Principle signal analysis software in use within BpAmoco

• Open Sourced this proprietary code for BP. Please see

• Experienced in Installing, Upgrading, Configuring and Administrating both Solaris 1&2 OS on various Sun hardware’s.

• Designed/Supported Active Directory authentication under Linux.

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