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Content Writer/Editor/Business Writer

Havana, FL
September 26, 2018

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Truman Grant



Hiring Manager,

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am applying for a position in the content writing or editor field. Based on the posted description, I believe I am qualified for the position and would be a good addition to your team. I want a job interview at your earliest convenience. Please see my job resume attached. I can be contacted by the number and email listed on my job resume.

Truman Grant

Truman Grant


Havana, FL 32333



I am looking for a position in the content writing or editor field. I want to use my writing, editing, and research skills to help your company grow. I believe my purpose in life is to get people from point A to point B and explain complex concepts. I am a writer and I want to make your business better. SKILLS

• Type 40WPM

• Intermediate communication skills

• Can write and edit job resume effectively

• Produce writing content for fantasy, story, news, lifestyle, technical, business information, philosophy, science, history, and business advertisements

• Can write about many different topics for articles

• Write business information effectively

• Can edit any document

• Edit articles quickly

• Edit documents quickly

• Edit blog posts accurately

• Can write story scripts for movie, normal life, and fantasy

• Can write sentences, paragraphs, and articles in different formats

• Write business advertisements effectively

• Connect points in an article

• Can write articles, essays, and research papers accurately

• Can write blog post for any topic

• Can write story concepts for news, science, fantasy, lifestyle, adult content, history, and normal life

• Create headlines, subheads, and photo captions for different topics

• Write feature stories for lifestyle, news, history, science, normal life, and adult content

• Can write paragraphs in causal tone and business tone

• Can write in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person

• Detect grammar errors easily

• Perform deep business research to find good business information

• Summarize data fast

• Type with both hands

• Write for a long period of time

• Enter any information accurately and precisely

• Read and explain information quickly

• Simplify any complex data

• Simply any complex text

• Follow written directions closely

• Keep information confidential

• Can spot useless information quickly

• Report problems with data

• Pay extreme attention to detail

• Master of research and explaining

• Comfortable with looking at large amounts of data

• Can send information with email accurately and neatly

• Can organize any document with precision

• Write instructions for technical and business information precisely

• Create powerpoint, excel, and word documents accurately

• Can simplify training materials easily

• Write sentences that are readable and smooth


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Content Writer/Researcher 05/2018-current

• Write articles about science, psychology, lifestyle, and history.

• Perform research for topics assigned.

• Research information on different topics daily.

• Write 40 to 60 topics weekly.

• Write 300 words for each topic given.

• Finish assignments by a deadline.

• Write APA reference for each assignment.

• Edit documents that need to be edited.

• Use email to send information.

• Use email to ask questions.

• Write all emails neatly.

• Organize documents.


Freelance Writer 04/2014-current

• Write articles for business, lifestyle, travel, science, technical, history, and health.

• Write articles in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person.

• Write business advertisements for different companies.

• Write business information for different companies.

• Summarize articles for different clients.

• Find websites to find clients.

• Find job websites to find clients.

• Produce writing content for clients.

• Edit writing content for clients.

• Write story scripts for movie, comic, fantasy, and normal life.

• Write stories for fantasy and normal life.

• Write blog posts for different topics.

• Negotiate price for clients.

• Follow directions from clients precisely.

• Edit all documents needed.

• Write about different topics for start up companies.

• Write story concepts for fantasy and normal life. EDUCATION

Ashford University

Bachelor Degree 08/2016-current

• English Major, Minor in Accounting: (english writing, english grammar, accounting, research, history, philosophy, writing with precision, following written directions closely, writing with accuracy, and writing consistently) Florida SouthWestern State College

Associate Degree 06/2013-05/2016

• General Education Major: (writing, basic math, algebra, intermediate algebra, pretty-calculus, history, philosophy, movie history, general biology) East Lee County High School

High School Diploma 04/2009-06/2010

• General Education



[CEO of]

Amber King


Employer of Truman Grant

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