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Engineer Software

San Diego, California, United States
September 26, 2018

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Larry Lynch

Senior Software Engineer



• Roles: Sr. Software Consultant, Director of Technology, Tech Lead Developer, Sr. Software Developer, Sr. Engineer Automated Test / QA, Sr. DevOps Engineer.

•25+ years of experience delivering technology solutions for client and customers

•Built, managed and lead teams to deliver superior solutions for client and customer

•Completed Android / iOS / Windows Mobile 7 courses at UCSD & Microsoft, real-world experience with Windows Mobile programming.


Visual Studio 2015 C#, VB.Net, VB, WCF / Web Services, WinForms / WebForms, SQL, JavaScript, Linq, Entity Framework 4.0 / 4.5, EF Code First, Web Development all tiers, MVC, SSIS, SSRS development, Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Oracle 10 databases. Classic ASP, ASP.NET, ADO.Net, XML, IIS, Ajax, WinCE, UML, Agile / Scrum, Kanban, TFS, PVCS Manager, PVCS Tracker, Subversion, C / C++, Java, NopCommerce, Mercurial, Jira, Bit Bucket, Autofac / StructuredMap IOCs, Azure/AWS Cloud, RedGate, Data Warehouse, Git, SEQ, TeamViewer, Slack, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy

Professional Experience

Senior Software Consultant (Lead)

IntelliGuard, Carlsbad, CA 2018

•Worked closely with, reported directly to CTO to lead, manage, and implement DevOps utilizing Octopus Deploy to automate deployment of enterprise RFID solutions utilizing TeamCity CI.

•Lead the automation and deployment of company enterprise software solutions to production.

•Debug and enhance code, using Visual Studios 2017 / C#, SQL Server 2015, Bitbucket and Git

•Utilize Agile methodology, Jira, slack, SEQ tools to track tasks/issues and for team collaboration.

Senior Software Consultant (Lead) (client: Novartis / Navigate), Carlsbad, CA 2017

•Reporting directly to the CTO, lead, managed, and implemented LDAPS implementation in Aqua Web Site using C# / VS2015

•Set up web sites with SSL, document it and LDAP implementation, validate documents

•Debug and enhance code, added error handling, and error logging to modules

•Complete numerous required training tasks and certifications via Master Control software

Director of Technology / Software Development Manager, San Diego, CA 2012 – 2017

•Manage (6-8 developers) of online movie, music, & eBook players for public libraries.

•Interfaced with sales and marketing to gather and prioritize the system requirements.

•Built software team, provide direction, priorities, and deadlines for software releases.

•Manage, mentor and direct software team regarding develop, maintenance and support of Apps.

•Attend tradeshows and support sales team with demos and interaction with sales prospects.

•Manage software upgrades, updates and responsible for overall quality of software releases.

Senior Software Consultant (Lead)

Vaco Technology (client: Dessault Systemes / Biovia), San Diego, CA 2016

•Lead, manage, and implement optimization the enterprise installation of company’s Workbook offering utilizing C# and Visual Studios 2013

•Lead effort to reduce installation time for our Workbook product from 2 days to less than 1 day

•Code and test software, contribute in code reviews, create install and configuration documents

•Contributed to and participated in software design meeting and software design reviews.

Senior Software Engineer (Lead)

Millennium Health, San Diego, CA 2016

•Develop internal applications utilizing Visual Studios 2012 / C# and SQL Server 2012

•Develop technical specification and documentation for applications created

•Troubleshoot and debug PC applications, used Jira and SVN for source control

•Maintained MVC Internet and Window Service tools and applications

Senior Software Consultant

TechniPower Consulting / AESC, San Diego, CA 2015

•Develop energy utility tools using C#, VB.Net, Visual Studios

•Develop technical specification and documentation to be presented to our client

•Perform QA / testing / debugging, used SVN for source control and SQL Server 2012

•Created and wrote code to access XML data embedded in .DLLs that I created

Senior Software Consultant

Calence / Union Bank, San Diego, CA 2015

•Utilized NET 4.5 C#, MVC, Linq, Lambda, Java script, Entity Framework 4.6

•Develop back-office web application using Visual Studios 2012 / SQL Server 2012

•Design GUI for web application and used JQuery, and Ajax and MVVM pattern

•Perform QA / testing / debugging, used TFS for source control and task management

•Created development specifications and user guide for back-office application.

Senior Software Consultant 2015

Collabera / Thompson Reuters, San Diego, CA 2015

•Trained on Aumentum

•Designed and documented workflows with Microsoft Workflow Foundation

Senior Software Engineer, San Diego, CA 2014

•Develop add-ons and enhancement to Nop Commerce site using C#.

•Develop WCF service to integrate NopCommerce with Dynamic AX

•Develop EDI feeds to exchange data with our vendors using C#

•Develop SSRS reports using Visual Studios BI IDE and SQL Server 2012.

•Develop WCF Service to support order processing, refunds, commissions etc.

•Utilized NET 4.5 C#, MVC, Linq, Lambda, Java script, Entity Framework 4.6

•Develop and implement Unit Test and Functional Test for MVC and WCF services.

•Utilized Autofac IOC, SoapUI, Jira, Mercurial Source Control, and bit bucket.

Independent Software Consultant/ Architect

San Diego, CA 2013

•Develop SAAS solution for ERP to create temporary access to system for demo users.

•Utilized Visual Studio 2010, .NET C#, VB.Net, SQL Server 2008, MVC.

•Developed and implement Unit Test and Functional Test for web application.

•Develop enterprise streaming media service w/ Visual Studios 2012, SQL Server 2012.

•Develop WCF Service to support CCFT Fuzz testing project.

•Utilized NET 4.5 C#, MVC, Linq, Lambda, Entity Framework 4.1 (Code First)

•Develop WCF service that provides remote users access to system’s functionality

•Develop and implement Unit Test and Functional Test for WCF service.

Clients: Sony Electronics,

Senior Software Consultant / Tech Lead

HCL @Qualcomm Incorporated (Formerly Qualcomm), San Diego, CA 2012

•Develop WCF Service to support CCFT Fuzz testing project.

•Utilized Visual Studio 2012, .NET 4.5 C#, Linq, Lambda, Entity Framework 4.1 (Code First), SQL Server 2008, Perforce configuration management system.

•Developed and implement Unit Test and Functional Test for WCF service.

•Manage project scheduling and planning using Quicken Quickbase.

Senior Application Programmer/Analyst

ABH – A Shire Company, San Diego, CA 2011 – 2012

•Develop and maintain data warehouse systems, utilizing SQL Server, SSIS packages, implement data migration for various projects.

•Develop web application utilizing html, Java script and Visual Studios 2010

•Develop and maintain SQL Database backup scripts, jobs, and plans.

•Support Master Control document management application support its’ web server, publishing server and database server utilizing SQL Server 2008.

Senior Software Consultant / Architect

Volt @ (Solar Turbines), San Diego, CA 2010 –2011

•Develop SVMS Copy Tool and documentation for nRets using Microsoft Visual Studios / C# / VB.Net 2010 and SQL Server 2005. Modify and deploy Test Systems Application for SVMS

•Enhance, maintain desktop applications and tools written in Visual Studios 2010 / C#.

•Provide software development enhancements for the TCU Lite web application utilizing Visual Studios 2010 / C# and SQL Server 2005 database.

•Support Test Engineer Group by maintaining web-based Visual Studios 2010 / C# app used to configure turbine engines i.e. the Taurus, Centaur, and Titans product lines.

•Facilitate enhancements to the TCU desktop application developed with VB.Net / WinForms and SQL Server database.

Senior Software Consultant / Architect

CRI / ECR, San Diego, CA 2010

•Develop eCommerce / shopping cart using NOP Commerce / C#, Master Pages, Ajax.

•Design, develop new web functionality using Visual Studios 2008 / C#, user controls.

•Design, modify database schema and write stored procs using SQL Server 2005/2008.

•Develop “short-sale” lead-generation web app for Real Estate firm with C#.

Senior Software Consultant / Architect

OakTree Consulting @ Northrup Grumman, San Diego, CA 2009

•Performed requirement gathering, design, development for Unmanned Aircraft logistic system using Visual Studio 2003 / 2005, Oracle 10 / Toad for Oracle

•Developed Mod Retrofit module for the U.S. military C# / WinForms, developed packages, stored procedures, functions, triggers, Windows service for processing and importing data.

•Chaired designs reviews, presented customer demonstrations, and as the development lead on the Mod Retrofit Module, directed a senior software engineer.

Senior Software Engineer, Independent Consultant

San Diego, CA 2008 – 2009

•Develop custom solution for Mobile 360 project using Visual Studios 2008 .NET 3.5 Team Foundation Server, C#, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server CE, Windows 2008 Server operating system, Windows Mobile 6.1 and Agile development.

•Develop enterprise multithreading mobile application using Windows Mobile 6.1 creating a mobile observation application that captures data and image and forward to a remote server that process the information and makes it available for BI.

Client(s): CarrierComm Incorporated, Encinitas, CA, Sharepoint360, San Diego, CA

Software Development Manager / Architect

Avanade Inc., Chicago, IL 2007 – 2008

•Develop ERP solution for Microsoft Studios project at Microsoft campus

•Develop C# .NET desktop and web applications for an enterprise DRM system utilizing SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005

•Install and configure Dynamics AX systems and solutions and provide training

Software Development Manager / Architect

SKM2 Technologies via (Skylink Technologies), San Diego, CA 2005 – 2006

•Manage development team(5-7) and software development for government SPAWAR project

•Web development w/ Visual Studio .NET 2005, SQL Server 2005 for SPAWAR project

•Create development specifications, design database schema and stored procedures

•Mentor software developers and provide technical guidance to the overall project

Software Development Manager

Mass Hysteria San Diego, CA 2000

•Manage WebTv project leading a small team of (3-5) developers, Interview, initiate hiring

•Design, develop database for WebTv project which was the integration of real-time sports data feeds into the system with Microsoft as our client, interface with customer and producer to define system requirements


BSEE Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA

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