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Engineer Manufacturing

Simpsonville, South Carolina, United States
September 26, 2018

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David L. Weinberger, CMfgT

PO Box *****

Simpsonville, SC 29680



20+ years’ experience in CNC production machining environments, with a consistent record of process improvements, cost reductions, methodical yet creative solutions to production issues, and sound project management.


Clemson University Clemson, SC

BS in Mechanical Engineering May 1991 GPA 3.7/4.0

Successful completion of Fundamentals of Engineering Examination (EIT), April 1991

Post-baccalaureate study, Mechanical and Manufacturing Systems, May 1991-December 1992


Sodick Vertical Sinker EDM Programming & Operation – Sodick USA, Schaumburg, IL

Solidworks Essentials – TPM, Greenville, SC

FARO Arm Portable CMM, AnthroCAM Measuring Software – FARO Technologies, Lake Mary, FL

Autoform CNC Press Brake Programming – Cincinnati Inc., Cincinnati, OH

Brother Tapping Center Conversational Programming – Yamazen Inc., Erlanger, KY

Okuma OSP5000 Lathe Programming – Gossiger Machine Tools, Dayton, OH

FANUC Custom Macro ‘B’ Programming – GE-FANUC, Charlottesville, VA

FANUC Mill ‘G’ Code Programming – GE-FANUC, Hoffman Estates, IL


Controllers: FANUC 0, 16, 16i, 18, 18i, 21, 21i, 31i; Okuma OSP5000; Fuji; Brother

Machine Tools:

Lathes: Emco-Maier; Hitachi-Seiki; Okuma; Mori Seiki CL20, CL200; Takisawa TT-200, TT-350

Machining Centers/Mills: FANUC RoboDrill/Drill Mate; Okuma; Okuma-Howa; Brother Tapping Centers; SNK HF-4, HF-5; Komo VMC; Mori Seiki MV-40M, M25-FH; DMG-Mori NH4000 DCG; Kitamura 2XiF, HX400i-a; Doosan HP5100, DVM-40, Mynx5400, Puma V400, Puma V500

EDM: Sodick AG40L, AG60L, AG80L Sinkers, K-series EDM Drills; Beaumont FH40/6A-RTC Fast Hole EDM Drill


Hardware: IBM PC

Software: SolidWorks (6000+ hours), AutoCAD, M-PACT Process Documentation Package, MS Office Suite


Alupress Inc. Laurens, SC December 2017-May 2018

Process Engineer

High volume Tier 2 automotive diecast and machined components supplier

Responsible for shop floor support, machine tool adjustments and setups, tool builds, and process and operations improvements

Improved misloaded part detection in machining centers

Optimized machine tool programs to reduce machining cycle times

Wrote work instructions for CNC file transfers to reduce need to keep all programs in CNC memory

Used knowledge of macro programming to troubleshoot machine programs

Woodward Inc. Greenville, SC October 2016-March 2017

Manufacturing Engineer

Mid-High volume manufacturer of gas turbine burner components and assemblies

Responsible for shop floor support of brazing and assembly processes, MRB dispositions, development of manufacturing operation sheets, and development of tooling for shop floor use

Belcan Services Group Greenville, SC September 2014-October 2016

Contract Assignment – United Technologies Aerospace Systems, Hodges, SC

Manufacturing Engineer

Mid-High volume manufacturer of gas turbine engine components

Responsible for support of multi-axis EDM drilling operations, tooling and fixture design

Developed setup methods for 5-axis CNC EDM drilling machine

Wrote programs for operation of 5-axis CNC EDM drilling machine

Set up 5-axis EDM drilling machine work cell; procured lifting/hoisting components, work tools, electrode setting hardware

Designed multi-facet graphite sinker EDM electrodes and developed solid modeling techniques for design of graphite electrodes for production of complex geometry features in turbine components

AFGlobal-Gloenco Greenville, SC December 2012-July 2014

Manufacturing Engineer/Tool Designer/Product Development Engineer

Mid-High volume manufacturer of power generation components

Responsible for support of all machining operations, tooling for new product roll-outs and prototypes, and routing maintenance

Designed and built workholding and test fixturing for micro-mixer fuel intake assemblies for machining operations, flow testing, and pressure testing

Developed processes, tooling, and fixturing for customer’s laboratory/prototype component manufacturing (all one-off or small-batch run components), including programming of electron beam welder

Rewrote electron beam welder programs for production gas turbine endcovers to produce higher quality welds, and included ability to perform cosmetic passes within the same program; reduced rework costs by $40,000/month

Wrote Renishaw probing routines for part setup, generation of work coordinates and coordinate rotation information to address inconsistencies in part setups and fixturing

Designed turning and inspection fixturing for aerospace components

Designed assembly tooling for powered installation of orifice plugs into gas turbine combustor endcovers

Designed fit & tack fixturing for turbine endcover standoff to improve consistency of weld process – incorporated 3-axis adjustment of parts to ensure accurate alignment

Designed and implemented fixturing improvements to eliminate true position fallout on gas turbine endcovers

Developed barstock usage improvement plan incorporating spindle liners and narrower cutoff blades to increase quantity of parts/unit bar length; increased parts/bar by up to 15% and reduced cycle times by up to 50%

Created and maintained routings for production and new parts

TWL Precision Ladson, SC September 2009-March 2012

Manufacturing/Methods Engineer

Mid-High volume manufacturer of precision machined turbocharger components

Responsible for machining operations on intake nozzle rings, gas collector housings, compressor crankcases, and turbine and bearing housings

Wrote macro subroutines to mistake-proof part changeovers, automatically generate and engrave sequential date coding, shift identification, and fixture face and pot locations for traceability, and automatically adjust cutter radius compensation based on tool life

Implemented torque wrenches and wrote procedures for consistent tooling assembly to eliminate scrap due to inconsistently assembled tooling

Reduced cycle times 10% for gas collector housing bottleneck operation through implementation of improved tooling following Pareto analysis of individual tool cycle times

Reduced consumable tooling cost by $24,000/year for gas collector housing bottleneck operation by implementation of special tooling

Reduced consumable tooling, setup time, and scrap costs by $35,000/year for midrange nozzle ring turning by replacement of special back-turning tool with modified standard tool

Set up and managed automated tool dispensing cabinet – worked with initial integrated supplier to place orders, manage inventory, restock cabinet, add tooling for new lines

Set up and calibrated Renishaw tool measurement lasers and part touch probes

Programmed autoloading robots for turning operations

Programmed laser marking unit to rework identification markings on midrange nozzle rings

PPAP’d and started production of laser marking of axial nozzle rings – coordinated modification of laser marking unit, programmed laser marking unit, wrote standard work instructions, trained operators

PPAP’d new production parts for nozzle rings

Unisia Steering Systems/ZUA Autoparts Oakwood, GA April 2001-May 2009

Manufacturing Engineer – Pump Machining

High volume manufacturer of automotive power steering pumps and rack & pinion assemblies

Responsible for machining operations of CP-1 power steering pump components

Specified, justified, procured, oversaw installation of, and started up machinery to briquette aluminum machining chips – increased revenue for aluminum chips by 56%, reduced operators’ chip disposal time by 75%, eliminated related safety issues, improved disposal area cleanliness, and virtually eliminated stormwater contamination potential. Wrote operation procedures and preventive maintenance tasks, and trained personnel in machinery operation. Submitted project for state environmental improvement competition.

Implemented scrap separation procedures with recycler to increase revenue for scrapped parts

Implemented form tapping of CP-1 pump discharge port – reduced tooling and machine usage costs by $41,000/year while eliminating contamination due to torn thread flanks; project earned honorable mention in corporate improvement competition

Reduced cycle time of rear cover seal face machining by 10%; reduced tooling costs by 90%

Procured tooling and programmed machining centers and lathe for new models of pumps

Designed fixturing for machining operations and gauging for production floor; set up fixturing and tooling for machining centers

Developed rework procedures for incomplete or damaged parts

Worked with Quality Engineering and suppliers to improve aluminum die castings

Implemented M-PACT software for document control of process flow charts, control plans, and PFMEA’s

Developed spreadsheet to track overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) for machining line; casing cell OEE increased to 81%, rear cover cell to 88% by reduction of unplanned downtime and improved cycle times

Member of Plant Productivity Cross-Functional Team – performed time studies to improve production line throughput for pump assembly line (reduced manpower requirements by 50%, doubled productivity metric of pieces/man/hour); created and implemented Production Line Supply Technician to increase line productivity

ISO/TS16949 Internal Auditor – Conducted internal audits of production lines and company procedures to ensure compliance with technical standard

Wrote operation procedures for machining operations

Kobelco America, Inc. Calhoun, GA March 1998-March 2001

Process Engineer – Fabrication Department

Manufacturer of hydraulic excavators and related fabricated components

Responsible for machining and press brake operations on all weldments and related component parts, as well as tooling, jig, and fixture design for all fabrication cells as necessary

Installed and set up fixturing for new excavator model machining operations

Programmed machining centers for machining of all models of travel motor housings and crawler frames, and made related locating hardware as necessary

Developed bore alignment test pin scheme to qualitatively inspect and assure bore alignments on all booms, arms, and center sections

Designed and built hydraulic bushing press for installation of bushings on booms and arms

Specified and procured special milling cutter for machining cheek cuts on boom tips

Initiated use of improved bushing retention compound – reduced compound usage while increasing amount of compound in joint: 30% cost reduction

Initiated cutting tool repair program for machining center tooling – reduced new tooling costs by $10,000 in less than 3 years

Procured, installed, set up, and programmed adjustable lower die for CNC press brake; designed, procured, and programmed upper dies for carbody plate bending

Programmed CNC press brake for all new excavator model crawler shells and carbody plates

Designed inspection templates for all press brake parts

Designed welding fit & tack jigs for all major weldments for new excavator models

Procured rigging hardware to move weldments and tooling

Worked with Quality Engineer and suppliers to resolve supplier-related parts issues

Initiated engineering changes to improve parts’ manufacturability

Led fabrication department Kaizen team to improve productivity of welding cells

Conducted time studies on all machining centers and welding robot systems

ISO9000 Certified Internal Auditor – conducted internal audits of company procedures and work instructions to assure compliance with ISO9001 standards

Wrote work instructions and process manuals for machining centers, presses, and other relevant areas in department

Kwikset Corporation Denison, TX November 1996-November 1997

Process Engineer

High volume manufacturer of die cast, stamped, and deep-drawing components for residential door hardware assemblies

Responsible for all machining operations on keyed knob and deadbolt cylinders and plugs, tapping of stemrose liners, machining of lever components, and drilling of bolts for deadbolt assemblies

Established Cylinder Fabrication team – procured all necessary hardware to adjust, operate, and maintain production machinery; sourced cutting tools; interviewed and onboarded personnel to staff (4) shifts on compressed schedule for 24/7 operation. Developed Quality Assurance and Safety procedures with appropriate departments. Developed machine operation and troubleshooting manuals.

Oversaw installation and runoff of (2) Mikron Multifactor rotary transfer machines for cylinder and plug machining

Worked with lubricant supplier and Plating team to find better cutting oil to improve parts cleaning and reduce cleaning, acid, and chromate tank contamination while retaining cutting tool performance

Designed snap gauges for spot checks of machined parts

Developed parts handling hardware, including container stands and parts collection baskets

Improved tool package for drilling and tapping of keyed lever components

Worked with company automation specialist to implement broken tool detection systems on manual stemrose tapping machines

Led team for improvement of die cast component machinability

Hitachi Automotive Products Harrodsburg, KY November 1994-November 1996

Production Engineer

High volume manufacturer of electromechanical and electronic automotive engine components

Responsible for all machining operations on alternator covers and rotor cores, distributor housings, idle speed control valves, and mass air flow sensor bodies

Designed, assembled, set up, and programmed vertical machining center fixturing for alternator covers, idle speed control valves, and mass air flow sensor bodies

Designed rotary transfer machine fixturing for mass air flow sensor bodies

Designed, set up, and programmed lathe fixturing for alternator covers

Designed boring bar holders for idle speed control valve lathe operations – reduced set-up costs by 50% by elimination of dependence on special boring bars

Developed tool package for idle speed control valve milling operations – reduced machining time 33%, improved CPk’s on all features to 1.35 or better

Developed grooving insert with tool manufacturer for mass air flow sensor body lathe operation – reduced machining time by 5s/part

Reduced machining time of alternator rotor cores by 10s/part while increasing parts/edge utilizing improved insert chipbreaker geometry

Specified, procured, and oversaw installation of parts conveyor system for mass air flow sensor body machining lines

Specified, procured, ran off, and oversaw installation of assembly machine for mass air flow sensor bodies

Coordinated installation and runoff of CNC transfer line for distributor housing machining

Member of Tool Crib Logistics Team – aided in development of tool crib procedures; procured hardware for tool assembly, disassembly, and presetting; assisted in development of tool regrind program with outside vendor

Conducted machine and process capability studies, and used SPC to troubleshoot processes

Participated in Kaizen activities to improve cell layouts and reduce parts handling

AMBAC International Columbia, SC July 1993-July 1994

Associate Manufacturing Engineer

High volume precision machining assembly job shop for ABS brake systems and fuel injection components

Responsible for all machining operations on Caterpillar HEUI series single unit fuel injector components

Designed, oversaw construction of, and developed process for high pressure fluid deburring machine

Designed conveyor between centerless grinder and brush deburring machine

Assisted in design of special drilling and deburring machine

Improved productivity of drilling and deburring machine by 20% while reducing tool package cost by 50%

Developed tool package for CNC drilling machine and assisted in its programming

Worked with other engineers to improve rough and finish seal face grinding processes

Developed specifications and layout for climate-controlled gauging and assembly room

Worked with purchasing and tool crib to optimize tool inventories for entire product line

Set up operation and upkeep of alkaline de-rust station and maintenance schedule for process/final washer

Conducted machine and process capability studies, used SPC to troubleshoot processes, performed time studies to update standards, participated in FMEA reviews

AFFILIATIONS: Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Historical Construction Equipment Association, American Mensa (chapter president January 2006-December 2007)

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