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Software Engineer in Test

Kirkland, WA
September 26, 2018

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- Software tester with almost three years' strong experience in performing testing and analysis tasks, such as performing regression test, ad-hoc test, performance test and scenario test, automating test cases, creating test environment, making test plans and test experiments, reporting test results to management within the information technology industry; experienced with SQL, C#, .Net, TFS and python.

- Self-motivated data analyst with two years' experience in performing data analysis, interpreting experimental results by statistics and visualization techniques, identifying root causes of anomalies.


- Ling Tan, Shihan Wang and Takao Terano, "Study on the social networks based on Japanese social events from name card data,"

doi: 10.1109/BESC.2017.8256390

•Best Paper Award


-Master of Engineer in Computer Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan 2018

-Bachelor of Information Management and System, Hefei University of Technology, China 2009

Used SQL server and ASP.NET to implement a web-based logistic management system.


Software Developer Engineer in Test / Chinasoft, Shanghai 2010 - 2012

Responsible for manual and automation testing and analysis tasks on machine management product, such as automating and maintaining test cases, constructing test beds, designing test experiments, gathering and analyzing test data, filing bugs, and making analytical reports of test results to management within the IT engineer department of a big public company in information technology industry.

Automated and updated test cases in line with changes in the product's functional features.

Conducted scenario manual tests to ensure the functionality and robustness of product feature.

Detected anomalies in the performance data and communicated alerts and bugs to engineering team; assisted software developers to investigate the bugs in the test environment.

Documented, compiled and analyzed the experimental results of performance tests to observe the performance of product and the change in it.

Made analysis reports of performance tests to management.

Constructed test environment by automation and designed experiments.

Verified bug fixes and report the verification results to test lead.

Software Test Engineer / Beyondsoft, Shanghai 2009 - 2010

Responsible for performing testing tasks on various products including websites and web application, such as designing test plan and test experiments, conducting cross-platform testing, detecting issues by test methodologies, filing bugs, pre-investigating the root causes of product issues within the technical department of a medium-sized public company in the information technology industry.

Performed regression tests to detect bugs in product modifications.

Configured and conducted testing on multi-platforms and web browsers to ensure the function and reliability of the web application.

Made test plan according to product document and behavior to product meet their function accuracy, reliability and quality requirements.

Performed ad hoc tests to make sure the product’s stability and robustness.

Filed bugs in a bug tracking system with detailed steps of how they can be reproduced to engineering team.

Verified fixes and closed bugs.

Developed and implemented test scenarios to ensure the correctness of the functionality with complete coverage.

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