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Software Quality Analyst / QA

Valenzuela, Philippines
$16-20 per Hour
September 27, 2018

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Bryan L. Ramos

*** * **** ******, ****** Valenzue la City


094******** / 097********

Career Summary

Having more than 9 solid years of total working experiences from different organizations. A well-trained professional who can be in any positions and knows how to adjust easily in a given situations.

In my previous job at PLDT as an IT Software Quality Analyst / QA Tester ‘Manual Testing’, for more than 3 months contract. I have accomplished 3 projects and also a back-up tester for IFRS IAT testing.

5 solid years of work experiences maintaining and handling the database of BRUNEL company world wide. More than 3 years of my 5 years in the company, I have been a QA / QC handling different Software (system). And also moved to different positions and teams, managing and handling multiple tasks. See positions below:

QA / QC (Service Support Center to Global Support Office).

Projects Accomplished ‘Manual Testing’:

1.XRM (Extended Relationship Management) Testing and Migration.

2.CARERIX Testing and Migration.

3.XRM and CARERIX Realignment.

4.WIZARD Testing and Migration.

5.COMPLIANCE Document Modifications.

6.BRAINS Testing and Migration.

Point of Contact ‘Screening of Candidates’ (Service Support Center to Global Support Office).

Point of Contact ‘Group Leader / Team Leader’ (Service Support Center).

Compliance Team (Global Support Team).

Point of Contact ‘Accounts Creations’ (Global Support Team).

Junior Support Administrator (Global Support Office).

Business Administrator ‘Business Support’ (Manila Office).

5 months worked as a Data Encoder ‘Analyst’ at MASAITO Development Corporation handling and maintaining data from old system (IFCA) to new system (SIMS).

2 years and 7 months worked in Media Research Company (from AGB Nielsen Media Research to Nielsen Media Research), as a Data Processing Specialist / QC Encoder ‘Analyst’ (TVE Department), but later on changed to Advertising Information Services ‘Specialist’ (TVE Department).

5 months worked as a Line Inspector / Operator at Zest-O Corporation (Production Line).

Work Experiences

September 12, 2017 – December 31, 2017 (End of Contract)

PLDT thru Software Laboratories Incorporated (Makati General Office, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila)

IT Software Quality Analyst / QA Tester ‘Manual Testing’

Projects Accomplished:

1.Additional Cisco Meraki AP Models

2.Product and GL Codes Remapping

3.Product and GL Codes Remapping of Non-Service Revenues

4.IFRS (Back-up)

Software Used:

1.Customer Billing System (CBS)

2.Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)



5.GUI and SOAP

Duties and Responsibilities:

Back up tester handling IFRS_IAT testing via email.

Handled email requests for testing.

Coordinates to Proponents regarding project requirements.

Working closely with Developers and Software Engineers in accomplishing project/s.

System Acceptance Test.

User’s Acceptance Test ‘after accomplishing project/s for testing.

TAR_UAT submission for sign and approval of project/s accomplished.

April 10, 2012 – April 10, 2017 (Department ‘Closed out)

Brunel (BCC House, 5046, P. Burgos Street Barangay Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila)

Multiple Positions Handled (see information below for the exact details)

Junior Support Administrator ‘Time sheets’ Team’ (Global Support Office)

Duties and Responsibilities:

•Responsible for the checking of monthly timesheets and expenses claims of contractors (Singapore Office).

•Verifying the total number of days, number of hours, leaves entitlement, overtime and if the timesheet has an approval and then validate all these with his/her contract.

•Responsible for sending out checked timesheets to Operations (Singapore).

•Responsible for sending out follow up messages regarding to timesheets, expense claims and any other documents needed.

•Coordinating with the Operations for the extension of contracts

•Coordinating with finance for final salaries of demobilizing or demobilized contractors (for SBM within 26days payment scheme).

•Monitoring of timesheets and expenses claims (monthly).

•Handled salary inquiries of contractors and assisting them by providing the information they needed (example ‘when will be the release of their salaries’).

Business Administrator ‘Business Support’ (Manila Office)

Duties and Responsibilities:

•Document review.

•Contract Creation.

•Headcount report generation.

•Back up to CDS and compliance document control.

•Support on Wizard and policies (Brunel, Client and Government Regulations) update and dissemination.

•Timesheets and Expenses Claims processing.

•Any other business support matters and any other Mid Office matters.

Point of Contact ‘Account Creations’ (Global Support Team)

Duties and Responsibilities:

•Handled account creations, requested by the requestors from region assigned to me.

•Dealt with the requestors question and inquiries.

•Responsible for monthly highlight.

•Responsible for monitoring of accounts created / rejected / changed / merged.

QA / QC (Service Support Center to Global Support Office)

Projects Accomplished ‘Manual Testing’:

1. XRM (Extended Relationship Management) Testing and Migration

2. CARERIX Testing and Migration

3. XRM and CARERIX Realignment

4. WIZARDTesting and Migration

5. COMPLIANCE Documents Modifications

6. BRAINS Testing and Migration

Duties and Responsibilities:

•Responsible for Migrating records to old and new Software.

•Testing of newly released Software system.

•Testing of newly upgraded Software system.

•Software management.

•Realignment of software databases.

•Responsible for submitting reports to Regional Manager and Regional Director for every accomplishment.

•Monitoring of data migrations.

QA / QC ‘Compliance Team’ (Global Support Team)

Duties and Responsibilities:

•Part of the team who monitored Compliance records generated or exported.

•Created usable template guidelines for each client and their requirements.

•Uploading missing documents in CDS ‘Compliance’.

•Correcting information in CDS ‘Compliance’.

•Monitoring of records and information for weekly submissions of reports to Regional Manager in Singapore and the Director in United Kingdom.

•Monitoring of documents being uploaded and documents to be uploaded in the system.

•Monitoring of request/s in Outlook ‘Email Inbox’.

•Monitoring of compliance documents.

•Generating reports of different countries (Brisbane, Perth, Korea, China, Singapore, PNG etc.).

•Preparing weekly reports.

•Preparing sales reports.

•Preparing action list.

Point of Contact ‘Group Leader / Team Lead’ (Service Support Center)

Duties and Responsibilities:

•Handled the whole team in 5 successful major projects.

•Monitoring of any progressed made by the team in accomplishing the project.

•Productivity ‘daily’ report of the team.

•Coordinating with our manager in Singapore (for any problems and difficult challenges encountered by the team and always made sure to have a propose solutions, ‘for Manager’s approval’).

Point of Contact ‘Screening of Candidates’ (Service Support Center to Global Support Office)

Duties and Responsibilities:

•Created the process on how to Mark and Complete candidate’s application in XRM.

•Created the process on how to monitor candidate’s application in XRM (Using Advance Finds).

•Handled inquiries regarding to those who submitted their applications online, and also about the status of their application via Brunel website.

•Responsible for screening of candidates and their applications.

•Quality assurance of XRM Candidate records.

January 27, 2011 – June 30, 2011

Masaito Development Corporation (Phil AXA building, Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Makati, Metro Manila)

Data Encoder ‘Analyst’ (MIS Department)

Duties and Responsibilities:

•Handled IFCA old system (software) of the company.

•Handled SIMS new system (software) of the company.

•Technical support

•Balancing of payments made by the Vendee ‘new system’ (customers who were paying the house loaned).

July 2009 – September 10, 2010

Nielsen Media Research (L3, Iriz One Corporate Center, San Antonio, Pasig, Metro Manila)

Advertising Information Services (Specialist)

Duties and Responsibilities:

•Adapted a new system & conversions of all data and spots including programs.

•Mastered and learned the new conversions.

•Highly-trained in creating new spots/programs and its conversions.

•Handled data from areas of Ilocos, Ilo-Ilo, Naga, Gensan, Bacolod, Davao, Dagupan, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Metro Manila, National ‘nationwide’.

Note Major Clients: ABS-CBN (Until early 2009), GMA7, RPN9, STUDIO23, NBN4, QTV 11, TV5,

IBC 13, Including 19 local cable channels and 26 foreign cable channels.

February 27, 2008 – September 10, 2010

AGB Nielsen Media Research (5th Floor, Unit 507, Web-Jet Acropolis Building, No. 88 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Libis 1110)

Data Processing Specialist / QC Encoder ‘Analyst’ (TVE Department)

Duties and Responsibilities:

•Handle old data conversions from 8 different areas (Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Dagupan, Davao, Iloilo, Gensan, Naga).

•Knows how to process old data conversions from NUtam and MCtam.

•Highly-trained in analyzing/creating new spots & programs (old conversions).

•Unlimited knowledge when it comes to every task in our department.

Note: Can be in any position inside our department, highly-trained and well-versed individual.

Month/s and Years Rankings / Ratings as an Employee:

•1stMonth - 3 Months = #2

•4 Months - 6 Months = #2

•7 Months - 9 Months = #1

•10 Months - 1 year = #1

•1 yr. & 1 Months - 1 yr. & 3 Months = #1 overall

•1 yr. & 4 Months - 1 yr. & 6 Months = #3 overall

•1 yr. & 7 Months - 1 yr. & 9 Months = #5 overall

•Recognized by my top officials for consistency and hard works.

•Rankings / Ratings being changed by the # of production output but never been in the lowest position.

September 19 – October 22, 2007 (Resigned)

SQME Professionals Inc. (Strata 100 Building, Emerald Avenue, Pasig, 1600 Metro Manila)

Assistant of the Business Manager / File Arranger / Collector (Messenger) / Technical Support

Duties and Responsibilities:

•Capable in making presentations, giving an idea and a bit of planning.

•Arranging files and applications needed by the business manager.

•Handled important documents to be signed and received by our clients.

•Collecting paychecks / official Receipts for payment.

March 22 – August 22, 2006 (Finished Contract)

Zest-o Corporation (74, P. Dela Cruz Street, Sitio Gitna, Kaybiga, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila)

Attendant / Line Inspector / Line Operator

Duties and Responsibilities:

•Responsible for products before and after the cycle.

•Responsible for checking possible damaged product before the cycle ends.

•Knows how to operate machines/equipment’s needed in the cycle.


Bureau of Internal Revenue (Valenzuela City)

On- the Job Training as a Collection Section Officer / Typist / Encoder

Duties and Responsibilities:

•Do the receiving of forms

•Troubleshooting of computers & networking


Valenzuela Municipality

Nutrition Office Clerk / Typist

Duties and Responsibilities:

•Responsible for interviewing / assisting people more on nutrition.

•Responsible for making weekly / daily reports for documentation.

•Responsible for taking care of all important records.


•College of Computer Science : Our Lady of Fatima University

# 120 Mac Arthur Hi-way Marulas, Valenzuela City

2001 – 2004 : Tertiary / College Diploma

Skills (Familiarity in)

Microsoft Office : Word, Power Point, Excel, Macromedia Flash,

Database SQL, internet surfing.

Basic knowledge in

Programming Languages : Visual Basic 2008, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual .NET etc.

‘Need to refresh my knowledge’.

Training / Seminars Attended

•(TSRG) tech solutions resource group for communication skills, troubleshooting & networking (April 2007).

•Informatics for call center environment and workplace (2006).

•Fatima University for system analysis and design (2003).

•Fatima University for InfoTech (2001).

Activities and Interests

•Kick-boxing, boxing, Self-defense, Freestyle.

•Books and Newspaper, Mind games.

•Sports involving body ability and limitations.

Personal Information

Height : 5’4 inches tall

Marital status : Single


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