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Mainframe Cobol Programmer

NCR, Philippines
September 25, 2018

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Mark Anthony D. Edora

Phase * Block ** Lot **, Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines


EDUCATION : BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering

Polytechnic University of the Philippines

June 1995 – March 2000

SUMMARY : Has fourteen years of Information Technology

experience in the area of software development specializing in programming under Mainframe platform. A person who has wide knowledge and familiarity on every aspect of both application development and production support.

With experience also in Industrial Electronics, and Auxiliary Systems as Project Engineer, being knowledgeable in system analysis, design, testing and commissioning, and implementation of Access Control System, CCTV, CATV, BGM/PA, PTV, and Nurse Call system. Was involved in several projects that helped develop professional skills in the field of electronics.

Gained exposure in the industry of manufacturing printed circuits, dealing with tooling dies, jigs, grinding machines, laminating machines, and press machine. Has acquired knowledge and certificates in ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 as an internal auditor while working on a semiconductor company.


Software Engineering/Programming : COBOL, CICS, JCL, SAS, QUIKJOB, EASYTRIEVE, DYL, IE, DB2, IMS, VSAM,

Endevor, Changeman, File Aid, Insync, Expediter, Abend Aid, Dump Master, Control-M, CA-7, Web Service(API)

Project Engineering (Electronics) : Project Engineering/Management, Electronic

System Analysis and Design, Testing and Commissioning

Production Engineering : Production/Maintenance Engineering,

Handling people, Internal Quality Auditing


Mainframe Programmer(Contractor) – Nityo Infotech

October 19, 2017 to Present


Foxpro Tech Refresh(BPI)

The project is for the transition of the platform of the applications Bills Purchase and Foreign Outward Remittance from Foxpro to Java.

Mark is assigned as a programmer and tester for the development of the project where he coded and tested the mainframe and web service programs as well as provided investigation and resolution to defects encountered during SIT. He is also responsible for the setup and preparation of the regions and their components.

Programmer/Analyst - FIS Global Solutions Philippines

January 13, 2014 to Nov 3, 2017


Integrated Banking Services(IBS) – Loans Application

IBS Loans is a branch of Integrated Banking Services (IBS), a proprietary of FIS mainly used by banks across the United States, which handles information and processes on different lending/loans related transactions.

Mark was assigned as a programmer/analyst for the development team of Loans application where he provided researches and resolution to various defects encountered by projects deployed to production. His other tasks also involved doing analysis, design, code and unit testing, system testing, readiness testing, acceptance testing, and implementation of different requirements.

Mark has also delivered several commitments to clients like turning on sub applications, sending production files, and producing reports applicable to a specific bank.

Mark also had particular instances where he helped on projects of other application teams inside IBS, such as Deposits and CIS (Customer Information Systems), on different occasions having tight timelines, to get through on their development phase.

System Analyst(Contractor) – Kforce Global Solutions

June 15, 2009 to December 31, 2012



EDIT/POST REPO is a sub group of TRIUMPH platform which plays a critical part in receiving and posting of transactions to card member’s account information as well as provides necessary charges or adjustments to their balances.

Mark has acted as a designer and developer for the development of different improvement and changes to EDIT/POST REPO application. He authored and designed the changes on some of the major functionalities of REPO when the system transitioned to a more complex architecture to accommodate the addition of multiple and varying type of balances for a card member.

Mark was also heavily involved on the big releases of the project that is needed for the compliance of the client to federal law and other requirements to enhance revenue. This not only involved the development, but implementation support as well for the continuity of the system for business as usual.

Team Lead/Software Engineer – Pointwest Technologies Corporation

March 13, 2006 to June 15, 2009


NWA-HR Employee Travel

The NWA-HR Employee Travel application is a sub-system of the HR System of Northwest Airlines whose main function is to process tickets by computing charges and billing to non-revenue flights made by the employees.

Mark was a team leader and a programmer in implementing multiple enhancements to the NWA-HR Employee Travel application.

Mark also acted as an analyst and coordinator dealing with users, as well as provided analysis and design to the system modification needed by the business, utilizing different programming languages and approach suited to the requirement.

Mark was involved in requirements gathering, analysis and design, development/coding, testing, deployment, production support and documentation of project deliverables.

Mark also acted as a project lead and spent some time on the following:

oConduct technical trainings and mentoring

oAdminister application interviews

oProvide administrative related support/report like resource allocation,

approval of time reports of project resources, internal auditing, project status reporting, resource appraisal rating, etc.

Software Engineer – Accenture Inc.

August 25, 2003 to February 1, 2006



EDIT/POST REPO is a sub group of TRIUMPH platform which plays a critical part in receiving and posting of transactions of card member’s account information as well as provides necessary charges or adjustments to their balances.

Mark was a programmer for the implementation of various enhancements to EDIT/POST REPO application.

As a programmer, Mark was involved in development/coding, testing, deployment, production support and documentation of project artifacts. He later on assumed a designer role and was exposed to the design of some of the requirements that enhanced the functionalities of the EDIT/POST REPO sub-system.

Mark also handled several clean-up efforts so as to make adjustments and arrange the balances and behavior of credit card accounts affected.

Associate Project Engineer – Tyco Integrated Systems Philippines, Inc.

December 18, 2001 to June 21, 2002


Davao International Airport,

Greenbelt Redevelopment Project

Asian Hospital

Amkor Technologies

Mark kept track of project schedule and progress as well as performed resource allocation to accomplish the tasks at hand.

When it comes to design, Mark analyzed the systems design of specific projects for its effectivity and performance suitable to the needs of the client. There are times that he also was the one to translate them to drawings utilizing his skill in Autocad.

He was also involved on the logistics and procurement of project equipment that are to be delivered and installed to the project site.

Mark also developed application modules and materials for proper documentation that will also be used for the education and training of the users of the electronic system being implemented.

He also handled testing and commissioning of the system prior to transition and acceptance of the project.

Mark also addressed and resolved issues arising from the development of the project being delivered.

Production Engineer – Sumitomo Bakelite Flex Philippines, Inc.

April 23, 2001 to November 29, 2001

Mark took charge and provided reports of all production activities from assembly down to QA.

As an Engineer, He was also responsible for the maintenance of supplies and equipment necessary for the production.

He was also involved on the managing of time and schedule of production workers as well as in the area of discipline.

Mark also monitored the performances of employees and provided feedbacks for their appraisal.

Mark was also tasked to maintain production output, records, files and inventory not only of production materials, but also on the facilities of the company.


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