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Project Engineer

Owings Mills, MD
September 24, 2018

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Cell# 667-***-****



Program manager and project management staff coordinator with excellent

communication skills and scheduling, problem solving, and quality control/quality assurance.

Proficient also in the following:




EES, LLC. (Classified)

Sr. Construction Manager (06/2015 thru 05/2018)

Review design and specifications for building and facility operational/ functional systems.

Review and provide comments to government personnel on contractor submittals and schedules, and other project-related documentation and plans.

Review and coordinate response to user requested engineering change proposals (ECP’s); in conjunction with subject matter experts validate ECPs against Design Intent, Basis of Design and Concepts of Operations as applicable.

Review RFIs and construction contract modifications for potential impact on the functionality of the building, the Design Intent, the Basis of Design and Concepts of Operations as applicable.

Coordinate with PgM/PM to ensure engineering changes are reflected in future transition processes such as training, Concept of Operation implementation, and Movement Planning.

Coordinate engineering support reviews for specialized laboratory equipment with medical facility staff, HFPO/HFPA support staff and subject matter experts.

Participate in user-representative oversight of the USACE QA/QC program, in coordination with the PgM/PM, via regular interface/discussions with USACE QA personnel including field inspections.

Observed destructive and nondestructive tests on metals and other materials through magnaflex, dye-penetrant, radiographic, tension and compression, paint thickness, and resistivity.

Observed surveillance of underground piping to ensure tightness, bedding, and grade.

Verified location of reinforcing steel before placement of concrete.

Validated piping systems, including P&ID checks and hydraulic or other pressure tests.

Maintained current knowledge and advise PM/PgM or government representative concerning USACE QA/QC procedures, requirements, standards and practices.

Assist in review of any Value Engineering proposals.

Coordinate with HFPO IT Planning support and USACE concerning interpretation/execution of IM/IT/Low Voltage System design including engineering support for follow-on contracts.

Provide technical engineering advice on laboratory unique systems, applications, and functions.

Identify and track construction engineering specific issues, ensuring they are coordinated and resolved to a successful conclusion.

Assist PM/PgM or other government representative to develop, coordinate, and process project-related engineering change proposals (ECPs) to ensure valid user requirements are integrated into the projects’ end state.

Participate in coordination and execution of commissioning plan, coordinating with parent facility staff and HFPA/HFPO subject matter experts to ensure appropriate involvement in the process.

Participate in Red Zone meetings and building acceptance process including punch-out inspections.

Inspected electrical installations to ensure proper grounding, circuit integrity, and adherence to statutory and customer regulations.

Performed continuing inspection of painting and insulation to ensure thickness and coverage continuity.

Provided general inspection on all construction labor and subcontracted tasks to ensure professional workmanship.

Verified the mechanical equipment alignment and balancing operations.

Conducted commissioning for the HVAC Equipment.

Coordinate with the parent facility staff, HFPA/HFPO subject matter experts and USACE to ensure O&M training, O&M manuals, warranties, As-Built drawings, etc. are scheduled, developed, reviewed and delivered in a timely manner.

Assist in coordination and conduct of inspections, tests, verifications, and certifications.

Participate in meetings and teleconferences, and coordinate associated actions as required by PgM/PM or designated government representative.

Provide recurring project-related reports, presentations and documentation as required by PM/PgM or designated government representative.

Coordinate schedules and report progress on a weekly basis with the PM/PgM or their designated representative.

Provide proposed response recommendations and review comments for subsequent release to the construction contractor.

Assist in development and maintenance of an Integrated Master Schedule for the project(s).

Assist in development of maintenance plans for post-occupancy sustainment of facilities.

Review of IDRs of inspectors on the job.

Documented nonconformance and participated in determining appropriate resolution.

Review Monthly Payment Estimate for the project.

Review and approve the monthly requisition from the General Contractor (TCC)

Review Submittals from the General Contractor & Subcontractors for approval.



Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson (JMT)

Sr. Project Engineer (08/2013 thru 04/2015

Monitor southwest water main repair and replacement.

Review monthly project costs of various projects.

Review project cost analysis of E & G water projects for Baltimore City.

Review the impact of Change Order relative to overall schedule and deliverables.

Inspect various water main replacement projects.

Conduct water sample analysis of Chlorine & Bacteria.

Review of IDRs of inspectors on the job.

Review Monthly Payment Estimate for the project.

Review and approve the monthly requisition from the General Contractor (JFC)

Review Submittals from the General Contractor & Subcontractors for approval.

Review the entire RFP/RFQ proposal(Requirements)

Review the Compliance of the RFP

Monitor southwest water main repair and replacement.

Review monthly project costs of various projects.

Supervised the installation of Gas Lines by NPL contractors both in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Respond to customers and citizen inquiries and complaints.

Review proposals and cost estimates submitted by service providers, making recommendations to the board for action as needed.

Monitored the soil compaction, moisture content, aggregation, graduation, concrete slump, air entrainment, concrete compression, lines and grades surveys, bolt torques, and concrete coring.

Reviewed the concrete tests results in the field by an independent inspector/Agent.

Direct budget preparation and monitor compliance with budget-making proposals and recommendations after budget changes-when necessary.

Direct contractors as needed to achieve compliance with applicable regulations and to complete needed investigation of and repair to utility appurtenances.

Oversees the completion and submission of required monitoring reports and operating permits to insure compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

Maintains a successful working relationship with utility providers located within and adjacent to the Residential service areas.

Works with staff, as needed, to accomplish the orderly and successful day-to-day operations of the Water Line.

Respond to emergency situations – on a 24-hour basis; resolving any unexpected technical problems that may arise.

Build, develop and grow community relationships vital to the success of each community project

Department of Energy (DOE)

M & M/EES, LLC. (JV) (Classified)

Sr. Project Manager (01/2013 thru 06/2013

Supervise the approved subcontractors for off-site transport and disposal of hazardous wastes.

Provide waste identification numbers and labels for hazardous waste containers and items.

Coordinate hazardous and industrial waste management activities with other SLAC ESH programs

Designate, with line management, generic waste collection areas, WAAs and SWAAs

Coordinate with university technical representatives the management of hazardous and industrial wastes generated by subcontractors or SLAC-operated activities

Maintain the hazardous waste tracking system

Prepare regulatory reports related to hazardous waste management

Prepare weekly reports of hazardous waste for the DOE officials to review.


HSCC, Inc. / EES, LLC. (Classified)

Project Manager/QA Manager C4ISR Phase I & II

01/09 thru 09/12

Review submittals for Clin#3 & #4

Conduct daily inspection of various projects: Buildings: B, E, F, & G.

Conduct punch lists, pre-final inspection and final inspection.

Attend bi-monthly progress meetings.

Review statement of work (SOW) prepared by the Consultants for final approval.

Review As-Built drawings to make sure that field changes are incorporated.

Write daily Quality Assurance of work progress and/or lack thereof.

Review ASIs and Bulletins submitted by the Design of Records (DOR.)

Enter reports on RMS folder for review by U S Army Corps of Engineers. (USACE.) R.E

Conduct daily updates of Architectural/Civil drawings.

Review project specifications as they relate to all divisions.

Attend meetings for Commissioning plans/Procedures

Review plans for compliance with the specification.

Review change orders, claims and supplemental agreements and assisted in negotiations.

Attend TAB meetings.

Conduct field inspections to ensure quality assurance of construction activities with plans and specifications.

Inspected various facets of work on the construction site and performs continuous surveillance of assigned construction activities to ensure compliance with all applicable codes, standards, and specifications.

Review contractors Safety Meetings per contract documents.

Review and make entries on RFI Logs and Responses.

Attend Prep/Initial/Follow up meetings per contract documents.

Attend GC quality control/quality assurance meeting per contract documents.

Review contract modifications with GC with respect to schedule, cost, & BOD

Review deliverables with GC to mitigate delays, & cost overrun.



Patrick O. Walter & Associates, Inc.

Sr. Project Manager 10/07 thru 09/08

Responsible for the overall management, control, coordination and execution of assigned long-term facility, space acquisition, and/or construction management projects.

Serve as a project manager, technical expert, and coordinator in facility requirements planning, the translation of general space layout requirements to specific operational requirements, and manage the project through turnover.

Translate user defined operational needs into facility requirements.

Lead facility construction projects that require extensive and intense planning efforts.

Prepare and review floor plans submitted to determine adequacy of layout and workflow, budgetary impact, conformance with accepted business practices and techniques or the need for deviation from standard practices because of unusual functions or unique conditions.

Prepare cost estimates associated with project.

Review contracts and assist Naval Facilities Engineering Command to negotiate revisions, changes and additions to contractual agreements with architects, consultants, clients, suppliers and subcontractors.

Review necessary permits and licenses for compliance with regulations, codes, and navy guidance.

Direct and supervise Government engineering technicians.

Review project specifications to determine if there are conflicts with the construction plans.

Confer with supervisory personnel, owners, contractors, and design professionals to discuss and resolve matters such as work procedures, complaints, and construction problems

Control and manage project milestones and budget from planning through construction and initial operations.

Prepared the sub-contract agreement documents for NAVFAC to approve.

Provided project status updates to senior personnel within the field office and support command.

Assisted the IPT PM in management of post construction award services (PCAS).

Assisted in coordinating of delivery, acceptance, inspection and installation of Government furnished equipment.

Coordinate schedule needs with the MCC Project Manager to ensure that construction activities align with material delivery dates.

Managed all aspects of the Assisted Living facility section of the Hospital and patients within the Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC)

Coordinate activities and monitor the performance of the Subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that schedules are met, and project performance is not compromised. Identify construction risks and prepare action plans to mitigate RCC’s exposure.


OMF, Contracting Inc.

Sr. Project Manager: 02/06 thru 08/07

Coordinated and/or managed the renovation of courthouse interior for (DOJ) (GSA)

Develop & review project budgets and construction estimates.

Reviewed plans & spec. for FAA Hqtrs. Interior renovation.

Develop master project schedule and coordinate with GSA Rep. for overview discussion.

Review design changes and discuss the impact with GSA Rep. for overall schedule. Discussed space issues with DOJ representative with respect to the changes in tenant space.

Monitored procurement operations during implementation of contracts for DOJ/GSA projects.

Managed the resolutions of Quality Assurance problems and matters related to construction schedules and delivery of materials.

Modified space per DOJ (GSA) directives due to changes instituted by the client (DOJ)

Operated as a project/transaction management specialist, performing a wide variety of project/transaction management activities in collaboration with and in support to customers.

Oversee and authorize the execution of solutions to customer needs, including prioritizing resources, providing information or assistance, resolving their problems, or managing their expectations during the implementation of agreed upon solutions.

Monitor QA/QC during construction/renovation, addition and safety regulation.

Review County regulations with GC for compliance. Evaluate and engage in in-depth analysis, preparation and review of responses to proposals.

Support teams in formulation of procurement management systems, plans and reporting. Hold progress meetings to discuss critical construction changes with respect to the overall impact and costs associated with the project.

Review AEP Specifications from outside Design/Build Engineering Firms, and General Contractors.

Write In-house Statement of Work (SOW) for change orders for the project.

Review Construction Scheduling for projects. Coordinate multiple projects, performing engineering cost estimates for various projects.

Review and evaluate Bid Documents and make recommendations.

Approve monthly requisitions from Subcontractors for payment.

Manages all aspects of projects, including working with staff to ensure projects are delivered within budget, and meet established goals and objectives.

Multi-task and oversee the day-to-day operational and tactical aspect of multiple varied-scale projects.


(Engineering/Construction Mgmt. Consultants)

Director of Operations 06/96 thru 07/05

Owner's Representative & coordinated small multiple projects ranging from 20,000 to 80,000 sq. ft for almost twelve years.

Reviewed the contract documents, specifications & approved shop drawings.

Request for Information/Clarification from the Architect. Monitored project cost. Reviewed and revised construction schedule with subcontractors.

Held weekly safety meeting with subcontractors.

Reviewed and approved financial monthly requisitions from the GC, Subcontractors/Suppliers.

Managed all the Financial Books of CSS, Inc. including but not limited to construction budgets/accounting. Used Microsoft project Software for Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

In charged of employee’s payroll. Responsible for migrating new employees in the system.

Reconciled the Yearly Financial Records of CSS, Inc.

Reviewed shop drawing and submittal for approval.

Reviewed product samples for compliance with specification.

Reviewed and approved change orders.

Worked with Architects & Engineers to resolve any field conflicts.

Held quarterly progress meetings with the Owner's Representatives.

Acted as a Contract Administrator for small, medium and large size projects.

Developed and participated in Request for Proposal (RFP) selection process for services, required for capital projects.

Worked on Pentagon Hospital in Wash. DC with Bell BCI, as a Project Engineer. Implemented policies and procedures of DOD as appropriate to ensure contractual compliance.

Provided support and coverage of ongoing contract activities, develop and implement quality assurance plans in timely manner.

Monitored the General Contractor’s compliance with the terms and conditions of contracts and fulfillment of all obligations imposed by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and other pertinent regulations to the contract administration.

Monitored the Baltimore City Wastewater Treatment Refurbishment, upgrades, collection systems upgrades, pump station installation upgrades, inflow and infiltration installation and individual components such as clarifiers, head-works, disinfection systems, chemical feed systems tertiary filtration systems, bio-solids handling, aeration systems and final cleaning.

Prepared status reports and position papers for capital projects.

Reviewed claims and change orders to make sure that they were in line with the extra work stipulated and/or agreed and approved by the Owner’s Representative.

Monitored T/M work per agreed change orders/claims.

Works with the Contracts Administrator in preparing acquisition strategies for contract awards.

Manages day to day communication and expectations with staff and end-users. Implements project review and quality assurance procedures in accordance with the plans and specifications to ensure a successful execution of projects as measured by internal goals and user satisfaction.

Operated as a technical specialist, working in collaboration with and in support to customers, proactively translating customer requirements into technical options and solutions, resulting in technical projects to address evolving customer workplace needs.

Analyzes and monitors impact on building systems and equipment to determine facility capability in meeting customer needs.

Reviewed models to determine the constructability of the project and draw conclusion based on findings and recommendations by outside A/E.

Assisted in the identification of strategic planning initiatives, and manage scope and risk mitigation.

Assemble and/or meet with planners, client representatives, architects, engineers, consultants and external professionals to establish project requirements, and manage project execution.

Assisted in preparing, planning, evaluating, and forecasting project budgets and schedules for projects.

Prepare solicitations and review proposals for adequacy.

Perform pre-award review of proposals associated with a wide range of subcontracts.

Prepare Requests for Proposals (RFP)

Performed cost and pricing analyses.

Supported contract negotiations if directed and prepare, review, and recommend for approval various contractual documents prior to award.

Supported the development of the government's negotiations.

Attended contracting officer meetings with suppliers or their representatives to effectively negotiate prices, delivery date, specifications, or similar matters.

Coordinate, perform and/or provide technical guidance for the full range of contract administration actions for the assigned projects including supporting the negotiation of post award contractual changes, reviewing contracts, interpreting provisions, resolving problems, recommending or rendering determinations and implementing approved actions

Served as business advisor to a wide range of customers and provides advice and assistance related to contracting work as a Contracting Officer

PROJECT ENGINEER: Navy Lodge, Willow Grove, PA w/ Forrester Construction Company.

Renovation & Addition (DOD) Total Cost $40M (CONTRACTOR)

PROJECT MANAGER: Fannie Mae Hqtrs. Urbana, Maryland. (Design/Build)

(HUD) New Construction. Total Cost $110M (CONTRACTOR)

PROJECT MANAGER: Army Training Depot at Fort Meade, MD (Design/Build) w/

Bell BCI New Construction (DOD) Total Cost $65M (CONTRACTOR)

PROJECT ENGINEER: (Design/Build) 500 Pentagon Hospital Beds (Design/Build) (former parking lot) at Arlington VA w/ Bell BCI New construction (DOD) Total Cost $210M (CONTRACTOR)

ASSISTANT PROJECT ENGINEER: CIA Hqtrs. Langley, VA. (Design/Build) (Federal Govt.)

New construction. Total Cost $298M (CONTRACTOR)



Checked road and storm drain elevations.

Reviewed plans and specification for compliance with the State and Local government ordinance and applicable codes.

Monitored job progress and schedule. Implement changes or modifications to the company's internal Codes and Standards, as necessary, due to changing operational practices and/or changes to Code. Responsible for the facilitating company's Materials and Standards Committee.

Receive and track company outside Agency Concrete Inspection Forms/Delivery Trucks.

Communicates with company contractors to review their compliance programs.

Identifies and recommends strategic changes for continuous improvement related to pipeline safety.

Negotiates the company position with the State and local regulatory agencies on safety compliance matters.

Collaborates with the Contracts department on issuance of Major Purchase Orders (MPO's), and subcontracts.

Approved vendor invoices.

Scheduled daily safety meetings with project team personnel to review project performance.

Maintained, updates, and distributes project documents and all necessary “look-ahead” schedules to all parties.

Participates in industry initiatives established to create or interpret safety regulations affecting concrete overpass bridges.

Develop a detailed plan to procure required equipment and material Determine, assign and/or submit material submittals for the project

Ensure project roles and responsibilities are communicated

Communicate job set-up information to appropriate support services

Selected major vendors and subcontractors

Developed site plan, including location of cranes, laydown areas, etc.

Bridge construction in Allegheny County, MD (Expansion & Replacement)

Resurfacing of Roads in Baltimore City, Calvert County, Cecil County and

Baltimore County (Replacement)

Executed daily documentation such as change order logs, concrete logs, rebar logs, and other material/equipment logs.

Reconstruction of Bridge & Overpass in Charles County (Replacement)

Supervised all phases of highway and bridge construction, including materials sampling and testing, maintenance of traffic (MOT), grading and earthwork operations, erosion and sediment control, drainage systems, Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) and concrete pavement, all phases of new bridge construction utility relocations, roadway signing, landscaping and traffic signalization.




FIELD ENGINEER 09/85 thru 01/91

Monitoring the entire construction operation by Omni Construction Company.

Inspected concrete runways, taxiways, hangers, and aprons at the airport.

In-charged of Quality Control/Quality Assurance aspects of the project.

Reviewed Daily Concrete Tests prior to placement by Outside Engineering Consultants to make sure they meet approved specification.

Analyzed and reviewed project costs with respect to cost over-run.

Inspected construction of commercial building around the Airport with respect to height restrictions.

Held meetings with the community regarding noise abatement plans.

Reviewed construction documents produced by Greiner/URS Engineers (addendum)

Organized progress meetings with General Contractor/subcontractors concerning schedules, and work progress.

Reviewed contractor’s performance and inspection of projects.

Reviewed the project schedule to make sure that the logical tasks and budgets are aligned with the deadlines.

Fulfill the role of Director of Quality Assurance as required by 14 CFR 119.65(a) and 119.67(d) in the absence of the Resident Engineer.

Served as the Primary Point of Contact for the Consultant (CM) Ralph M Parsons for concrete placement related problems on Runways, Taxiways, and Hangers.

Also, reviewed the renovation, modernization projects, alteration and construction of parking garage, food courts, restaurants and retail space within the Airport.

Inspected the construction of Terminals C & D expansion.

Reviewed RFIs and assisted with response to the GC.

Reviewed Daily Inspectors Reports of the project.

Processed monthly applications for payment, prepared punch-lists and close-out procedures.

Performed post-construction services and investigations as needed to make sure that the project is completed per plans and specifications.

Briefed the FAA Senior Staff on monthly construction progress and discussed changes (if any) on the job.

Reviewed Submittals, RFIs, COs, transmittals and change orders

Prepare contracts and negotiate revisions, changes and additions to contractual agreements with architects, consultants, clients, suppliers and subcontractors.

Prepare and submit budget estimates, progress reports, or cost tracking reports.

Interpret and explain plans and contract terms to administrative staff, workers, and clients, representing the owner or developer.

Coordinated with the consultant's in-house and sub-consultants, as well as FAA/MAA staff associated with the construction program to ensure consistency in the deliverables.

Took actions to deal with the results of delays, due to inclement weather, or emergencies at construction site.

Inspected or review projects to monitor compliance with building and safety codes, or other regulations.

Reviewed monthly requisition supplies or materials to make sure that complete construction projects.

Inspected projects to monitor compliance with environmental regulations.

Inspected the construction of Concrete Parking Garages by Omni Construction Company.

Reviewed FAA, MAA & Local Government Codes for compliance.

Reviewed & approved monthly requisition for payment.


PROJECT ENGINEER 03/84 thru 08/85

Fairfax Hospital (INOVA) (Renovation & Addition)

Inspected the installation of Hospital equipment.

Prepared monthly log report on work progress.

Prepared and verify that all required documentation is completed prior to occupancy or authorized approval of a project.

Reviewed the State/Local Building/Health Codes, JCAHO EOC requirements and NFPA Code requirements.

Maintained a working knowledge of all building utility systems, emergency procedures, and hospital policies and procedures.

Reviewed stages of capital projects to assure that project scope, schedule and phasing are adequately defined.

Reviewed designs, drawings, specifications and/or analyses to resolve technical problems and /or completion of project work.

Reviewed the work criteria for a proposed project, determining the hazardous materials, infection control, phases of work, and fire and life safety requirements that are necessary.

Managed the renovations commensurate with established policies of the Hospital.

Ensured productions, progress, cost records and reports are prepared as required.

Provided construction oversight and review and conduct routine inspections of construction sites.

Administered the safety program and review of standards and acceptable construction procedures.

Provided management of the facility construction/fit out, building utilities and HVAC, process and utility piping and other systems associated with the completion of project work for large complex projects.

Prepared punch lists after substantial completion.

Recommended project acceptance to the Owner after final punch lists completion.


Minnesota State University Mankato, Minnesota.

Bachelor of Science, Construction Engineering.

University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma

Master of Science Degree, Civil Engineering


National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)

Chartered Institute of Professional Engineers (CIPE)

Department of the Army Certified Contracting Officer’s Representative (COTR)

Department of the Army Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)

Certified Construction Quality Assurance Management.

Professional Reference:

Dr. Waqi Alam, PhD Engineering

Tel: 410-***-****

Ms. Lanesha Mincey (Chief Project Engineer)

Tel: 410-***-****

Mr. Michael Etekochay, (Purchasing Officer)

Tel: 443-***-****

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