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Customer Service Administrative Assistant

Chicago, Illinois, United States
September 24, 2018

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Debra Reyes

**** ****** ******

Orland Park, ILL 60462



Financial Engines

Feb 2018-May 2018


Client Service Manager Responsibilities:

Review advisor(s) calendars for meetings scheduled that day. CSM’s should greet all prospects/clients by name and offer them a beverage.

Prospects-Prepare yellow folder with any notes on prospect, include any applications if required and input any data into MGP plan. Clients–Prepare client review meeting packets and update (upload) MGP with current Schwab holdings.) Process any applicable Schwab alerts and archive processed alerts. You must process incoming/outgoing Money-Links and check requests before Schwab’s cutoff time (3pm EST). Review the Daily Transaction Ledger (deposits, receipt of securities, withdrawals) inform advisor of any large deposits or withdrawals. And all any non-CT accounts with deposits.

Add tasks to CRM for any phone calls/emails that require follow up or further administrative needs. Address incoming phone calls /emails and complete any administrative needs

Check the mail, process any incoming checks to be forwarded to Schwab and update Outgoing check log. Process any other applicable mailed items from clients/prospects

Process applicable Schwab forms and submit to Schwab (new client signings, client admin requests, etc.). Prepare package for UPS to be overnighted to Schwab (checks, applicable Schwab forms, etc.)

Call 10 contacts from each CRM list that are due for in person meeting ($0-$250k MEET and $250k -$750 MEET. Address and complete any Advisor requests. Address and complete any FE corporate employee requests. Call all meetings for the following day to confirm, if no answer send appointment reminder email. Ensure all daily activities and time sensitive items are completed before office closing

Inventory and order necessary supplies. Submit Corporate Card Expense Report via Concur (Due by the 3rdof the month) Submit Printer Count from printer, if applicable for your store, to the proper employee in Accounting Department. Mail Anniversary Cards (Corporate will send you a list of all clients who have an FE anniversary for the quarter and will also automatically order 50 anniversary cards/envelopes for your location. Verify client accounts with unmanaged securities and send letter to applicable clients for signatures. Verify all new client signings during the past month to ensure Solicitor Agreements are present/signed if applicable. If necessary send the corresponding letter to new clients for their signature.

Complete store’s Semi-Annual Compliance Review Checklist and return to the proper employee in Compliance Department. Process all Required Minimum Distributions for clients with Traditional IRA, Inherited IRA, Simple IRA, and 401K accounts by 12/31 of the current year (a list can be obtained from Schwab). If client holds an Inherited IRA, contact client to have them provide the amount of their Required Minimum Distribution and process accordingly. Complete store’s Annual Compliance Review Checklist and return to the proper employee in the Compliance Department.

Box up all previous year Compliance records and create new files for the current or upcoming year. Clean up and organize prospect file drawer. Dispose (shred it bin) of prospect folders that are older than 3 years. Shred any documents that exceed retention period. Check Advisor’s calendar for reminder calls, letter, and email appointment reminders. Complete an inventory of conference room materials. The CSM is the main contact for all client calls –inbound and outbound. Most clients are calling in with simple requests, like checking account balance(s), requesting a withdrawal, beneficiary information, to schedule an appointment or requesting tax documents –these should all be handled by the CSM.

If a client asks for the advisor –and the advisor is unavailable –ask if this is something they think you can handle. 90% of the time the CSM can take care of the clients’ needs.

If the client wants to take a withdrawal –verify the account the assets are to be withdrawn from –verify any tax withholding if applicable –email the advisor if trades need to be placed or if it’s a CT account submit a ‘Money Out” form in CRM. Some advisors may want to talk to the client if the withdrawal is a larger amount (e.g$20,000) –they can assist with what account to pull the assets from; or if the withdrawal is to fund another retirement account outside of FE –they can talk to the client and try and retain the assets. Meeting Preparation, prepping any reports, apps, or forms that will be needed for the meeting. Since the CSM is more likely to have scheduled the meeting –they will know what is needed.

An Annual Review report/plan will need to be created through Advisor View. Try and prepare this the day prior to the meeting with the client so the Advisor has time to review. If prospect signs up during first meeting –prepare paperwork, highlight information client needs to complete and give to advisor.

2ndmeeting –prefill all forms from Questionnaire they completed in first meeting. Statements that are given to advisor during the first meeting will define what new account forms are necessary to complete prefill the application and transfer forms ahead of time –complete as much information as possible on each form. (Application, transfer forms, etc.)

Is the client going to be depositing a check to fund a Roth IRA, IRA or Individual account? If so, prepare a receipt and prefill as much information as possible.

Is the client looking to start making withdrawals from their account(s)?If so, prepare either Money Link paperwork or IRA Distribution forms –depending on what type of account they wish to withdrawal from.

For all meetings–Verify the beneficiaries the client has for each account (this is usually done while creating the Annual Review plan). If you see an Individual or Joint account that doesn’t have beneficiaries designated, prepare Designated Plan Beneficiary Transfer of Death (TOD) form and have the client sign during the meeting. With these types of accounts, if no beneficiary is listed, the account will have to go through the Probate process is the client dies.

Review Client File for Compliance Docs–Review the client’s file the day before to ensure all required compliance documents are present and signed. If not, prepare in advance so the advisor can have the client’s sign during the meeting. (IMA, Investor Discovery, Score Sheet, and if applicable a Solicitor’s Agreement, Unmanaged Securities Letter)6 Confidential:

The CSM is responsible for tracking all transfers that a client has requested (this includes rollovers from employer plans). Transfers initiated by Charles Schwab Transfer forms:

Once a client signs a transfer form –make a task for yourself in CRM to follow up in 2 weeks (typical turnaround time) to ensure the transfer was processed correctly and that it was completed as expected. Check Charles Schwab daily for any alerts that you may have received regarding your transfer(s). If you receive an alert, follow up with the requested information that Schwab needs to process. There are some instances where the other financial institution requires their own paperwork to complete the request.

When the transfer has been processed –contact the client and let them know that we received the assets and that (Advisor) will invest the funds accordingly within the portfolio they discussed. Give them the amount of the transfer and the date it was received.

Typically, the Advisor will initiate a rollover during the meeting while the client is present. The Advisor will initiate a conference call to request the required forms to start the rollover process. Some companies allow the rollover to be processed over the phone; some required their own paperwork (verify if the forms can be faxed back for processing) or they have to mail the client the forms needed.

The CSM will follow up with the client within 2 weeks and ask if they received the check (some companies will only mail the check directly to the participant versus us) –and if they did –ask them to mail the check to you with the envelope that the Advisor gave them during their meeting. The client will be thankful for your continued follow up with them.

If the check gets mailed directly to our office we will contact the client and let them know we received their check from (xyz rollover company) and that we will overnight the check to Charles Schwab for processing and that we will send them a copy of the check in the mail.

Chase Mortgage

6/5/16 Dec 2017

Mortgage Specialist ll and Closer

Assisted loan officers in entering customers data in two systems to see if they quality for a loan. Prepared files and sent them to underwriting for clearance and then set up wires and set up the closings . Made sure the Cd where correct regarding fees. Prepared completed (over 100 per month) files from processing for closing and emailed the package over to the attorney or title company.

Completed any changes or corrections to the HUD or package. Wired funds/or checks to the title company or attorney. Worked with Data Verify, Isentry, Closr, Realec and Voltage and MCI-S which is a dos system and Ditigal doc.

Three Phase Line Construction Inc.

November 2014 – July 2015

Field Project Support Administrator

Compiles and maintains records of business transactions and office activities of establishment by performing the following duties.

Create approved payroll time sheets and enter into payroll system weekly. Ensure all payroll reporting is accurate and approved by project management and field employees per SOX compliance.

Create and submit all approved Personnel Change Forms in a timely manner to the Payroll Department. Create Purchase Orders, receive packing slips from field and enter into system.

Process and code invoices ensuring three way matched for weekly submission. Audit and / or create project personnel expense reports and submit to Accounts Payable.

Code all fuel receipts for assigned projects and submit to Accounts Payable. Complete monthly fuel reports for assigned projects. Prepare and submit weekly job reports as directed by Project Management.

Answer office phone and direct calls as needed. Assist and / or complete various projects as requested by management.

FleetPride Truck & Trailer Parts

Branch Admin Assistant

Nov 2013 November 2014

Excellent Customer service skills.

Assisting with all aspects of administrative management, directory maintenance, logistics, equipment inventory and storage Managing inventory of assets and supplies, sourcing for suppliers (vendors) and submitting invoices. Coordinating between departments and operating units in resolving day-to-day administrative and operational problems. Sending out and receiving mail and packages. Preparing business correspondence, Using microsoft office, word, excel, access, outlook, spreadsheets and all AP entry in Lawson 10 key *calculator Sending faxes. Managing Files. Address all employees concerns in accordance with company policies and government regulations Research and the identification of key data sources

Prepare Timecards for Payroll, Performing multifaceted general office support. Sending and receiving forms for the company. All Day-to-day operation matters. Handle the Cash box in regards to sales, credit card.

Suntrust Bank

Mortgage Process Data Reviewer

Dec 2012 - May 2013

I worked with three systems: Digitial Docs, STM Partners, MLCS, Process Data Base also use the Outlook. Also did CP Loans.

Reviewed Conventional, FHA, VA loans for compliance. Reviewed what type of loan. Then reviewed all the information on the loan along with documents received from the closer. Took my PQA sheet and matched information with various systems, ensuring compliance for loan closing.

JPMorgan Chase

Mortgage Closer

May 2012 - August 2012

Prepared completed (over 100 per month) files from processing for closing and emailed the package over to the attorney or title company. Completed any changes or corrections to the HUD or package. Wired funds/or checks to the title company or attorney. Worked with Data Verify, Isentry, Closr, Realec and Voltage and MCI-S which is a dos system and Ditigal doc.

Wells Fargo Bank

Administrative Assistant

April 2010 - April 2012

Performed complex administrative tasks for managers and/or department. Using word processing software to compose correspondence; compiling information and preparing routine reports; assisting with routine reports and record keeping. Worked closely with both internal and external customers to meet their needs. Handled balancing routine general ledgers lines and/or expense accounts and invoices.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

DRA (deficiency recovery analyst) Specialist

April 2007 - April 2010

Recovered, reviewed, and corrected missing mortgage documents using various forms of software. Audited files for post closing making sure the closers received all the conditions prior to closing.

Notarized mortgage documents as needed. Handled the over disbursements such as wires or checks due back to Wells Fargo. Assisted closing department preparing closing packages as needed.

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