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Technician Quality Control

New York, NY
September 24, 2018

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Brian Fleury



With a passion for chemical analysis, a serious work ethic, and an ability to work efficiently in a laboratory environment, I have a dedication to learning – and to applying what I learn – and a level of experience that is distinctive for someone my age. Not only do I ensure every effort to master new skills; I strive continuously to refine the skills that I have. While I work in a very orderly and precise manner, I possess a great capacity for adaptability – I am flexible with the variety of tasks that I must perform, and I excel whether alone or as part of a team. In my down time, I enjoy drawing and digital illustration, playing the piano, climbing, and swimming. Skills

Classical Analytical Methods

● Colorimetry

● Electrometry

● Gravimetry

● Titrimetry

Instrumental Analytical Methods

● Chromatography (HPLC/GC/IEC)

● Spectrophotometry (AAS/ICP-OES/IR/UV-Vis)

● Mass Spectrometry (MS)

● Electrophoresis (CE)

● Thermogravimetry (DSC-TGA)

● Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

● Kjeldahl (TKN)

● Karl Fischer titration

(Volumetric and Coulometric)

Quality Control Practices

● Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

● Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Safety Practices

● Globally Harmonized System (GHS)

Language Proficiency

● English

● French


Laboratory Technician, Quality Control 2018 – 2018, Full-Time Omega Laboratories Limited

● Selected for competitive promotion to Laboratory Technician position

● Analysis of raw materials (API/excipients) and finished products using

● chromatography (GC/HPLC/IEC),spectrophotometry (FTIR/UV-Vis), Karl Fischer titration,

● osmometry, pH determination, coulometry, and the oxygen analyzer

● Chromatogram Integration & Data Analysis

● Writing logs and reports on chromatography results

● Maintenance of instruments and chromatographic columns Sampling Technician, Quality Control 2014 – 2018, Full-Time Omega Laboratories Limited

● Sampling of raw materials (API/excipients/water), finished products, and packaging components

● Testing of water (pH/conductivity/TOC)

● Evaluation (visual/dimensional/chemical), of packaging components

● Compiling and Analyzing data

● Writing reports on OOS results and/or instrument failures

● Training and Mentoring new Sampling Technicians

Intern, Capillary Electrophoresis Laboratory 2014

University of Montreal

● Worked on Prof. Karen C. Waldron’s team on now Prof. Golfam Ghafourifar’s PhD Dissertation (in which I was included, citation below)

● Prepared samples of proteins using denaturation and digestion

● Used electrophoreses (CE) to analyze proteins

● Both analyzed and presented data/results to Prof. Ghafourifar

● Performed maintenance of instrument (CE)

Cashier, Front/Drive-Thru 2011 – 2012, Seasonal

Tim Hortons

● Seasonal employment to pay for my college degree

● Duties incl.: CS, order preparation, and cleaning Education

Associate’s Degree 2011 – 2014

Ahuntsic College

Laboratory Technician Program,

Analytical Chemistry

High School Diploma 2006 – 2011

Lavigne Comprehensive High School

Enriched Program,

Chemistry and Physics


Ghafourifar, Golfam. C haracterization of Glutaraldehyde-Immobilized Chymotrypsin and an In-Situ Immobilized Enzyme Reactor Using Capillary-Electrophoresis-Based Peptide Mapping. Diss. University of Montreal, 2015.

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