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Medical Management

Austin, TX
September 24, 2018

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Proven leader with 18 years of experience working for various United States government protective details, threat assessment, protective intelligence and global travel security for other government agencies. Honorably served in the United States Marine Corps for nine years, including three years in Force Recon. Unwavering ability to identify, develop, and prioritize tasks in high-stress, unpredictable environments. Capacity to unite people to accomplish desired goals using available resources. Recently successfully evacuated a government embassy/annex and index over a foreign border for asylum without any causalities. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Direct hire staff officer. 2006- Current

Currently serving as a Response Staff Officer for the government, distinguishing myself among my peers under fire; saved the lives of diplomatic officers, embassy support staff, and teammates; supported and/or directly participated in Direct Action missions with military Task Force elements as needed. Responsible for evoking growth as operations chief for agency-wide threat assessment methodologies, and supporting the intelligence collection team for all direct and indirect threats for our officers and assets. Served and operated with combined joint special operations Task Force throughout various areas of operations. Small arms instructor / trainer 2011-2012

Contracted through AT Solutions as a qualified shooting instructor/trainer for the U.S. Navy EOD teams. Responsible for all shooting safety and classes for individual teams to learn how to move and manipulate various weapon systems with the U.S. Navy Seal Teams. Led the training for surveillance, counter-surveillance, joint communications platforms, and technical operations. United States Marine Corps Force Recon 2000-2004

Honorably served as a Force Recon Team Leader for four years supporting the Marine Expeditionary Force and Special Operation Forces; conducted Operational Level reconnaissance and force projection by amphibious and forcible entry option into a non-permissive environment, leading to powerful and decisive mission accomplishments.

• Direct Action Team conducted and trained for Gas/Oil Platforms (GOPLATS), Vessel/Board/Search/Seizure, capture/recovery of selected enemy personnel and equipment and Tactical Recovery of Aircraft/Personal

• Air - fast rope, rappel, Special Patrol Insertion/ Extraction Rig (SPIE Rig); Parachute, including Low Level Static Line, High Altitude High Opening up to 25,000', and High Altitude Low Opening up to 35,000’

• Amphibious - Submarine, Surface Combatant, Sub-Surface Closed Circuit Drager or SCUBA, Over the Horizon via the CCRC (Zodiac)

1st Battalion 1st Marines 1996-2000

Served as a technical operations non-commissioned officer for offensive and defensive global intelligence requirements for advising our senior officers in 1st Battalion 1st Marines.

• 15th MEU Marine Expeditionary Unit 6 month deployment

• 13th MEU Marine Expeditionary Unit 6 month deployment. Guantanamo Bay Cuba 1995-1996

Served as a junior enlisted participating in CI, HUMINT, interrogations, surveillance, counter-surveillance to conduct briefings on intelligence oversight, anti-terrorism force protection. Implemented multiple special programs in the capture and processing of Cuban asylum seekers. EDUCATION

Medical School SOCAFF Emergency Medical Technician: Fort Bragg 2017 Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Colorado Technical University 2009 Concentration: Management, GPA 3.09

Management Essentials Undergraduate: 2009

Business in the Global Environment Undergraduate: 2008 Satellite Broadcasting & Communications school, SBCA200062: 2004 Certifications

Personal Achievements

• Tattooing teammates over seas and State side to implement camaraderie and help unite our mentality for achieving any mission. Contributing art work for our life style since 2001 Other Government Agencies

• ATOC Live tissue medical certification

• SOCAFF Medical school (Army-SF)

• Surveillance/counter-surveillance certified with State Department and other agencies

• Personal Recovery

• Self-Defense Shooting (SHAWs)

• Expeditionary Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor (ESAMI)

• Protective Agents

• Advanced Driver

• Evasive Defensive Driving

• SBCA Certification (Satellite Broadcasting &Communications) SBCA200062 SECURITY CLEARANCE

Top Secret Current through 2020

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