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Research Assistant

Richmond, VA
September 24, 2018

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Andrew Lin



Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

Ph.D in Chemistry August 2018

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

B.Sc in Chemistry May 2013

GPA: 3.5, Cum Laude

Leadership and Awards

Outstanding Physical Chemistry Graduate Student Award Spring 2017


Teaching Assistant, VCU, Richmond, VA Fall 2013 - Spring 2018

1. Instrumental Analysis (CHEZ 409L)

2. Hands-on teaching experience teaching instrumentation in an upper-level laboratory setting

3. Learned to convey and explain concepts for chromatography, spectroscopy, and electrochemistry

4. Assisted in the fine-tuning/development of FTIR and ICP-OES experimental procedures

5. In-lab troubleshooting experience

Graduate Research Student, VCU, Richmond, VA Fall 2013 - Summer 2018

1. Designed and performed catalysis experiments

2. Performed duties in purchase and chemical inventory management

3. Appointed to safety committee to help department-wide transition to BioRAFT

4. Maintained and repaired instruments, including GC-MS


Technical Skills

1. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

2. Use of graphing software (OriginPro)

3. Maintenance and repair of instruments

4. Method development for GC-MS

5. Reactor design and setup

6. Materials characterization (XRD, SEM, AFM)

Additional Skills

7. Independent research

8. Effective in a group contribution environment

9. Experienced in leading teams

10. Image editing software

11. Safety and compliance certification (BioRAFT)

12. Training personnel on laboratory equipment


Directed Research in Chemistry, VCU, Richmond, VA Fall 2013 - Summer 2018

1. Exploited catalyst properties via rational catalyst synthesis to enhance activity of palladium nanoparticles

supported on graphene oxide or metal-organic framework supports for catalytic hydrogenation reactions

2. Characterized catalysts using several characterization techniques, including spectroscopy (XPS, FTIR, and

Raman), microscopy (TEM and SEM), diffraction (XRD), and analytical (ICP, UV-Vis, Fluorescence) techniques

3. Optimized methods for GC-MS separation of compounds present in aliquots drawn from hydrogenation reactors to determine activity of catalysts via conversion of reactants into products as a function of time


1. Chinese (fluent)

2. English (fluent)

3. Japanese (written)


1. Palladium Nanoparticles Supported on Ce-Metal–Organic Framework for Efficient CO Oxidation and Low-

Temperature CO2 Capture, A. Lin, A. A. Awad, P. Arab, H. M. El-Kaderi, and M. S. El-Shall, ACS Applied

Materials and Interfaces, 2017, 9, 179**-*****.

2. Palladium Nanoparticles Supported on a Metal–Organic Framework-Partially Reduced Graphene Oxide Hybrid

for the Catalytic Hydrodeoxygenation of Vanillin as a Model for Biofuel Upgrade Reactions, A. A. Ibrahim, A.

Lin, F. Zhang, K. M. AbouZeid, ChemCatChem 2017, 9, 469–480.

3. Synergetic Catalysis of Palladium Nanoparticles Encaged within Amine-functionalized UiO-66 in the

Hydrodeoxygenation of Vanillin in Water, F. Zhang, S. Zheng, Q. Xiao, Y. Zhong, W. Zhu, A. Lin and M. S. El-

Shall, Green Chem 2016, 18, 2900-2908.


1. International Symposium on Clusters and Nanomaterials (ISCAN) October 2015

2. Center for Rational Catalyst Synthesis (CeRCaS) May 2016

3. Center for Rational Catalyst Synthesis (CeRCaS) December 2016

4. Center for Rational Catalyst Synthesis (CeRCaS) May 2017

5. 254th ACS National Meeting and Exposition August 2017

6. Center for Rational Catalyst Synthesis (CeRCaS) May 2018


The Great Pumpkin Periodic Table Event, The Science Museum of Virginia, Richmond, VA October 2016

1. Helped set up tables and activities for children

2. Assisted in the transportation of pumpkins

ACS National Chemistry Week, The Science Museum of Virginia, Richmond, VA October 2017

3. Helped set up tables and activities for children

4. Acted as event guide and explained geology activities to visitors

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