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Arlington, MA
September 24, 2018

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James N. Fox Jr.



An IT executive with over 20 years experience, whose specialities include Network Administration,Web Development, Information Architecture, and End User Engagement. A key leader in enterprise wide digital infrastructure and content development, including oversight of server based operations, communications, and brand standards; while managing Director level responisibillities for Executive, Field Operations, Human Resources, and External consulting teams. Professionally focused on building bridges between organizational components with creative technology deployment, right tool right job synergy, and efficient process management. Key Skills

• Broad portfolio of creative output executed in a variety of content mediums: web, video, audio, print, and text

• Proficient in a variety of languages and environments including: HTML/CSS, WordPress, Plesk, Ubuntu, Sublime, UNIX(Perl), Javascript, mysql, FTP, Terminal

• Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere, After Effects, InDesign, Xd, Acrobat

• Google Enterprise for Business Premium Suite Domain Administrator for over 700+ user accounts

• Lead administrator responsible for 24/7 help desk management, troubleshooting, email, server, and web services

• Talent management specialist, focusing on customer satisfaction, and relationship building within design environments

• Affiliated with a large a community of professionals focused on the latest in branding, design, and technology delivery

• Desire to deliver consistent results in a fast paced, evolving environment, multi-tasking multiple projects at a time

• 5+ years of experience working in consulting roles overseeing project and contract deliverables on a deadline

• Comfortable in Windows, Mac, and Android environments, experience with Office, Remote Desktop, SAP Experience

Customer Engineering Services 2004 - 2018 Coppell, TX. (remote)

• Internal Services Manager / Creative Services Manager / Webmaster / Email & IT Administrator

• Collaborated for over ten years with CEOs, the CFO, VPs of Service, the VP of Human Resources, VPs of Sales, Marketing Directors, and outside consultants; directly managing all responsibilities associated with Email Administration, Server, Web Development, Internal and External Communication Strategy, including budget, staffing, and training

• Directed decision making processes for mission critical internal tools including: vendor selection, application suite rollout, training, remote support, uptime and upgrade management, and long term strategic business planning to meet growth and bandwidth targets for our U.S. and Canadian based remote service workforce starting at less than 100 users, eventually numbering 700+

• Led in the creation of our server infrastructure, in both Windows and Linux environments, managed both planned and emergency safety patch installations, OS updates, disk useage, and billing; teamed with a variety of users and vendors to build a robust remote data repository

• Ideated, developed, managed, and delivered 4 generations of external Web presence, sites credited with securing outside client relationships, and service contract revenue

• Contributed with signifcant fundemental decisions such as company colors, fonts, look and feel, onboarding process and document management, tradeshow kit; provided guidance from startup to nationwide service provider

• Provided industry exceeding 24/7 helpdesk guideance and support for remote field service operation, often working with FujiFilm counterparts to provide large dataset transfer and storage, implementing processes to facilitate time sensitive perfomance analysis, as well as long term data storage meeting legal standards and requirements for record retention

• Leveraged communications background as editor of company wide weekly communications message, choosing the how/when based upon latest communications research, assigned columns and stories to communications team, focused on the challenges inherent in a remote workforce with no shared office, highlighted cost reducing innitiatives in workplace health, vehicle and equiptment safety, and tips for improved service delivery with many topics including professional appearance, technical how to guides, and HR compliance

• Coordinated with a variety of VPs to produce video and photgraphic media of annual awards meeting; managed photographer and background location choices, collaborated remotely with video team on capture of video/audio, and then edited together a consistently “on message” set of videos, featuring the Executive team, FujiFilm executives, outside vendor product videos, and awards ceremony highlights with yearly service award winners across the company

• Actively participated in a variety of team and community building events, invested time and effort setting up, traveling to, and engaging in service experiences for our organization, acted as a representitive, touring and meeting with FujiFilm counterparts across the region, emphasizing workplace enrichment and community recognition

• Demonstrated conceptual problem solver, able to collaborate with any team to achieve a stated goal page 1


University of Miami, Miami, FL. 1990 - 1994

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Literature

• Active in Student Government, as a Resident Assistant, and with Sigma Alpha Mu PureSpeech 1996 - 1998

Cambridge, MA.

• Webmaster

• Developed Purespeech’s first web site for Juggler PC, the first telephony software assistant to speak and listen to natural voice commands

• Worked directly with Marketing Director with look and feel, content creation, and browser compliance in the first generation of commercial web site development

• Directed tradeshow kit creative, traveled to events for set-up, product demonstration, and A/V break fix

• Processed thousands of speech utterances using UNIX perl scripting for a Bell Labs voice recognition algorithm

• Managed 12 listener stations, hiring and managing a variety of contract workers

• Provided desktop administration IT support, Windows95 installs, text to speech data backup on ZipDisk format, and QC testing on software builds

• Coordinated offsite date collection, procuring equiptment, developing audio quality standards, succesfully capturing utterances in challenging environments

Experience (continued)

Randstad 1999 - 2003

Cambridge, MA. (contract work)

• Bose

• Processed data using SAP database software for print ad department

• Gained beneficial knowledge concerning the commercial printing industry’s customer perspective, including uptime pressure, deadline management, the proofing process

• Learned the SAP database GUI, managed a variety of Ad tickets between departments

• Webmaster for Lotus’ SmartSuite word processing software, developed graphical and text content, maintained sites for each facet of the word processing platform

• Reported to the Director of Marketing for SmartSuite, incorporating press articles into web site promotional materials

• Maintained and grew contract role through a variety of restructuring events

• Member of the Y2K compliance team, learning several skills in a time sensitive environment

• Analyzed web code for certification as Y2K compliant

• Implemented code fixes within the fixed deadline James N. Fox Jr.


International Business Machines

Waltham, MA. 1995

• Customer Engineer

• Perfomed both scheduled mantanence, and mobile break fix service on a variety of IBM printers

• Maintained parts, recorded time on-site data, managed Service Level Agreement expectations, and overtime thresholds, as required by management

• Trained extensively to develop a portfolio of machine type competencies for field service flexibility

• KeyOp (Coral Gables, FL.) 1993 - 1994

• Traveled between a variety of customer accounts in the greater Miami area, performing scheduled preventitive service, diagnostic measurements, device cleaning, and general upkeep

• Independently managed service delivery, scheduling downtimes at customer convenience

• Interacted with customers regularly to develop strong working relationship with service team

• Maintained SLA records, verified part useage expectations, and trained at a variety of daignostic and print quality indicator diagnostics

• Lotus Software

• BayBank

• Data Processing Coordinator

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