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Engineer Software

San Jose, California, United States
September 23, 2018

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Mr. Robin T. Wernick


QUALIFICATIONS: Experienced project architect/manager/engineer/ with thirty+ years of experience in design and testing

Managed teams of three to twelve engineers in numerous electronics/software manufacturing companies

SOFTWARE: Twenty+ years of C and C++ (MFC), C#.NET(WPF 12 yr), Java(SE 6 yr) on Linux software design

EXPERIENCE Thirty-two years of diversified MS Windows application development ( Visual Studio, C#, Visual C++, C )

Designed first FDA approved automatic blood pressure regulator(AI, expert system) for ICU patients, IVAC

Developed Built In Test program saving $3M/yr with remote network testing of international product sites at Cubic

Designed Linux remote management program in C++ for multiple NIC card LAN connectivity at Logic Innovations

Programming languages: C#.Net(16 yr), VB.NET(6yr), ASP.NET, Java SE(6 yr), Silverlight(2yr), Python(3yr)

HARDWARE: Designed High Power(2000W/ch) Audio amplifier, with OpAmp circuit core and testing, Optical signal transceiver

EXPERIENCE Designed FPGA bi-directional printer card supporting the IEEE 1284 parallel data communication standard

Designed NASA space station power supply custom voltage sampling circuit(400v AC) and control testing software

COMPUTER SKILLS: Windows 7,8,10- C#(16yr), C++(31yr), Java(6 yr), MS SQL Serv(5 yr), HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Linux(6 yr) – QT(3 yr), Android – Java(6yr)

EDUCATION: Master of Computer Science, 1982 West Coast University, San Diego Ca.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. 1975 University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Certifications: A+ Memberships: MENSA member


2017/9 - 2018/3 Software Architect – enlighted Palo Alto,Ca.

Designed WPF application with deep learning feature to track RF Tag movement and analyze target probability maps

Upgraded Win32(C++) data analysis programsend data through MS Msg Queue to DirectX presentation program

Presented plan to upgrade RF Tag file analysis program to process and display multi-floor real time tag location tracking

2017/7-9 Software Architect – TCI Freemont, Ca.

Developed MFC(C++) upgrade then then designed WPF windows application for 1100 file Scorpio Client RF monitor

Wrote transition design template documentation for off-site programmers to upgrade 60 MFC windows to WPF code

Trained and managed off-site Indian programming team to program and test the multi-modal MFC-WPF code base

2017/1-5 Software Architect – Electro Scientific Industries Beaverton, Or.

Restored unreliable Laser Beam silicon wafer marking tool to meet high reliability requirement operation standard

Identified initial program deficiencies and designed C++/ GPU AI code upgrades in to improve defect identification

Developed C# automatic software testing program to validate silicon wafer validation devices for international shipment

2016/6-12 Solution Architect– StarKraft Campbell, Ca.

Designed distributed application using WCF to automatically review stocks for profitable trading and alert user

Designed automatic technical financial buy-sell indicator using deep-belief AI net using backpropagation neural nets

Developed web scraping stock data download scheduler in C# for automated stock evaluation engine on WPF program

2016/1-5 Consulting Senior Software Architect – KLA-Tencor - Surface-Scan Milpitas, Ca.

Designed automatic-adaptive C# scanning recipe optimizer to increase silicon wafer scanning performance 57%

Redesigned Windows Forms UI silicon wafer presentation to be usable on large screens using WPF

Researched design plan to put program graphs and data on Android and Apple mobile screen formats

Reformed scanning operation to use enhanced user interaction and timely Abort/Cancel control in C#

2015/7-12 Consulting Senior Software Architect – Applied Physics Systems Sunnyvale, Ca.

Designed replacement for Rock and Paleomagnetism Instrument Device(RAPID) VB6 program in WPF C#.NET

Redesigned single threaded VB6 software in C# to use 25 threads to increase system state responsiveness

Prepared automatic device recognition and configuration software process to eliminate user errors

Designed auto-calibration software for 4 axis motor control sampling stage in C#

Increased program organization and improved presentation using WPF MVVM pattern

Redesigned SQUID and XYZ motor control communications to be under multi-threaded state controllers

Designed automated system integration test software to validate sub-system components before release

2014/4 – 15/6 CTO – Responsible Homes Campbell, Ca.

Designed Home Automation door answering robot(DoorBot) with WiFi video and audio to phone communications links

Developed a line of home robot products connected by WiFi(TCP/IP), XBee, and Bluetooth radio networks

Designed Java software to operate on Android phones, C++ on Raspberry Pi robots, and C on Arduino controllers

Designed C# testing software to validate home control center connectivity and security for mobile phone video streaming

Designed Qt 5(C++) device validation and stress testing software for production testing and release

Incorporated Python device communication software for Bluetooth network home security and automobile maintenance

Developed IoT Home Automation product line supporting household video(2D), auto maintenance, and security notifications to SQLite database on Android phones

2013/6 – 14/3 Consulting Lead Software Architect – KLA-Tencor e-Beam Milpitas, Ca.

Designed Win32 C++ C11 Service to transfer high speed data to encrypted Oracle Database using Visual Studio 2013

Developed multiplatform single code design in C++ to compile system service under both Windows and Linux systems

Designed Qt 4(C++) Manufacturing Test scripting based program to test and validate the Service in operation

Designed Oracle Database OCCI(SDK) data interface to validate the Database design and performance

Designed TCP/IP multichannel manager to support remote Oracle high speed data transfer needs

Completed GPU computing solution(CUDA) to data overloading of workstation CPUs using C# to C++ Interop pipe

2012/5 - 13/4 Consulting Assistant Architect – Cisco Milpitas, Ca.

Implemented WCF C# interface between C# dispatch console and C++ Wave network voice communications

Developed C++/CLI interface design to couple C# dispatch application to C++ Wave Engine Ethernet controller

Developed CUDA(SDK) program 1500 voice channel parallel computing replacement for older CPU mixer design

Designed Apache based Message Logger feature in C++ for Wave Engine debugging using Visual Studio

2012/6 – 13/2 Consulting Website Developer Ramsell Technologies Oakland, Ca.

Prepared Silverlight webpage design upgrade to replace dated ASP.NET scripts with professional presentation

Redesigned website database to upgrade website feature design and improve performance

Eliminated deficiencies in the website database to upgrade project development needs

Rewrote main website pages to install new features to diversify underinsured candidate options

Redesigned company server database for improved performance with high speed normalization and additional tables

2011/2-12 Permanent Software Architect / Project Manager– GenturaDX Hayward, Ca.

Designed new C# enterprise program for the GenturaDX IDtracker Gene Analyzer using WPF, and MVVM in the UI

Redesigned GenturaDX SQL Server 2008 R2 database interface in C# for PCR DNA analysis and data mining

Developed manufacturing software in Qt 4(C++) to validate production hardware over the network

Developed department expansion plan, review job candidates, interview and hire new personnel

Managed internal and external consultants by defining job duties, performing code reviews and ordering upgrades

Reviewed and rewrote project software requirements and establish system design goals and schedule

Advised management on new program progress and submit requests for software development and tracking tools

Redesigned the assay computer’s Python genetic analysis program to control networked assay instruments and reports

Designed Tablet and Smart Phone remote monitoring software as a Marketing Tool and Manufacturing Support

2010 Consulting Software Architect – AccelBiotech Campbell, Ca.

Developed initial SQL Server 2008 Database and interface DLL in C# for PCR DNA analysis at GenturaDX

Evaluate project database requirements and provide a plan to implement interface and features in SQL Server

Designed Reflection capability in C# to allow multiple objects to be displayed, edited, and reconstructed in a DataGrid

Designed separate WPF based testing application to exercise the interface DLL and database preceding product release

Developed C# scripting process using MS Powershell 2 pipeline action to allow automatic database, table, login creation

Analyze automobile electronic motor control system and advise management on reliability and design issues

2009 – 10 Project Engineer-Software Architect – Connelly & Assoc Campbell, Ca.

Developed computer software to manage a series of 35 Hydrogen gas generation plants to support HyGen Automobiles

Designed Java software for automatic testing on WiFi links and remote management of HyGen plants on Android tablets

Designed solar power system control package in Java for client homes based on PG&E solar power needs analysis class

Designing automatic remote management of client server data and encrypted monitoring of server performance on Linux

Developed Android(Java) phone application to remotely control house security, appliances, and costs by WiFi(TCP/IP)

Designing selectable LINQ based C# interface for any of MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQL Server for financial database

Developing Android(Java) GPS Mobile phone app to provide solar farm spot maintenance of each solar generator output

Developed VoIP process to provide transfer of video and voice data in support of video conferencing in the field

2009 Consulting Software Architect – Intelligent Vehicle Systems ( John Deere ) Des Moines, IA.

Designed 3D GPS driven simulation for multi-robot vehicle guidance in C# using Visual Studio for WinCE 6 platform

Prepared simulation interface to CAN bus giving mult-vehicle remote control by GPS using a RTK precision radio link

Redesigned embedded robot guidance control system in C++ to eliminate persistent overshoot and oscillation

Designed 3D visual simulation using WPF graphs to validate pursuit curve selection for grain cart guidance testing

2009 Project Engineer Advising Software Architect – Connelly & Assoc. Campbell, Ca.

Developed 3D visualization layer(WPF) for multi-dimensional terabyte SQL Server database (OLAP) analysis of BI objects

Designed demonstration and project proposal for IBM using a MPI connected multi-computer data analysis of 3D data

Developed 3D visualization GUI demonstration program using WPF and LINQ for Terabyte database in progress

Upgraded business website to use MS Silverlight 3 to replace the previous HTML, added business intelligence

2008 Consulting Software Engineer – XRadia Concord, Ca.

Integrated C++ MFC legacy code into X-Ray microscope application

Upgraded MFC GUI design to provide configuration changes on controls to allow selective choice of special devices

2008 Consulting Software Engineer – Microsoft Redmond, Wa.

Developed and operated Enterprise level Web project( SLPS ) testing on remote servers with Visual Studio Team System

Performed installation, configuration of MS Server 2008 and database programming of MS SQL Server 2008

Managed 72 hr automated test operations in VSTS, analyzed, edited and published statistical test results

Managed remote database through encrypted TCP/IP interface and configured testing machines and set constraints

Configured IIS Web Security on Server machines to use https security channels

2007 – 08 Consulting Software Engineer – TuneUp Media San Francisco, Ca.

Developed iTunes cross platform Sqlite Database in C++ for use under both MAC and Windows with Visual Studio

Designed the TuneUp Media application database and program GUI interface using OOP design patterns on WPF display

Developed the product testing program and tuned performance levels reaching 310 Album recs per second

Designed the Album record data transfer objects for convenient holding of Album track record data


2007 Consulting Software Engineer – JDSU Milpitas, Ca.

Developed automated Design Validation Tests in C# for 10.1 GHz SFP laser transceivers using design patterns

Redesigned testing framework to provide a WPF enhanced user interface(GUI) for remote monitoring using design patterns

2007 Consulting Software Engineer – Osmetech Pasadena, Ca.

Developed C# automation interface for human DNA analysis programs to allow mass calculations by remote apps

Increased performance through redesign of SQL Server database access using OOP design patterns

2006 – 07 Consulting Software Engineer – Conexant San Diego, Ca.

Designed a C# Digital Encryption DLL using a C++ wrapper to provide writing X509 Digital Certificates

Developed DOCIS testing programs for Conexant cable modem set top boxes in C# using OOP design patterns

Redesigned manual Java programs to run automatically, Redesigned crypto interface in C# with an enhanced GUI

Used AES and DES encryptions in my code and applied certificate authentication and older SHA cyphers

2006 Consulting Software Engineer – Clarity Medical Systems Pleasanton, Ca.

Extended optical device performance with OOP redesign of modular network architecture using design patterns

Re-Designed C#.NET Medical Program to use optical transports and network device files under extended WPF

Incorporated OOP Design Pattern principals to reduce complexity 20% and save valuable legacy code for reuse

Developed Web Services Features(SOA) for Network communications and developed web performance tests

2006 Consulting Software Engineer – ATS Systems Livermore, Ca.

Designed a multi-threaded C# .NET software control for a laser tracking robot from FARO using abstract OOP

Upgraded Java management interface using managed C++ code to provide remote control of FARO robot

2005-06 Consulting Software Test Engineer – Cameron Health San Clemente, Ca.

Developed data file GUI viewers and mathematical waveform shapers for test files on medical defibrillator device

Designed testing scripts in C++ to validate the defibrillator design using Visual Studio and Microsoft SDK

2004-05 Permanent Lead Software Engineer – Cubic Corp. San Diego, Ca.

Redesigned network based client server system in C# .NET that saved Cubic over 2 Million Dollars in production

Designed and developed the embedded C++ Automatic Built In Test system for the Fare Gate product line using OOP abstract classes that provided the exterior control needed for product performance testing and development

Worked with ClearCase and Perforce software version control systems for two years

… Continuous employment deleted for reasons of space, available on request

2002 Full Time Project Test Engineer - HP Corp. San Diego, Ca.

Developed complete product test plan for two HP ink jet printer products

Reduced group staffing needs 25% by utilizing HP legacy document library

Designed C++ test program for multiple printers with graphic font correctness and printing performance display

Enhanced efficiency of initial workforce by use of Visual Basic.NET test programs to test USB interface

Met aggressive 2 mo. release deadline with reduced manpower by reorganizing concurrent testing resources

2001-02 Consulting Software Engineer – Sony Corp. San Diego, Ca.

Designed MFC C++ multi-threaded testing program to assess cable TV boxes automatically and replace six testers

Attached Excel engine to program and drove program operations from Excel document testing scripts from DCOM automation interface

Enabled each program to drive up to 128 devices over LAN using 1 to 64 Web TV test scripts at one time

2000-01 Full Time Software Architect – Logic Innovations Corp. San Diego, Ca.

Designed and developed the embedded C++ OOP project software for Quantum’s Musicbox MP3 music player

Programmed a multiple thread-based program under MFC(C++) on WinNT to regulate LAN communications

Designed IrDA command interface supporting the WinCE based handheld computer in the MP3 player

Designed a central session manager and WinCE program to control the data interchange to handheld PC

Designed dual platform Windows and Linux based program code to test the large data archiving system hardware

Designed a Linux based C++ multi-threaded diagnostic program to support a data storage robot control card

Developed a Linux driver for monitoring a parallel data interface to enable remote monitoring of axis rotation

… Continuous employment deleted for reasons of space, available on request

1999-00 Consulting Software Engineer - Infogation Corp. San Diego, Ca.

Developed C++ WDM DLL device driver test software to validate AutoPC drivers for the WinCE based AutoPC radio system for Ford Motor Corp( Visteon subsidiary )

Redesigned WDM drivers to meet performance specifications. Designed automatic remote control testing system to provide for stress testing of drivers in combination with interactive display of test results

1999 - 00 Consulting Software Engineer - Braun - Thermoscan Corp. San Diego, Ca.

Designed Visual Basic production testing program on WinNT which optically measured the thermometer probe cover thickness to one mill accuracy

1998-99 Consulting Software Engineer - Aurora Biosciences Corp. San Diego, Ca.

Designed multi-threaded MS MFC(C++) program to control 16 tower robot stacker moving biochemical test plates on Windows NT4 for Lilly Corp. and other pharmaceutical clients using Visual Studio

… Continuous employment deleted for reasons of space, available on request

1980 - 87 Permanent Project Engineer IVAC Corporation 10300 Campus Pt. Dr. San Diego. Ca.

Lead engineering design of IVAC's 10K Titrator, a commercial automatic blood pressure regulation instrument for the post-operative recovery of ICU cardiac surgical patients. I wrote this program in ‘C’, this expert system design(AI) is the only blood pressure regulator approved for use by the FDA. My design contains over two dozen internal reliability tests to prevent hardware and software failures which could cause damage or death to the patient. Since misuse or system failure of this instrument could be lethal to the patient, IVAC and the FDA required the highest level of internal reliability possible in the software. My design achieved over fifteen thousand leases in the first four years of production and managed recovery of over ten thousand patients per year by the end of this period. My 10K Titrator design realized over $50M dollars of direct leases and $20M dollars in additional fluid delivery pump sales every year for IVAC.

Wrote and presented IVAC's premiere introduction of the 10K Titrator at the 1984 national meeting of the American Association of Medical Instrument Manufacturers (AAMI) in Washington D.C. The Titrator presentation was one of the premier seminars at AAMI and was attended by ninety two medical doctors and hospital administrators.

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