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Project Java

Arcadia, CA
September 23, 2018

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Extensive experience in all phases of the Project Development Life Cycle, like user requirement analysis, design, development, build, test and support/maintenance of an application in diverse SDLC methodologies.

12+ years of versatile hard code development experience in Java/J2EE and related cutting edge tools/frameworks. I worked on both frontend as well as backend technologies.

Vast experience in OOAD, OOP, Web Technologies, RIA, Java/J2EEdesign patterns, ORM tool and well aware with industry standards products/frameworks/technology.

Experience with mane MVC based web frameworks like Spring, Struts, JSF. Well aware with deployment configuration and strategy with many application servers like WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat etc.

Follow best industry coding practices and deliver work in tight schedule with quality.

Experience with code quality tools like PMD, Check Style, FindBugs

Hands on experience of writing Unit testing with Junit, TestNG, EasyMock and working on automation UI testing with Selenium/WebDriver 2.

Work on many software models like Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid.

Always eager to learn new tools/technologies. Expert in debugging the code, performance tuning and prototyping solutions.

Experience to lead a team and mentor them. Self-motivator and good trouble-shooter.

Exposure to project/module estimation, flow and UML diagrams like Class diagram, Flow Chart, Sequence diagram, use cases.

Experience in working many domains like Finance, E-Commerce, Insurance, Capital Market, Cloud-based, Payroll Tax products.


Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux

Serve Side Tech: Core Java/J2EE (Servlet, JSP, JDBC, EJB, JMX, JMS, JNDI), EJB, PL/SQL, UML, XML, JAX-P

Frameworks: Struts, Spring (Core + MVC + Security), JSF

Client side Tech: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, Bootstrap, AngularJS

Application/Web Serve: JBoss. Tomcat, WebSphere, Web Logic, OC4J. IHS

Web Services: JAX-WS (SOAP), JAX-RS (Restful) web services

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, ActionScript, Shell Scripting

Database: DB2, Hypersonic, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL

ORM Tool: Hibernate, JPA

IDE: Eclipse, JDeveloper, RSA, STS, IntelliJ

Build Tool: ANT, Maven, Jenkins

Version Control Sys: Clear Case, Clear Quest, CVS, SVN, GIT

Others Design patterns, Postman, Swagger, Selenium, Junit, TestNG, Apache Camel, Splunk, Selenium/WebDriver 2


Currently working full time with ADP Inc in USA as Senior App Dev since Oct 2017.

Master Tax – N8

Client- ADP INC (Automatic Data Processing)

Duration- Nov’16 to till data

Currently I am working in Payroll Tax Division on a high volume application which is used by big corporates in filing employee payroll tax to different agencies. We file periodic/pay cycle, quarter, and yearly payroll tax to federal, state and local govt. agencies on behalf of corporate. It is a complex application which have integration with a lot of internal as well as external agencies/services and getting used by small, medium and fortune companies.

I am working on Micro service Architecture on middleware layer and working on many web services integration for different federal and state agencies. We are using Enterprise Integration Patterns to implement different design patterns.

Work on backend and UI/frontend layer so writing controllers, services, business logic, web pages, validation, database/HQL/SQL queries.

Work on design of application so working on many UML diagrams like flow charts, class diagram, and sequence diagrams.

I am dedicatedly involved in coding, developing, design, architecture of application so plan the work/task accordingly for each sprint of agile methodology.

Work on all latest technologies/framework related to Java. So keep up to date myself with all software industry.

I do research on new technologies/framework, prototype them and implement in project. I keep on learning new cutting edge technologies, methodology.

Work with architect of project to identify any security threat/risk, performance issue, design risk, memory management and meet all non-functional requirements of project.

Work with product owners, business analyst to understand the business requirements, gap analysis, convert to design, develop, code and test the application. Co-ordinate with testing team to ensure they understand the functionality, bug fixing and present/demo to business leadership.

Work on CI build, deployment strategy and code review. Use major industry standard design patterns like DAO, MVC, Factory, Adapter, builder etc.

Supervise, mentor and encourage to team members. If they have any issue/query resolve that and make sure we are on track to deliver the module on time.

Estimate the work/module. Work with different stakeholders for status reporting. Meet with leadership regularly for status/progress of project, report any issue/risk and try to mitigate that.

Work on S.O.L.I.D Principles of Object Oriented Design.

Technology used: Java/J2EE, Apache Camel, JAX-RS (Restful Web service), JAX-WS (SOAP Web service), Spring Core, Spring MVC, XML, Hibernate, JSF (Java Server Faces), Servlet, JSP, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, DOJO, Eclipse, GIT, SoapUI, Postman, JUnit, Oracle 12g, WebLogic, Maven, JSON, Agile methodology etc.

HP Cloud Service Automation

Client – Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Duration- Mar’16- Nov’16

HP Cloud Service Automation (HP CSA) is a cloud management software used by companies and government agencies to automate the management of cloud-based IT-as-a-service, from order, to provision, and retirement. It orchestrates the provisioning and deployment of complex IT services such as of databases, middleware, and packaged applications. The software speeds deployment of application-based services across hybrid cloud delivery platforms and traditional IT environments.

I worked on requirement gathering, prepare solutions, design, coding/development and testing the code/application. Mostly worked on Development/coding only.

I worked on Cloud Data Centre to deploy the application to new VM (Virtual Machine) so daily activities included clone, tear down and memory/resource management.

Work on back-end side like writing Controller, Service layer, DAO, Business Delegate etc.

For Version Control used GitHub. I implemented deployment strategy also with Jenkins Continuous Integration server and Maven.

Implemented the SOA with JBoss RestEasy (JAX-RS) framework. I write many APIs provider for that.

Write the automated UI and JUnit testing using Selenium and TestNG/JUnit.

Learning the new technologies/framework and prototype them. Estimation of work and follow industry best development practices. Application upgrade to latest version of frameworks and keep track of dependency Jar (Java Archive) files.

Debug, troubleshoot and analyse the application/defects. Make sure code coverage with Unit tests are above the enterprise decided threshold.

Interact/Co-ordinate with different business units/partners across geography like with technical architects, business analyst, functional architect for any issue or business requirement. Imparted in sprint /scrum planning meetings as working agile methodology.

Worked on Swagger APIs and Postman Plugin to test Restful web services. IntelliJ is used as IDE for remote debugging on VM for application server. Hot deployment of application with Linux commands.

Escalate any issue/risk with module to management/leadership on timely manner to mitigate it. Finish the release work within time, budget and with quality. Implemented code quality tools Check-style.

Worked on MVC framework like Spring, AngularJS and other Java/J2EE design pattern.

Technology used: Java/J2EE, JAX-RS (Restful Web service), Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Security, XML, Selenium, IntelliJ, GIT, Swagger API, Postman, AngularJS, Junit, TestNG, JBoss, Virtual Machines (VMware vSphere), Docker, Grunt, JSON, Agile methodology.


Transaction Analytics Console

Client – Fannie Mae

Duration- Dec’13 - Mar’16

This US federal application is a web based tool used by market traders for risk analysis. Before trading a security (Mortgage Based Securities) traders can do risk analysis with various inputs (like Coupon, WAC, WALA, WAM, FICO, Multi-Family etc.) and Model/Market Curves (US Treasure curve and others vendors like Bloomberg) to decide whether to buy/sell the trade. We were having many report which were running after market is closed by taking live data from market and do analysis against various factor like volatility, trading volume etc. We were having a grid computer behind the scene to run this heavy processing.

My role includes-

Work on both front end as well as backend side of application like developing JSP/VM, writing controller, service, DAO, Delegate, VO, TO, Builder, Business Delegate and other Java/J2EE design pattern.

Performance tuning of application by implementing caching, memory analysis and make sure there is no memory leak or performance bottleneck in product.

For Static Code quality check I have implemented the tools like PMD, CheckStyle. I have organized the code review meeting and after discussion implemented the code changes.

Work on each phase of Software Development Life Cycle like requirement gathering, design, estimation, architecture, develop and support of application.

Heavily involved with development for feature enhancement of product so that product is up to date. I have transformed the application from using legacy technologies (from Struts, JDBC based application) to the market latest technologies (Spring, Hibernate based). Most of my time was spent in writing code.

Possess good knowledge about Capital market and related terms. I worked on USA Treasury and other industry leading tools like Bloomberg Aladdin. I did some attended some trainings also on Capital Market.

Implemented the build strategy of application using Maven. We have used continuous integration with Jenkins tool.

This assignment was on agile methodology so imparted in Scrum, daily stand up and well verse aware about agile methodology.

Troubleshoot to production environment so that application can be running during market trading hours. My daily active was to make sure all Quartz Jobs run fine and if problem comes up analyse the log file, debugging the application.

Research on new tool/technology/framework and propose to client/management. I was involved in prototyping the features/solutions.

For design related work, created many UML diagrams like Class diagram, Sequence diagram, Flow chart etc.

Team mentoring and interact with different downstream/upstream team, business partners, leadership, stockholders, architect etc. Make sure industry latest technology, trend and coding practices are getting followed within team.

Upgrade/convert the Struts based application to latest Spring framework based system.

Technology used: Java/J2EE, JAX-WS, Struts, Spring Core, Spring MVC, JAX-RS, XML, HttpClient, Clear Case, Clear Quest, Eclipse etc.



Duration- Mar’12- Dec’13

I worked in personal line of Insurance business for quote and purchase application where a customer can come and after providing information we will show quote and if he want can buy insurance policy online. My role was-

To develop Quote module and lead the team including resolve their technical/functional conflicts.

Impart in architecture sessions to finalize the application flow.

Deliver work as per schedule and with utmost quality.

Develop front end/UI, back-end service, business logic, controller, service, DAO.

Code review of others deliverables and make sure all industry/enterprise best practices are getting followed. Implemented FindBugs automatic code quality tool.

Develop POC with enterprise frameworks, present to client and make other members to understand/learn.

Prepare Design document with help of use case by using UML diagrams like Class Diagram, Flow Chart, Sequence diagram.

Escalate any issue/road block on time to leadership/management and give status.

Interaction with various business analysts/partners to understand full requirements and resolve any issue.

Worked on Spring MVC framework to develop Controller, Enterprise level caching with GemFire and application deployment to Tomcat server.

For ESB we used open source Mule to WSRouter and Request/response transformation.

Technology used: Java/J2EE, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Integration, GemFire Caching, TC server, Mule ESB, JQuery, Bootstrap, Selenium, Jenkins, JSTL, Client Frameworks



Duration- Jan'11- Mar’12

I worked in GIS applications for State Farm Insurance Company which is the biggest Insurance Company in North America. It was a suite of applications like Agent Locator, Claim/repair centres locator, latitude/longitude of a business/risk address. Map of territory. My role was-

To make sure all apps in production are up and running. Interact with all business partners/associates to resolve/discuss any issue or enhancement.

Develop SOAP based web-service with Apache CXF to consumers. Maintain the different versions of WSDL and in various environment like Dev, Performance, UAT and production.

User Jersey framework to develop Restful WebService. These services were consumer at enterprise level.

Involved in design application, architecture, build and data flow.

Debug and troubleshoot any production issue by analysing Logs with Splunk or SSH and other application behaviour. Interact with vendor, co-ordinate for any issue/bug fixing.

Daily Status to client and weekly status to organization/management.

Estimation of work and distribute to offshore/onshore team members including myself.

Code review and suggest best practice of industry to mitigate risk of memory leak, performance bottleneck and design flaws.

Deployment strategy of new change/fix including change management.

Design architecture and implement many Java/J2EE design patterns like Builder, VO, TO, Singleton etc.

Write JUnit, check code coverage and make sure all industry/organization standards/methodologies are getting followed.

Technology used: Java/J2EE, JAX-RPC, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Mule ESB, JQuery, WebSphere Application Server, Hudson, Maven, Struts



Duration- Sep’10 - Jan'11

AMS is the world leader in marketing analytics delivered as a service to help measure, optimize investments in advertising, promotion, direct marketing, price, innovation and other elements of the marketing world.

In this project we forecast in the optimization by applying our FutureView method- a proprietary process in which we extract client management's/experts knowledge about the future of sale of a product. User can forecast about increment or decrement of sales of a product on behalf of his experience, analysis, knowledge in that area.

I was handling a team of 3 and my role was:

To collect requirement, analyse and prepare use cases.

Develop my module and writing JUnits.s

Low/High level design and architecture design.

Database design (physical and logical) model.

I designed the architecture and data flow of application.

Resolve technical/functional issues/quarries of team members and deliver as per timeline.

Estimation of modules, deployment, testing strategy.

Interact with client team, attend status meeting and escalate any issue.

Technology used: Java/J2EE, Adobe Flex 3.0, AJAX, Hypersonic lightweight database, Microsoft Vision, Rational Rose Suite, UML and XML etc.

Project –FOCUS


Duration- Aug’09- Aug’10

It comes under travel domain. Our client is North America’s biggest transport company with around 60,000 school buses in his fleet. Our project is all about creating the route, tracking the bus at any particular time with GPS device and paying the correct wage to crew drivers according to their actual working hour. My role was in Technical Architect team as a team lead. My role includes:

All type of configuration, architecture related strategies are designed by me and implement them.

Design the whole deployment strategy of application including all servers, environments, build, and packaging.

Research on new technology/tool and then share with other team members.

Troubleshoot any design/architect related issue/discrepancy.

Interaction with client and co-ordinate between offshore and onshore teams.

Technology used: Java/J2EE, EJB 3.0, AJAX for JSF (a4j), Oracle 11i Database, Oracle application server, Maven, JDeveloper, UML and XML etc.



Duration- Jan’09- Jul’09

This module is part of FCP (Foundation for Cooperative Processing) Accenture product. This tool is very resembling to Eclipse IDE (like Websphere Admin Screen which is totally based on EMF Framework) Here we were in generation of source code in .NET from screen. We are getting a Component object from Database which has many widgets(like Menu, Image, Checkbox, Label, Drop-Down) then as user select a Component from Editor and choose option Generate .NET Code we generates all .NET relates files from JET templates which has XPath which get resolves at runtime and generates all .NET related files.

My role was to develop my module and help others to get deliver module on time.

Co-ordinate with offsite/onsite people to get complete requirement and analyse.

Defect fixing and co-ordinate with testing team.

To attend Status calls and code review meetings.

Technology used- EMF (Eclipse Modelling Framework), JET (Java Emitter Templates), XML (for resolving XPaths).



Duration- May’07- Dec’08

It was a global project which was getting develops for European country and USA. I was working with UK team. Here is a concept of different media promotions channels of different clients and then compare them by charts, graph, and bars. Then do some analysis and sought useful data which channel is best from ROI perspective.

My role was to develop a dash-board from where user can enter data in dataset i.e. in SAS.

Interact with different business people to gather complete requirement.

Develop all server and client side component.

Writing JUnits including all negative scenarios.

Technology used: Java/J2EE, Struts, SAS, Tomcat, JSP, JavaScript, Servlet, XML, Spring, JSON, Adobe Flex etc.

ANMSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd PROJECTS DETAILS-

Project - E-Commerce Shopping Offline Client Application

Client – Times Internet Ltd, India

Duration- JAN’07- May’07

This is a sub module backend for with major tweak. In main site all categories, catalogues, products were owned and maintained by Indiatimes and all responsibility of shipping and payment was of Indiatimes. But here all responsibility of shipping .and maintenance of products, categories are on different sellers/vendors. And except that it was go one step ahead that instead of online we can create product catalogue in offline mode, where a seller can make his category, product, and catalogue offline (without internet connection) and later at any time after becoming online (with internet connection) he can synchronise all data on live server.

This whole module was made by me including POC, design, architecture, build and deploy.

Here we have to keep in sync of two databases one is living and other on local workstation of Seller/vendor.

Show the summary of all local changes i.e. something newly created or edited entity in tree form.

Can compare category, catalogue, product data between local and remote server.

Maintain the local history (i.e. last 5 or 10, configurable) of each local entity get edited and can compare with local history.

User choice sync from remote server, user can configure whether to sync from live server or not. Can remove few entities from sync by putting them under Remove from tree view to escape synchronization from remote.

Auto update data from server suppose added an entity on live site so bring it on local server auto update time interval is also configurable by user.

Handle all conflict between two databases like has edited same entity on remote and on local too, so options are whether override and update or override and commit.

Update of common and seller/vendor specific data separately on user’s choice.

For Seller/vendor side we used Swing Fat client to sync up with server.

Technology used: Java, J2EE, Hibernate, JSF, JBOSS for development and testing, XML, HYPERSONIC Tomcat, ANT, HttpClient, SwiXAT, Swing etc.

Project- Call Centre Application



Here a callcenter agent will get a call from caller/user assign by a dialler integration system and we will auto populate the page with caller’s information like name, address, location and any previous record of order from caller. And then on behalf of caller callcenter agent will do a task either register a lead or case or check out a product after online payment and other stuffs require for shopping a product. My role was-

Develop the front page for call center agent which will pop up after successful logging with all default products.

Agent can traverse through all categories and by AJAX the page was getting refreshed and all products under this category were shown with information like price,attributes, description, shipping option and shipping charges etc.

A caller can ask to register a Lead (query) or Case (Complain) to agent and agent will reply or forward that lead or case and will either close or escalate the customer query.

Agent can add the products to shopping cart and after caller paid through payment gateway agent will tell the caller generated order number and caller can track the order. So checkout module was developed by me.

PROJECT- BAZZ Tool Application



This tool is for auto generation of JSF pages with help of Velocity template by giving a database URL, driver class, user id and password. It will auto generate a JSF page, backing bean, action bean classes corresponding to each database table. It will create a web archive file which is ready to deploy to any application server. The entire tool was developed by me. By this you can add/edit/delete/search for any particular table record thru UI.

Corresponding to each database table column there would be input text type field. Users can Add/Edit/Delete a row in database table by pressing corresponding button on the page. User can search on behalf of entered field and can traverse through the data means through whole table by in-built data scroller.

Here on view we first gather all information regarding a table by parsing the all XML file of Hibernate like its field’s type, field’s length, field’s name, mandatory or not, foreign key and put accordingly validator and converters in view and only after successful validating and converted the request will go on server otherwise error message will show on the page.

It is a full-fledged running application in itself. We can deploy it without any dependency on any other library

I myself alone had developed it from end to end including design, architecture, build and test. I have only suggested this project and prepare proof of concept.

Technology used: Java/J2EE, Hibernate, JSF (Java server Faces), JSP, JavaScript, Velocity, Servlet, XML, ANT, DOM parser etc.

PROJECT- ANM R&D core Project:



In company we had some core components which were getting used in many projects. I was the core member of that team.

We had our own Security utility. Here we had module level, page level and action level security. We can configure a user for designated role and authority.

In all our view before page comes we prepare the state of that page by implementing our own custom algorithms to tweak behaviour of JSF framework. I myself alone have implemented that facility.

Times E-Commerce application (



This is an application for a well-known media group in India i.e. Times of India Group. It is an online e-commerce application where a user can come, browse through all categories to any product/item. User can add products to shopping cart/wish list and buy online. User can compare price and attribute of items too.

Backend for this online shopping portal is through which administrator can make entries. It has an idea of having the product, category, and catalogue. For showing and product on portal, first we have to create a product and define its attribute, payment mode, price, discount/offer, shipping options, items (children of product) and availability in different cities. After that we can define a category and make attached a number of product in that category and then will make a big catalogue by attaching different categories to it. Here we can input seller information too like its shop/business name, address, email, contact details. All development/build work related to category, catalogue and product management was done by me.

I developed many UI, backed service, business logic.

I worked in Indexing of products too. There were a lot of products so I developed an Indexer to search an item/product quickly. And Cache all products so that they can display quickly on front end UI.

Writing build/package script.

R&D to new technologies/version of framework.

Co-ordinate with testing team to fix defects and help in regression testing.

Contributed in database design.

Attend architecture meetings/discussions.

Technology used: Java/J2EE, Hibernate. JSF (Java server Faces), DB2, JBoss, JSP, JavaScript, Servlet, Apache Lucene Indexer, XML etc.

PROJECT- Matrimonial Portal (



In this application a user can come and make his matrimonial profile, search profiles and can contact to the other profile by different mode on basis of the package for which he is subscribe to. My role was –

Process all images/snaps the user has uploaded on portal. User can upload image of any size, but he have to show image of same size for all users so first we were processing all images thru programming without effecting its resolution/ratio.

Develop user registration, view profile, edit profile and many other backend/front end UI.

Make many sub-modules like directory services utilities where a sponsor can come and can campaign for his products like an Astrologer, Confectioner and expert zone where a user can ask their queries to the different vendors and get responses by them.

Attend status meeting and interact with client to understand full requirement.

Co-ordinate with testing team to fix defects and deploy application to various environments.

Technology used: Java/J2EE, Hibernate, JSF (Java server Faces), DB2, JBoss, JSP, JavaScript, Servlet, XML etc.


Company Name: KForce Inc

Designation: Senior Program Analyst

Duration: Apr’16 to Sept’17

Job-Profile I worked on many domains clouds computing, HR and payroll solutions including world’s biggest payroll tax filling company on new tax filling engine with modern technologies and huge load bearing application.

Company Name: Accenture LLP

Designation: System Analyst/Team Lead

Duration: May’07 to Apr’16

Job-Profile I worked as Tech/Team lead in various domain like Financial, Insurance, Bank, Capital Market, Retail etc. I heavily involved in technical pieces of work. I worked on all phases of SDLC and involved in requirement analysis, design, architecture, development, coding, and maintenance. I worked on all cutting edge technologies. I handled a team at offshore as well as onshore.

Company Name: ANMSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, India

Designation: Team Lead

Duration: Sept’04 to May’07

Job-Profile I worked as Sr developer as well as team lead. I handled many project with major media marketing companies in India. Manage a team of 4 people. Interacting with client, on-time delivery, troubleshooting and coding.

Company Name: SREI International Finance Ltd. (QUIPO) India

Designation: Trainee Engineer

Duration: May’03 to Mar’04

Job-Profile I was working in their IT division as a Trainee Engineer.

Company Name: Scicom InfoTech Pvt. Ltd, Noida India

Designation: Trainee Engineer

Duration: Oct’02 to Mar’03

Job-Profile: In this company I was working on Pro/E software that is a leading tool to create 2-D view (plan/elevation) for various machines parts.


B Tech from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur India in 2002.


2nd position holder in whole college during B Tech.

Scholarship holder till high school.

Institute scholarship holder during B.Tech. Course.

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