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Chemical Engineering Project

Somerset, NJ
September 23, 2018

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To join a company and contribute using my process engineering and process development skills acquired while working in different manufacturing

(cGMP) environments as well as using data analysis to improve and optimize processes. SUMMARY OF SKILLS

• Process engineering was used to calculate brine flow rate and cooling rate to enhance the crystallizer and help in process development.

• Studied different manufacturing processes while working in different manufacturing environments to gain their working knowledge.

• Chemical reaction engineering was used to analyze the reaction data and find the reaction rate and order using MATLAB, Excel and graphs.

• Analytical techniques and skills including dissolution testing, hardness testing, tap density measurements, shear cell testing and weight variability analysis were used to improve Critical Quality Attributes of tablets.

• Designed the experiments for the roller compactor project and statistical data analysis for the tablet properties to study process parameters. TECHNICAL SKILLS

1. Process Development 2. Process Engineering 3. Microsoft Office 4. Chemical Reaction Engineering 5. Data Analysis 6. Process Analytical Technology 7. Analytical Techniques 8. MATLAB 9. Pharmaceutical Unit Operations 10. Python EDUCATION

Masters, Chemical Engineering 2016-2018

Rutgers University, New Brunswick (GPA: 3.72/4)

Bachelors, Chemical Engineering 2012-2016

Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (GPA: 7.62 /4) WORK EXPERIENCE

Graduate Voluntary Researcher February 2018- September 2018 Engineering Research Center, Rutgers University

Project(FDA): Understanding the influence of Chute height, Screen size and Compaction force on Tablet Properties

• Effectively operated and troubleshoot the dissolution equipment for testing.

• Conducted the hardness testing, FT4 shear cell testing, and tap density measurements of the tablets successfully.

• Determined the dissolution behavior by processing dissolution data and calculating t80.

• Pointed out the process aberrations through weight variability and statistical analysis of tablets. Graduate Research Student March 2017- January 2018 Engineering Research Center, Rutgers University

Project: Testing the pure component PLS model of roller compacted ribbons on blends using spectral data.

• Optimized the number of experiments to be carried out by carrying out the DoE for the project.

• Contributed to the process development by effective selection of material for the blend through characterization data.

• Collected consistent spectra using the NIR equipment and reproducible ribbon densities were obtained using GeoPyc.

• Developed a well-fitted PLS calibration model using SIMCA and successfully calculated the error in prediction of ribbon density for the blends. In-Plant Trainee May 2015-June 2015

RCF Ltd., Mumbai, India

Project: “To enhance the crystallizer performance at ANP Plant”

• Got acquainted with the manufacturing process and studied the working of a DTB crystallizer completely for the project.

• Worked in the manufacturing facility, to understand the operating conditions and study the process design.

• Analyzed and studied the P & ID, PFD and Raw material sources and composition information.

• Presented the solutions with the optimized brine flow rate and temperature by carrying out Material and Energy Balance as well as Heat Transfer calculations that were performed using Excel, MATLAB, material data and other chemical and process engineering fundamentals. Project Trainee May 2014-July 2014

BARC, Mumbai, India

Project: “Analysis of Catalytic Denitration of liquid alkaline waste data to find rate constant and reaction order”

• Reaction rate analysis and chemical reaction engineering were used to find the rate constant and reaction order using the experimental data, graphs and excel sheets.

Literature Survey: Zircaloy hull waste management

• Studied various methods used by other countries to dispose of Zircaloy hulls and suggested the safest environmentally method of disposal. NEW BRUNSWICK 732-***-****

NJ 08901

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