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thermo-fluids engineer

Columbus, OH
September 23, 2018

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Parshwanath Doshi

**** ***** **** ***** – Columbus, OH - 43202



The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH GPA (2 Semesters): 3.88/4.0 Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Expected Graduation: May, 2019 MIT College of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra, India Overall Percentage: 74.8% Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, May 2017

Honors: First Class with Distinction (Top University Class for all 8 semesters) QUALIFICATIONS


- Working Knowledge of Fluid Dynamics & Stability, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Turbomachinery, Numerical Methods, Gas Dynamics, CFD & CHT, Design of Machine Elements, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, Micro & Nano fluidics. Software & Languages

- CFD Software: ANSYS Fluent, COMSOL, SimScale

- CAD Software: SolidWorks (CAD & Finite Element Analysis), Pro Engineer, AutoCAD

- Special: Ricardo WAVE (Build & Post), Audacity

- Coding: MATLAB, Java, C++, Maxima

- Fluent in English, Hindi and basic level Marathi Certifications/Online Courses (Verifiable Certificates available)

- Fundamentals of Fluid-Solid Interactions (École Polytechnique)

- Simulation & Modelling of Natural Processes (University of Geneva) Course on Lattice Boltzmann CFD method, Monte-Carlo simulations etc.

- Machine Learning (Stanford University)

- Experimentation for Improvement (McMaster University)

- Algorithms (Ongoing Specialization, 1/4 completed) (Stanford University) EXPERIENCE

Graduate Research Assistant (High Fidelity Computational Multiphysics Lab, OSU), August 2018 - Present

- Derived fluid stability equations and developed a compressible BiGlobal solver in MATLAB that can perform a stability analysis on any fluid flow problem in a 2D plane.

- Solver has produced accurate results for lid-driven cavity flows in transonic and incompressible Mach number ranges, and is currently being used to investigate rectangular jet flow systems. Computational Fluid Dynamics Experience in ANSYS Fluent, Jan 2018 - Present

- Setup and performed a variety of CFD simulations including (but not limited to) supersonic flows over airfoils, transient furnace heating (conduction, convection & radiation), chemically reacting flows, multi- phase flow over a spillway, centrifugal pumps, PCB/electronic heat sinks, conjugate heat transfer in gas turbine cooling passages, water hammer in valves & classical problems such as lid-driven cavity & backward facing step.

Summer Research Assistant (High Fidelity Computational Multiphysics Lab, OSU), June 2018 - July 2018

- Pioneered the development of an automatic linearized stability equation derivation tool for compressible Navier-Stokes equations using MATLAB and symbolic manipulation software Maxima.

- Conducted Local stability analysis on various Falkner-Skan flows, and Hypersonic Boundary layer flows using the tool and obtained temporal stability curves which were validated against those found in literature. Grader (Department of Mechanical Engineering, OSU), January 2018 - April 2018)

- Graded homework submissions for a class of 45 students for a Thermal Sciences course. Powertrain Head, Team Acceleracers (Formula Student Team, SAE Club of MITCOE), July 2014 - February 2017

- Designing, manufacturing and testing Air Intake & Exhaust Systems, and integrating them with the engine and its electronics. Resolving issues of packaging and compliance with competition rules.

- Served on the manufacturing department as a profiler. Profiled half the tubes used in the chassis of 2015 car.

- Worked for 4-5 hours per day, even on weekends while managing full college course load for 3 years.

- Lecturer on Powertrains for I.C. Engine Workshops, SAE Club, 17 th



and 24-25


February 2017

- Part of the team’s first ever international venture, Formula Student Moscow (Oct 2016).

- Orator at Design Presentation Events at Formula Student Moscow (Oct 2016), Formula Student India

(January 2016), and Supra SAEINDIA (July 2015 and July 2016). PROJECTS

Development of a Navier-Stokes solver for the Driven-Cavity problem, April 2018

- Derived equations using Finite-Volume method and coded a steady incompressible Navier-Stokes equations solver in MATLAB for the lid driven-cavity problem, using SIMPLE and SIMPLE-C algorithms on a staggered mesh, with first-order up-wind for advection and central difference for diffusion.

- Solver results found to match (within 5%) those found in literature. Conjugate CFD Simulation of Heat Transfer in Gas Turbine Blades, December 2017- March 2018

- Developed a computationally efficient modelling methodology in ANSYS Fluent to compute Nusselt number at various locations inside turbulated cooling passages.

- Simulation results showed good agreement (within 20%) with experimental data obtained at The Ohio State University’s Gas Turbine Lab.

Design and Manufacturing of an Affordable Stair-climbing Wheelchair, August 2016- May 2017

- Designed, manufactured and tested a fully-automatic wheelchair with simple mechanisms to ascend and descend flights of steps.

- Project received 2


prize at MIT Technogenesis 2017, a final year engineering project design competition offered at MIT Pune.

Air Intake & Exhaust Design (Formula Student Team), July 2014- July 2016

- Developed an effective (approx. 5-8 BHP gain over previous design, as per WAVE simulation result), cheap and robust intake, priced at 45 USD or 3k INR.

- Independently learned & used a piggyback ECU for engine tuning & Ricardo WAVE for powertrain simulations.

- The team stood 1st in both Engineering Design and CAE at Supra SAEINDIA 2016, a national level competition contested by over 200 teams in India.

- Developed cost-effective silencer designs which correctly balanced noise and power for the car. CURRENT

- Graduate Level courses in Viscous Flows, Turbulence & Hypersonic Flows.

- Appointed as a Graduate Research Associate (GRA) by the MAE department of OSU. Project is on Global Linear Stability of fluid flows under the guidance of Prof. Datta Gaitonde at HFCMPL. ACTIVITIES

- SimScale CFD MasterClass (completed a cloud CFD course on Wall Modelling and Multi-phase flows)

- Seminar Orator on Electronic Fuel Injection Systems, MIT College of Engineering, April 2016

- Academic hobbies are learning about the Physics of Fluid flows, computer programming, & following science and engineering video channels on YouTube.

- Exhibitor, Pune Auto Expo, December 2014

- Randonneur (long distance cyclist), BRM 200km event, December 2016, Pune.

- Official school piano player in middle and high school (duties involved playing hymns during school assemblies and special events), and various gigs in college under cultural team ‘Aarohan’.

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