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Employee Relations Office

Seattle, WA
September 25, 2018

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John Yasutake

**** ***** ****** **.

Seattle, Washington 98118


Work Experience

United States Department of Justice,

Community Relations Service

*** *econd Avenue

Seattle, Washington 98174

Conciliation Specialist (April, 2011 to December, 2015, retired)

Worked effectively within a multi-state region to provide technical assistance, support and training for affected groups in conflict as a means to eliminate and prevent violence, escalation of violence and further conflict.

Responsible for conducting on-site analysis, assessments, and resolution of racial/ethnic tension, conflicts and violence and the impact of hate crimes and hate activity in a community environment, across jurisdictional boundaries covering cities, townships, municipalities, counties, tribal lands, school districts, colleges and universities.

Developed and recommended mechanisms for resolving issues and concerns to eliminate and prevent violence or the escalation of violence.

Responded to and worked utilizing highly developed skills in responding to and preventing hate crime activity against persons because of race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and disability.

Utilized and maintained high level skills in mediation, conciliation, facilitation negotiation and cultural competence and delivering certified training programs.

Mediated and conciliated complaints from communities which have a high degree of mistrust or fear or lack knowledge about institutions, systems, processes and procedures because of limited language proficiency, cultural or past conflicts not addressed or resolved.

Highly skilled at conflict and crisis intervention approaches and techniques in highly tense situations where the potential for greater and escalating conflict and violence is present.

Bellevue College

3000 Landerholm Circle SE

Bellevue, Washington 98007

Employee Relations Specialist (January, 2010-April, 2011)

Responsible for engaging in employee relations activities throughout Bellevue College. Intervene in, and resolve disputes between employee to employee and between employees and their superiors.

Carry out the mission, objectives and the purposes of Bellevue College’s policies and procedures regarding employee conflicts and disputes and their resolution as well as formal and informal complaint processing. Ensure compliance with Federal, State laws and regulations and Bellevue College policies and procedures prohibiting employment discrimination and unfair treatment based upon race, creed, color, national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, economic status or the presence of a disability or because of Veteran’s status.

Work in close cooperation with representatives from various labor organizations to ensure adherence and compliance with all of the provisions of all collective bargaining agreements and labor contracts operating at Bellevue College. Perform all of the essential labor relations activities required and in conjunction with all labor agreements in force and in effect at Bellevue College. Respond to and prepare written responses to step one and step two grievances on behalf of the College.

Consult with all levels of Bellevue College staff in regard to the obligations of the College under the various collective bargaining agreements and labor contracts.

Work effectively with all organizational levels within Bellevue College including administration, faculty and classified staff to carry out the mission and objectives of Bellevue College and to ensure compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, policies and procedures and to promote fairness, equity, diversity, pluralism and inclusion.

Administer Bellevue College’s policies and procedures relative to dispute resolution and facilitate multiple approaches to conflict resolution of workplace conflicts including utilizing a formal “Mediation” process.

Perform formalized complaint processing as required by conducting formal complaint investigations.

Consult with and advise senior management, supervisors and others on their roles and responsibilities and to provide assistance and support for them as they move toward creating a healthy work environment that fully embraces fairness, equity, diversity, pluralism, inclusion and effectively deals with conflict and disputes.

Design and develop and deliver training as required but not limited to Diversity, Cultural Competency, EEO Compliance, Conflict and Dispute Resolution as examples.

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)

2424 Piedmont Rd. NE

Atlanta, Georgia 30324

Manager of Equal Opportunity and Conflict Resolution (July, 2007-January, 2010)

Managed, directed and supervised a professional staff and worked across departmental and organizational lines within MARTA to determine compliance with applicable Federal laws and regulations and MARTA’s policies ensuring Equity, Civil Rights and Non-discrimination for patrons, employees and the general public. Heavily engaged in employee relations activities. Administered various programs to accomplish these objectives for a major public transit agency of 5,000 employees and serving over 500,000 customers daily.

Managed, directed and supervised professional staff in conducting internal complaint investigations, mediating and facilitating resolutions of allegations of prohibited discrimination filed under Title VI, Title VII and other applicable Federal, State and MARTA policies, conducted employee relations activities to reduce workplace conflict between and among employees and employees and their superiors. Utilized conflict intervention techniques, mediation and negotiation and facilitation skills to maintain a productive conflict-free workplace. Processed, investigated and resolved patron complaints filed with MARTA involving transit services as well as other services being provided by MARTA.

Administered the Authority’s Affirmative Action Program to bring about and ensure diversity and inclusion within the Authority’s workforce through its employment process that included advertising, recruiting, testing, interviewing, selection and placement of employees.

Administered and managed the Authority’s Federal Court ordered compliance program and “Consent Decree” to ensure MARTA’s compliance with requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Administered all aspects of the Authority’s Title VI program requirements encompassing Limited English Proficiency (LEP), Environmental Justice, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, Community Outreach among major aspects.

Identified and then developed specific, proactive and effective outreach and communications programs to diverse communities throughout the region comprised of people of color, those of low-income and limited resources, senior citizens, and persons with limited English proficiency and individuals with disabilities and Veteran’s groups and organizations.

Participated as an active partner and member of community-based organizations, agencies and programs representing diverse populations especially communities of color and the disabled community who had been historically underserved by MARTA.

Resolved, settled and negotiated resolutions to workplace violence (as well as domestic violence issues impacting the workplace) through mediation, conference, persuasion and conciliation. Work in close cooperation and collaboration with law enforcement personnel.

Advised and provided specific guidance on all issues and concerns involving Equity and Civil Rights compliance matters to all of MARTA’s Operations and Maintenance Divisions representing Rail and Bus services. Participated as a member of various internal work groups and committees representing Planning; Route Scheduling; Capital Construction; Facilities Improvement; Project Planning and Project Management; Customer Impacts; Fares and Fare Increase Studies; Customer Service and Customer Care; Employee Availability Committee.

Developed policies and procedures and delivered training programs to address but not limited to: Cultural Diversity, Sexual and Racial Harassment, other areas of illegal discrimination, Workplace Violence and Domestic Violence, Conflict Resolution, ADA/504, EEO and compliance programs to address Limited English Proficiency and Environmental Justice.

Worked in close cooperation with and advised the Authority’s Human Resources Division including the Classification and Compensation Office, Benefits Office, Labor Relations Office, Recruiting Office and Transitional Employment Programs Office on matters of diversity, Affirmative Action, equity and compliance.

Worked closely with the Authority’s Legal staff on matters involving policy and procedures, compliance and litigation including arbitrations.

Developed, drafted and implemented other broad-based policies, procedures, programs and approaches to accomplish the mission and objectives of ensuring “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” throughout the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) serving a large as well as diverse population.

Designed, developed and staged on a monthly basis several special events, displays and programs promoting, recognizing and honoring “Diversity, Equity, Cultural Appreciation and U.S. Veteran’s Service”. As limited examples, Hispanic Heritage Month event, African American/Black History Month, Recognition Day of U.S. Military Veteran’s.

Represented the Authority as a liaison with external agencies.

Maintained a thorough and updated knowledge as the Authority’s subject matter expert on relevant laws, regulations and guidelines to include but not limited to, Title VI and Title VII of the United States Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Equal Pay Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Family Medical Leave Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Executive Orders #11246, #11375 (OFCCP Guidelines).

In the absence of the Executive Director directed the activities of the office and acted on his behalf as Acting Director.

Sound Transit

401 South Jackson St.

Seattle, Washington

Diversity Program Specialist (May, 2000 to July, 2007)

As the agency’s Diversity Program Specialist I was responsible for monitoring and performing oversight activities to ensure compliance and adherence to Sound Transit’s Diversity Program requirements involving workforce diversity of Sound Transit contractor’s workforces. To develop programs, policies and procedures to ensure compliance. Effectively reach out to the various communities throughout the region to develop partnerships and relationships with them to ensure their participation as well as input on all aspects of the project.

Developed the “ON TRACK” employment program. A unique employment program for the Region involving the collaboration of the Contractor, the Labor Unions and Community-based organizations to employ persons in 3 Tracks: Track One: Skilled Trades, Track Two: Apprenticeship Training and Track Three: Construction related but non-skilled trade jobs.

Ensured through compliance monitoring, diversity in the utilization of Disadvantaged and Small Businesses on capital construction projects.

Ensured diversity in the procurement and major purchase of goods and services, professional and technical services such as engineering, architecture, and legal services.

Responsible for ensuring compliance with State and Federal laws and regulations and agency policies involving Executive Order No. 11246, Title VI requirements prohibiting “Racial, Color and National Origin Discrimination”, Section 504 prohibiting Disability discrimination, Title VII covering the prohibitions against Race, Creed, Color, National Origin, Sex, Age and Disability discrimination and Sound Transit’s policy prohibiting discrimination on the basis of Sexual Orientation.

Responsible for preparing and developing reporting and assessment tools utilized in determining compliance.

Responsibilities also included drafting, developing and calculating Sound Transit’s Annual DBE and Small Business Goals and Sound Transit’s EEO requirements for employment of the Contractor’s workforce.

Responsible for calculating, under Federal Guidelines “Training Goals” or Apprenticeship Goals as defined under Federal requirements for Sound Transit’s capital construction projects.

Conducted internal investigations and negotiated resolutions to complaints of discrimination.

Represented the agency, with publicly elected officials, interacted and worked closely with various communities, organizations, agencies, programs (including communities of color), labor unions, schools and other institutions on matters of Sound Transit’s Diversity Program.

Worked as a vital team member with Sound Transit’s Community Relations Department performing extensive community outreach activities to the impacted communities throughout the Region.

Seattle School District No.1

Seattle, Washington

Director of Affirmative Action (March, 1988 to May, 2000)

As a key member of the Superintendent’s Cabinet, I directed the activities of the office, covering nine (9) vital program areas affecting and impacting several thousand students (48,000) and several thousand employees (4,000) throughout the District. I directed, supervised and managed a professional staff.

Administered the District’s Affirmative Action Program which included, drafting, developing, calculating and determining District-wide hiring goals, developing monitoring processes and procedures.

Ensured the District’s overall compliance with State, Federal Civil Rights Laws and Regulations and Seattle School Board policies prohibiting discrimination in public education, public accommodation, employment, and public contracting and procurement under the District’s Minority/Women’s Business Program.

Worked collaboratively across departmental lines to assure compliance with ADA/504 reasonable accommodations, COBRA, FLMA, FLSA, ERISA, HIPPA and Labor Contract requirements including grievances and arbitrations. On the bargaining team negotiating the District’s labor contract.

Under my direction the office conducted internal investigations, mediated and negotiated resolutions of discrimination complaints filed by students, parents and employees of the Seattle School District.

Managed, supervised and directed the District’s panel of Hearing Officers comprised of attorney’s and certified mediators.

Under my direction the office represented the District as the liaison with State and Federal Civil Rights’ enforcement agencies, the EEOC, the Washington State Human Rights’ Commission, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the United States Department of Education.

Managed and directed the District’s Conflict Prevention and Intervention Team which was tasked with providing district-wide training and intervention activities in an effort to eliminate and prevent student-to-student conflicts.

Responsible and instrumental in developing, designing and staging several District-wide as well as region-wide conferences and workshops as a means to identify, address and seek ways to eliminate and prevent Interracial/Intercultural Conflict and Gang and Hate Group Conflicts.

Responsible for forming a regional multi-state inter-governmental consortium.

Responsible for developing policies and procedures to address youth gangs and violence affecting schools and communities throughout the city. I worked closely with forming alliances with law enforcement agencies, local police departments, juvenile justice and adult criminal justice organizations, community-based programs, agencies and leading experts to identify, develop and implement strategies, programs and proactive approaches to promote effective anti-gang resistance and to take concerted intervention actions against gangs operating within the city’s schools.

Formed various work groups and committees working closely with local State and Federal government agencies and public officials on matters impacting public education in a large urban setting.

I worked closely and directly with students, parents, staff, publicly elected officials, labor organizations, diverse community groups and agencies.

Responsible for developing the office budget utilizing the “Zero Based Budgeting” approach. Accountable for all aspects of the budget including expenditures.

Relevant Employment Experience

Seattle Human Rights’ Department

Seattle, Washington

Civil Rights’ Investigator and Contract Compliance Specialist

Conducted contract compliance monitoring, dispute resolution and complaint mediation of complaints filed under Seattle City ordinance.

Conducted investigations of complaints filed under City Ordinance and Federal Law.

Administered and preserved the Department’s Federal contract with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by developed and implemented a case expediting process closing nearly one hundred (100) “dually filed” Section 706 employment discrimination cases.

Washington State Human Rights Commission

Seattle, Washington

Field Representative II, Affirmative Action Specialist

Conducted complaint investigations, resolved, mediated and

conciliated contested cases, negotiated settlements of disputed cases.

Researched and conducted in-depth analyses of inquiries from the public resulting and culminating in Commission Declaratory Rulings.

Served the Commission while on special duty assignments under the direction of the Commission’s Executive Secretary as well as the Deputy Director.

As a member of the Commission’s Special Programs Division, I was responsible for drafting and authoring the Washington State regulations and guidelines regarding Equal Employment Opportunity and Corrective Employment Programs.

I developed and authored the State of Washington’s Affirmative Action Program Requirements covering all Washington State Departments, Agencies, Colleges, Universities, Vocational Schools and all K-12 Public Schools. The guidelines I authored later became Washington State Law.

Conducted the initial research in collaboration with the United States Department of Justice’s, Community Relations Service into “Hate Crimes” occurring throughout the Pacific Northwest. Assisted in convening a multi- state conference that was the impetus for the Washington State Legislature’s enactment of a “Malicious Harassment Law” making a violation of the law a felony

As a Specialist, I developed and designed and provided training and information statewide to the general public, to businesses, private employers, public schools, higher education institutions and other agencies and local governments relative to non-discrimination and Civil Rights.

Honors and Recognitions

Recognized by the Honorable Christine Gregoire, Governor of the State of Washington via Washington State Governor’s Proclamation designating “July 17, 2007 as John Yasutake Day in Washington State”.

Honored by the Martin Luther King County Council Proclamation designating “July 17, 2007 as John Yasutake Day in King County.

Recognized by a Seattle City Council Proclamation designating “July 17, 2007 as John Yasutake Day in the City of Seattle.

Received a “Letter of Recognition” for years of community service to Martin Luther King County from the Honorable Ron Sims, King County Executive .

Received a “Letter of Recognition” for years of community service to Seattle from the Honorable Greg Nickels, Mayor of the City of Seattle.

Nominee for the Medium Newspaper’s “Unsung Hero Award”.

Nominee for the “National Jefferson Award” for Community Service.

Honored by the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Seattle, Zeta Upsilon Chapter in recognition of years of service to the minority community and to the community at large.

Recipient of the 2015 Robert Stephens, Jr. Community Service Award


Registered Neutral and Certified Mediator, State of Georgia Supreme Court

Mediator, City of Seattle Citizen’s Dispute Resolution Panel

Registered Mediator, Dispute Resolution Center of King County(current)

Educational Experience

BA Degree, Sociology-University of Washington

Additional Experience

Extensive experience working in community agencies in the inner-city as a community organizer performing community outreach and liaison activities, performing conflict intervention activities between the police and the minority community, as a program planner developing and implementing programs in the community for Senior citizens, programs for the disabled, developing education and training programs for youth and adult offenders, programs to promote economic development, drug and alcohol abuse awareness and prevention programs, preventing teen pregnancy, reducing juvenile and adult crime, assisting the homeless and working for equity and social and economic justice for all persons. Guest Lecturer, University of Washington Law School, Shoreline Community College, Bellevue Community College. Currently lecturing in the Sociology Department at South Seattle Community College. I am also currently hosting an internet broadcast of my show, “Seattle Here and Now” on introducing and presenting for discussion and greater insight, matters affecting and impacting communities especially communities of color, such as DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, POLICE-COMMUNITY CONFLICTS, RACISM, HATE CRIMES/HATE GROUPS, RACE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE among a broad range of topics.

Publications and Authored Materials, Policies and Procedures

Authored the formal Washington State Regulations on “Affirmative Action Program and “Corrective Employment Program Requirements under Chapter 162 of the Washington State Administrative Codes.

“Expedited Case Processing Procedure”- Seattle Human Rights Department

“Anti-Gang and Hate Group Policy”- Seattle Schools

“Student-to Student Racial and Sexual Harassment Policy”- Seattle Schools

“Racial and Sexual Harassment Policy”-Seattle Schools

“Minority and Women’s Business Program”- Seattle Schools

“Contract Compliance Procedures”- Seattle Schools

Seattle School District “Affirmative Action Program”- Seattle Schools

“Title VI Complaint Procedure”- Sound Transit

“Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedure”- Sound Transit

“ON TRACK” employment program- Sound Transit

“Compliance Review Program Procedures”- MARTA

Cultural Diversity Training Program- MARTA

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)- Affirmative Action Program

Community Outreach To The “LEP Community”-MARTA

“Domestic Violence Policy”- MARTA

Workplace Violence Policy-Bellevue College

Workplace Violence Procedure- Bellevue College


Board Member

Garfield High School Foundation

Northwest Defenders Association

Central Area Motivation Program

Operational Emergency Center

CAMPI Preschool Executive Board

M.L. King Jr. Elementary PTA

Rotary Boys and Girls Club

Central Area Senior Citizen’s Center

Leschi-CAMPI Preschool

Central Area Youth Association Alumni Board


Washington State Civil Rights Coalition

Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Committee

American Diabetes Association

Career Links-Seattle Vocational Institute

Multi-Racial Task Force on Education

Seattle Urban League

Northwest Minority Business Council

Commission on Asian-American Affairs

Washington State Governor’s Affirmative Action Advisory Committee

Sound Transit- Asian Pacific American Heritage and Black Heritage Month Committees

Intergovernmental Consortium on Interracial and Intercultural Conflict

Black Child Development Institute (BCDI)

People Against Domestic Violence (PADV)

Seattle Schools Weapons Task Force

Safe Schools

Washington Cease-Fire

Mothers Against Violence In America (MAVIA)

Regional Education Alliance on Gang Activity (REAGA)

Safe Streets

Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce

National Association of Asian American Professionals

Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, State of Washington

Washington State Minority Justice Commission of the Courts


Children’s Home Society of Washington

Ballard Community Center

Garfield Community Center

Rainier Community Center

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America

Highpoint Community Center/ Highpoint Neighborhood House

Delridge Community Center

Montlake Community Center

Asian Counseling and Referral Service

Central Area Youth Association

Nathan Hale High School

Cleveland High School

Garfield High School

Leschi Elementary School-Finding Urban Nature- Audubon Society

Hawthorne Elementary School

Washington State Department of Corrections-Corrections Clearinghouse

Asian Drop-In Center (Beacon Hill)

United States Federal Court-Offender Placement

Southeast Seattle Youth Accountability Service Bureau

King County Juvenile Court Volunteer Probation Officer

Seattle Chapter Northwest SIDS Foundation

TTAAPP Central/Northwest Tap Studios

East Madison YMCA

Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center

Yesler Terrace Neighborhood House

Puget Sound Girls Club

Central Area Chamber of Commerce

Urban Angling Program

East Cherry YWCA

Contractor’s Resources Center

Miller Jets Track Club

Rainier Valley Girls Softball League

Seattle Schools Headstart Program

Northwest Regional Conference on Hate Crimes

Georgia Department of Labor

Japan-American Society of Georgia

Georgia Commission on Workplace Safety

The Children’s Alliance

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