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Software Engineer Data

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
September 21, 2018

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Poorva Shelke


Jersey City, NJ 07306


Department of investigation - Software Intern, NY June 2018 – Aug 2018

• Designed and developed an application to manage Subpoena. Created and managed database schema for this application.

• Developed scheduling application to schedule appointments for various type of events and send updates to employees.

• Added functionality to Blog to import data from text documents using mapping. Happy Seed - Software Engineer Intern, Pune, India Jan 2016 – April 2016

• Created E-commerce website using HTML, CSS, and MySQL to allow users to browse through multiple products.

• Automated the process of importing and exporting data to expedite data conversion.

• Provided multilingual support by adding data for the website to allow users to choose a preferable language. INDEPENDENT Food Trucks PROJECTS Feb 2018

• Developed a website that tells the user what type of food trucks might be found nearby.

• Displayed interactive map of food trucks using data available on DataSF. Chat Room Dec 2017

• Designed and developed a highly scalable Chat Room application using client server architecture.

• Multithreading was used on server side to scale the server.

• Added functionalities to broadcast and send private messages, create/join and leave a chat room.

• Private messaging was implemented using encryption, user authentication is provided to access private room. Great Articles Nov 2017

• Created a website where users can read, contribute to and update articles by registering for the site.

• Frontend (HTML, JavaScript): Provided user signup, article contribution and article reading page.

• Backend (Python, MySQL): Provided REST APIs for user creation, updating article and retrieving articles. ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Brain Computer Model, Pace University Feb 2018 – Apr 2018

• Built a model using python which will interpret an image containing text with the help of Quantum techniques like Long Short-Term Memory, Convolutional Neural Network.

Order Food, Pace University Jan 2018 – Mar 2018

• Developed an android app for online food ordering system using JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP in ionic framework.

• Firebase authentication system was used to authenticate the user. Stock Analysis, Pace University Oct 2017 – Nov 2017

• Extracted 2016 stock data for three companies from various online resources by writing a script in R and Python.

• Analyzed data by calculating daily relative return, log return, min and max values for stocks using Numpy. Amazing Books, Pune University Feb 2015 – May 2015

• Designed and developed a website which allowed users to read course textbooks online.

• Implemented multi-lingual module to translate the textbooks into three languages: English, Hindi, Marathi.

• Integrated search feature which allowed users to search books by top 10, most popular, genre, author. Learn Yoga, Pune University Nov 2014 – Dec 2014


Programming Languages:

Web Technologies:



Operating Systems:

Java, Python, Android, C++, C#, C, R

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, XML, JSON, React, Angular MySQL, Oracle, MS Access

Eclipse, Visual Studio, Visual Box, PyCharm, NetBeans, Anaconda Navigator, R Studio Linux, Windows, Mac OS


Data Science, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Internet Computing, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating Systems, Mobile Web Development, Software Engineering, Databases, Computer Networks, System Programming, Artificial Intelligence


Pace University, New York - MS in Computer Science Expected Graduation: May 2019 University of Pune, India - MS in Computer Science July 2016 University of Pune, India - BS in Computer Science December 2013

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