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Nurse Nursing

Dammam, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
September 21, 2018

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Talongog, Oas, Albay Philippines,

Phone No.: +966-*********

Mobile No; +966-*********

Email Add;


Permanent Address : Talongog, Oas, Albay

Birthdate : July 9, 1980

Birth Place : Talongog, oas, Albay, Philippines 4505 Height : 4.9 “ ft.

Weight : 116 lbs.

Sex : Female

Civil Status : Married

Religion : Roman Catholic

Nationality : Filipino


Beneficiary Name : Ericson G. Torres

Relationship : Spouse

Permanent Address : Conception, Tarlac

Tel. No. : (966-*********


Mark Edward R. Torres Birthday: February 21,2014

Birth Place: Legazpi, City

Civil Status: Single

Occupation: none

Maczin Rose G. Torres Birthday: January 4, 2017

Birth Place: conception, Tarlac

Civil Status: Single

Occupation: none


Father: Miguel B. Renolayan Birthday: May 8, 1944

Birth Place: Talongog, Oas, Albay

Occupation: Retired Government employee

Mother: Rosario R. Renolayan Birthday: October 27,1950 Birth Place: Talongog,Oas, albay

Occupation: Retired Teacher


Brother: Marcel Renolayan Birthday: December 30, 1974 Birth Place: Talongog,Oas, Albay

Civil Status: Married

Occupation: Teacher

Sister: Myla R. Tuala Birthday: August 27, 1976

Birth Place: Talonogog, Oas, Albay

Civil Status: Married

Occupation: business

Brother: Miro Renolayan Birthday: July 1, 1978

Birth Place: Talongog, oas,Albay

Civil Status: Married

Occupation: land agent

Brother: Michael Renoalyan Birthday: December 25, 1982 Birth Place: Talongog,oas,Albay

Civil Status: married

Occupation : Engineer

Sister: Myleen R. Bolanos Birthday : November 27,1988 Birth Place: Talongog, Oas, Albay

Civil Status: Maried

Occupation: Teacher


Elementary Year [From] - [To]

School:Oas North Central 1998 - 1994

Address: Ilaor Norte, Oas,Albay


School: Oas Polytechnic School 1994 - 1998

Address: Ilaor Norte, Oas, Albay


Course: Bachelor of Science in Nursing 1998 - 2002 School: Bicol University,Legazpi City

Post Graduate

Master of Arts in Nursing

Unit Earned

School : Aquinas Graduate School

Adress:Paranaque, Legaspi City


Position: Staff Nurse

Company: King Abdulaziz,Airbase Hospital

Address: Dharan,KSA

Date: July 3 – Up to Present

Reason for Leaving: career professional growth and work opportunities Job Description / Duties and Responsibilities:

the attendance Monitors to the head nurse or charge nurse anyone who comes late on goes home early

Ensure that all staff adheres to dress code of the hospital and that the code of conduct in this institution is followed accordingly. Ensure that staff is punctual and the time allotted for breaks are strictly followed.

Prepares the assignment of staff in his/her shift.

Update to the computer system all the doctors on duty of the staff and reports every shift.

Distribute assignment sheet and doctors-on-call list to all the clinics and other department eq. pharmacy

medical records

Maintains the cleanliness and orderliness of the room.

Make sure that the ambulance driver is always present. Inform the nursing supervisor for any unusual


Dispatcher and reports to Head Nurse / nursing

supervisor if driver is absent or tardy

Request for medication used in the treatment Room and assessment room from the pharmacy and make sure

that there is enough supply for every shift.

Check that equipments are functioning and ensure s that all instruments are sterile. Send all instruments to central supply room department for sterilization.

Coordinates with the staff and ensure safe transfer of patient to ER via ambulance and the ER staff have

promptly notified

Reports to nursing supervisor if the security officer on duty leaves the clinic early or absent

Reports to head nurse / nursing supervisor any unusual incident, problems and resolutions the problems

encountered during the shift. Fill up the incident report form if necessary

Check all the equipments ensure that that all are functioning/ make work order if necessary

Give medications that are only allowed to give base on the policy of procedure of the hospital

Position: Staff Nurse

Company: City Health Office

Address: Legazpi City, Philippines

Date: January 2005– March 2006

Reason for Leaving: Resigned

Job Description / Duties and Responsibilities:

Assist in the conduct of clinic which include ; obtaining clinical history performing simple routine physical examination some procedures such as ECG,

administering emergency and therapeutic measure

based on standing order s

Performs program related function s such as

immunization contraceptive supply, micronutrients

supplement and growth monitoring under five children.

Refers cases needing further diagnosis and

management procedure to higher level of agencies.

Keep accurate records of medical and nursing care rendered in clinic.

Carries out health education information, education, and communication activities in the prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable


In charge of dispensing recording and inventory of drugs or medicines.

Assist in the planning and organizing the clinical.

Establishes and maintain good interpersonal


To encourage the full participation of the care – recipients and promoting self-reliance among them to help build strong and productive community.

Assess patient care need using the nursing process and establishment priorities for nursing intervention.

Documents actions by completing forms, reports, logs, and patient records

Position: Private Nurse

Company: Nightingale Nursing Services Inc.

Address: Suite 303 WinsorTower 163 Legazpi Street, Legazpi village, Makati City,Philippines

Date: February 2004– December 2004

Reason for Leaving: Resigned

Job Description / Duties and Responsibilities:

Provide personal care services that include ;

Monitoring medical status changes of patients

Total Bed care

Wound are for the post op wound

Tube feeding

Assisting giving bedside medication

Diabetic care

Monitoring vital sign

Providing various other daily living activities

Position: Staff Nurse

Company: Aquinas University Hospital

Address: Aquende Drive,Legazpi City, Philippines

Date: January 2003– March 2004

Reason for Leaving: Resigned

Job Description / Duties and Responsibilities:

Attends the intravenous insertion and render

immediate care

Performs ECG as ordered

Give emergency medicines and stat order ordered by physician

Accurately and legibly documents observation and vital signs.

Assists physicians when examining emergency cases.

Assess the ABC of the patient and perform e.q

suturing, casting, splinting.

Recognizes and takes appropriate action in emergency situations and is capable of performing basic life support measures.

Assists physicians and other allied health personnel in their therapeutic tasks.

Carries out therapeutic and diagnostic procedures and measures as prescribed.

Transport patient to other hospital when referred.

Received emergency calls from various clinics ad hospitals.

Adheres to hospital policies regarding admission, code of behavior and code of dressing.

Carrier’s doctor’s order before endorsing to ward and carries out therapeutic and diagnostic procedure and measures as prescribed.

Assesses, identifies and re- evaluate s medical medical- surgical problems of the patient and documents

information gathered.

Observes untoward signs and symptoms of the patient relays to the doctors on duty.

Prepares patient for admission and referrals for further treatment.

Maintain aseptic technique.

Executes first-aid measures effectively and efficiently and does other independent nursing care.

Take initial patient history, vital sign and admission form for the patient.

Assesses emergency cases that arrive at the opd.

Establishes and maintain good interpersonal


Performs minor cases like suturing and removal of sutures as per doctor’s order.

Assesses patient need needs, using the nursing process and establishment priorities for nursing intervention.

Develop s individualized nursing care plans reflecting standards of care, patient and family needs and

medical treatment.

Initiates discharge planning and health education in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team.

Implements the nursing care plan using priority setting skills and modifies interventions in response in medical treatment.


Training Center: National Guard Hospital

Address: Dharan,KSA

Title: Basic Life Support

Training Center: King Abdulaziz Airbase Hospital

Address: Dharan,KSA

Title: Infection Control Course

Training Center : King Abdulaziz Airbase Hospital

Address: Dharan,KSA

Title: Disaster Management

Training Center : King Abdulaziz Airbase Hospital

Address: Dharan,KSA

Title: Fire & safety Management



Customer service

Critical thinking



Mr. Danielle Llave

Assistant Head Nurse

King Abdulaziz Airbase Hospital

Tel. No.: 632-***-****


Nolutando Nyosi

Head Nurse

King Abdulaziz Airbase Hospital


Dolores Chanco

Assistant Head Nurse

King Abdulaziz Airbase Hospital

CP# +63-999*******

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