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Data Developer

Denver, Colorado, United States
September 21, 2018

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Rohit Kumar Rajagopalan

720-***-**** 3200 W14th Ave, Apt 475, Denver, CO 80204 Profile Summary:

Information Systems graduate student with expertise in Business Intelligence, ETL & Data Warehousing, Data Analytics & Database Development. Areas of interest includes KPI Reporting, Data Engineering, Modeling and Wrangling, Market-Basket Analysis, Forecasting, Descriptive Statistics. Skillset:

Programming skills: SQL, PL/SQL, NoSQL, Python, R

Databases: Oracle 10g, MySQL, SQL Server 2008 R2, MongoDB BI & ETL Tools: Tableau, MicroStrategy, MSBI stack (SSMS, SSIS, SSRS), Pentaho Other S/Ws: Advanced Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, ERDPlus, JIRA, Linux Certifications: Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Professional (OCP 2014) Academic Qualifications:

Master’s in Information Systems, specializing in Business Intelligence, CGPA: 3.77/4 graduation. 2018 University of Colorado Denver, CO, USA

Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering, CGPA: 6.38/10 graduated. 2013 Anna University, Chennai, India

Work Experience:

University of Colorado Denver, Business School Denver, CO Teaching Assistant Mar 2018 – Present

• Generating summary statistics from the grades to identify insights on students and questionnaires, data digitization and management. Piqube Analytics Pvt. Ltd Chennai, India

Developer Nov 2015 – Sep 2016

• Business reporting through complex SQL queries to support the operations and marketing teams about the product’s performance.

• Designed dashboards in Tableau to find domain insights, patterns and trends to answer business scenarios for decision making.

• Re-structured the production database, implemented normalization and control tables to reduce redundancies and anomalies.

• Implemented database revamping projects in MySQL and MongoDB for performance tuning and faster data retrieval purposes.

• Coded Python modules for overall tenure calculation, job description matching and automation of performance reports.

• Scheduled cronjobs in Linux to run Python modules for daily, weekly, monthly reporting and archiving of the live data.

• Worked on Atlassian JIRA to raise, clear and manage backend tickets, database edits and bugs in the product. Nroot Labs Pvt. Ltd Chennai, India

Junior Technologist Dec 2014 – Oct 2015

• Implemented several BI projects for our clients on ‘what-if’ and market-basket analysis using MicroStrategy and Tableau.

• Executed complex SQL procedures for bulk loading, incremental updates using UPSERTs during ETL and data warehousing.

• Developed a data warehousing architecture consisting of OLTP to OLAP transformations and cloud based performance analytics.

• Incorporated type 1 and 2 Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCDs) to record historical versions of changes in the data across dimensions.

• Used MSBI stack technologies (SSMS, SSIS, SSRS) to generate insights via data warehouses and multi-layered BI platforms for our clients.

• Designed several KPIs to gauge the success and performance of the company with the help of interactive KPI reporting. Projects in Business Intelligence (Tableau and Microstrategy): Regional skillset analysis for HR consultancies Tableau

• Developed an interactive geographical dashboard in Tableau to plot the most in-demand jobs, skillsets per state in India. Research on grants allotted by states via Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA) Tableau

• Designed a combination of heat maps & tree maps in Tableau to visualize state-wise allocation of HRSA grants over the years.

• Utilized geo-spatial attributes to plot dashboards for regional insights. Dataset is sourced from Revenue generation forecast of the company’s products on a regional basis MicroStrategy

• Forecasting revenues based on a 5-year dataset using linear regression. Interpreted trend line, variance analysis and what-if analysis. Research on causes and characteristics of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) MicroStrategy

• Complex dashboards in MicroStrategy to depict the cause and characteristics of people affected by CHD. Data taken from Projects in Data Warehousing and Administration (Oracle 10g, MySQL, MongoDB, Pentaho): Data Integration from ERP and CRM systems for the CPI Card Group Oracle 10g, Pentaho

• Used Pentaho to developed an ETL workflow of transformations on data for the data warehouse, cloud based performance analytics.

• Executed MDX queries (cube, rollup, grouping set) on the Oracle data warehouse to answer complex business scenarios. Rollout of database enhancement, performance tuning and database cleanup MySQL, MongoDB

• Set-up MongoDB replication to reduce the downtime and MySQL clustering to lower the load and no. of hits to a single server.

• Integrated db indexing and implemented change of bits for UUID in MySQL for faster data retrieval and performance tuning. Projects in Data Analytics (Python and R):

Automation of tenure calculation, job description matching for profiles Python, MySQL, MongoDB

• Utilized ‘Pandas’ to parse through profiles based on their company names and calculate their tenure of experience.

• Generated and emailed weekly, bi-weekly and monthly performance reports to operations dept. through Python. Predicting factors that affect the revenue generation for Denver International Airport (DIA) R, Tableau

• Linear regression equations were formed based on combination of variables that potentially affects the revenue.

• Hypothesis testing were incorporated to find the best-fit of these variables based on their adjusted R-squared values.

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