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Customer Service Executive

Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
September 21, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae


Thulani Alpheus Kubeka

*. Personal Details

Surname : Kubeka

First Names : Thulani Alpheus

Date of Birth : 28 February 1977

ID Number : 770-***-**** 08 9

Gender : Male

Marital Status : Single

Nationality : South African

Health Status : Good

Home Language : IsiZulu

Driver’s License : Code 10

Race : Black

Other Languages : English and SiSwati

Hobbies : Reading &attending to church

Residential Address : P1777 Section 7

: Madadeni

: 2951

Postal Address : P.O Box16075


: 2951

Contact Detail :076-***-**** (Cellphone)

E-mail address:

2. Educational Qualifications

2.1 Secondary Education

Last School Attended : Amazulu High School

Highest Grade Passed : Grade 12 (Matric

Subjects Passed : IsiZulu





Business Economics

Year Obtained : 1997

Extra –Curricular Activities: Music, Football

I have also acquired Advanced Computer Literacy training in Microsoft Office 2010 i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc., Internet and Vector’s SAP program.

3. Employment Details and History

1. Employer : FreddyHirsch Group

Department : Warehouse

Branch : Newcastle

Regional Office : Cape Town

Post Held : Stock Controller

Reason for Leaving : End of Contract

Duration : 2016 Aug –Sept 2016

1. Employer : Vector Logistics

Department : Warehouse

Branch : Newcastle

Regional Office : KwaZulu –Natal

Post Held : Receiving Clerk

Reason for Leaving : Further Studies

Duration : 2006 – 2013 Sep

2. Employer: Kaefer Thermal Insulations

Department : Stores

Branch : Johannesburg

Regional Office : Johannesburg Central Office

Post Held : Store man

Reason for Leaving : End of Contract

Duration : 2004 – 2005

4.Work Experience

I have held various positions for which I was responsible to execute role functions which include inter alia:

As Acting Supervisor in the absence of the Warehouse Controller, I have executed the following duties:

Provide vision, set strategic direction for the company and inspire others to deliver on the Organizational mandate.

Supervise the staff, motivate them, attend to complains and resolved them promptly to ensure maximum customer service for the growth of Vector.

Take decisions on daily basis and consult where deemed necessary directly from the Manager.

Conduct research, preparations, planning to achieve the most relevant objectives for both vector as a company & a customer at micro level in terms of orders, processing as well final delivery of goods. This include:

Team Coordination and self-management.

Prepare questions to gain insight and lead customer to the right solution.

Take ownership and accountability for tasks and activities and demonstrate effective self-management in terms of planning, prioritizing and personal development.

Support and drive the business core values.

Follow ups done to ensure that quality&productivity standards of work are consistently and accurately maintained

• I resolve conflicts and grievances amongst staff to ensure the harmonious working environment for the achievement of Organizational goal.

As a Receiving Clerk at Vector Logistics

Receiving,verification and recording of raw materials and products that come into the company.

Maintain regular contacts and provide relevant solutions based on clear understanding of the customer’s business needs & vector products.

Use the advancement of company’s technology (DRM) in tracking the transportation of goods for ultimate customer’s satisfaction.

Often involved with storing inventory for shipment.

Signing for and receiving packages and after receiving them, unpack their content.

During the unpacking,I had to count the items in the box and compare them to the invoice.

Also take part in monthly warehouse,stock counting.

Ensure the adherence of these products and goods to warehouse hygiene as per safely requirements.

Also assist various departments in executing their duties to ensure efficient and smooth flow of work.

As a Store man at Keafer Thermal Insulation

I was responsible for receiving all stock of the company inclusive of perishable goods,hygiene supplies,and tools.

In charge of receiving and quality checking the items to ensure they adhere to company’s standards.

Also deal with customer on their needs to ensure best customer service.

Responsible for carrying out inventories periodically to calculate the material at hand.

More importantly,saving money and spending money wisely for the company in order to maintain its viability

My role as an employee in any organizationis driven by my tireless zeal to make meaningful contribution in bettering the lives of others.Therefore, I have also held various positions at community level inter alia:

As a Community Leader within the Madadeni Community Policing Forum structure, I have:

Liaise with Community Policing Forum, Ward Committee, SAPS in drawing up drug substance & crime prevention strategy.

Participate in neighborhood watch to reduce crime rate.

Promote good moral behavior to all youth in Madadeni through arranging one-on-one rehabilitative sessions as part of positive disciplinary procedure.

Responsible for attending to all Youthmisbehavioral cases, deal with them in consultation with SAPS, Ward structures led by a Counsellor.

Liaise with other Government Departments for further assistance guided by needs analysis of my community e.g. Social workers, psychologists etc.

As a General Secretary of Isiboniso Church of Zion, I am responsible to execute the following duties:

Compiling a monthly work programs for the Church Executive Committee together with my Pastor.

Take minutes of the Church Executive Committee Meeting and General Meetings.

Record all resolutions of the Executive Committee.

Organize all sessions of the Executive and Elders of the church with regard to the following:

Writing reports as requested by Provincial & national structure of the Church.

The reports /minutes are updated and recommendations are submitted to the ExecutiveCommittee for deliberations.

Attend to all correspondence directed to the Church pastor and Executive.


I, Thulani Alpheus Kubeka, hereby declare that all information provided in the above documentation, is indeed correct, true and up to date.

(Signature) Date


3.1 Name : Thembile Mthembu

Position : HR Business Partner

Employer : Vector Logistics

Establishment : KZN Region

Contact number : 031-*******

3.2 Name : Neeta – Young-Morrison

Position : Receiving Clerk

Employer : Vector Logistics

Establishment : Newcastle

Contact No : 034*******

3.3 Name : Lana Bothma

Position : Senior administrator

Employer : FreddyHirsch Group

Establishment : Newcastle

Contact Number : 034*******

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