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Sales Marketing

Fremont, CA
September 21, 2018

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C. D. VIJAY • 510-***-**** • Fremont, CA • •

Customer Support & Training • Product Management (Design) • Marketing • Machine Learning SKILLS

• Technical: Python, HTML/CSS, Amazon AWS, Sk-learn, Tensorflow; Past exp. with C/C++, MySQL, PHP

• Tools: Microsoft Office, Google Tools, PSP; Familiar with Agile processes, Pivotal Tracker, Axure

• Platforms: Google {Analytics, Adwords}, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Hubspot; OS: Windows, Linux EXPERIENCE

Consultant, Vishal Karnataka Society Ltd. (VKSL), Bengaluru, India 5/2018 – Present

(VKSL: 2-y/o real estate holding company developing and marketing premium properties in and around Bengaluru, India)

• Setup a marketing program (email, print ads), trained marketing & sales personnel, & impelled them into organized action. New ads are pulling in >2X leads, and email campaign is helping them close an additional 4-6 property sales / mo.

Consultant, Kramah Software, Bengaluru, India, 5/2016 – Present

(Kramah: 4-y/o ERP cloud software startup in the education, automotive and healthcare sectors) Product requirements for US markets, product redesign, marketing strategy, customer visits

• Developed a feature roadmap for an education product based on US market needs & product requirements compiled from site visits, live demos and study of competition

• Designed a marketing strategy, set up processes, designed new marketing materials and provided training

• Formed an offshore development / testing team, and oversaw feature implementation Product and Business Development Manager SST Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA 1/2014 – 11/2015

(SST: 30+ y/o firm offering engineering 3D CAD/CAE software to aerospace, process and energy) Product Management, Marketing, Customer Training, Ongoing Support

• 10 years of success in supporting demanding engineers and acting as an escalation point for them; Internal users and external users from ~200 companies / 8+ industries / 20+ countries

• Managed requirements, implementation, usability, testing, releases & support for two engineering software products (that include an OpenGL 3D graphics modeler) used in aerospace, energy and process

• Raised flagship product status to niche industry’s popular & verifiably most productive software by helping with UI design, development and overall UX; Installed user base doubled with few firms in Fortune 100

• Supported many end-user engineering analysis projects in process/energy/aerospace (e.g., F-16 / F-18)

• Lead project manager on testing / documentation / release cycles and micro-website projects

• Wrote functional specifications for features that promoted efficiency, productivity and usability (via wireframes, user stories, business cases); Maintained feature backlogs

• Wrote validation software to verify software releases against ANSI regulatory compliance expectations Product Marketing

• Growth Optimization: Designed & optimized user acquisition strategies via SEO, PPC, email, content and social marketing; multiple ad creatives, A/B Testing (e.g. CTR: 3-25%), setup a plan to monitor site KPIs

• Collateral: Created spec sheets, demos, sales / training videos, business cases; Created / edited website content, collateral & co-wrote top-ranked tutorials based on research

• Automated Marketing: Designed a process for lead acquisition/qualification using public platforms

• Integrated Campaigns: Designed / managed an online strategy – revamping main website, re-branding, copy, email, social marketing, managing ad programs – Web traffic doubled Page 1 of 2


Manager (Product, Marketing & Support) SST Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA 1/2006 – 1/2014 Product Management, Website Projects, Digital Marketing, Workshops, Customer Support, Trade shows

• Set up a process to improve Customer Support, rated later as “most responsive” in the industry by users

• Support / Training / Trade shows: On-boarded new clients, supported / upsold existing clients; Organized and taught 20+ in-person seminars / webinars (which increased product loyalty and revenue by 8%)

• Managed requirements, prioritizing, development guidance, testing, documentation and releases

• Developed software that converted design and geometrical data from 3D design formats to native formats

• Co-wrote a 700-page User Manual & a Verification Manual, and industry’s top-ranked engineering tutorials

• Facilitated product compliance with existing ASME design rules by coordinating with ANSI committee

(B31) members and engineering teams; Investigated, reported software errors & found workarounds

• Initiated / designed a process to speed up the software release process from 2 weeks to 2 days Product Marketing

• Project Manager for website design/development projects; Technical content creation / marketing

• Doubled Client Retention: Used a combination of marketing techniques and creative software improvements; Crafted email campaigns that produced a 10%+ sales increase

• Competition report became an effective sales tool; Closed several sales in distress

• Sales enablement: Initiated internal projects for email campaign tracking system & user database

• Top 3 Google Rankings: Obtained and maintained top organic rankings (SEO) against heavily funded competitors; Setup marketing funnels that led to more than 3x sales-qualified leads

• Messaging, pricing, positioning, re-branding, ad programs based on market segmentation RECENT MACHINE LEARNING PROJECTS (Links below go to Youtube videos, see GitHub)

• Autonomous Driving : Designed / trained a Keras / TF model to mimic driving behavior via manipulating simulated driving data to remove bias and noise; Uses a generator routine to overcome memory limitations during training; Based on Nvidia’s end-to-end deep learning CNN model

• Vehicle Detection / Tracking : Trained an SVM / MLP classifier with HOG & color histogram features, and developed code to successfully detect & track moving vehicles from camera feeds; Involved eliminating false positives by using heatmaps & bounding contiguous areas using “connected component modeling”

• Lane Detection : Developed code to detect lanes from camera feeds using computer vision techniques for correcting camera distortion, image thresholding on color transforms and gradients, perspective transforms, histogram search techniques for lanes, line fitting, and reporting car’s relative position

• (German) Traffic Sign Recognition System: Modified and trained a multi-layer LeNet deep learning model in Tensorflow to detect (German) traffic signs with a 98% training accuracy EDUCATION

• – Practical Deep Learning For Coders, Part 1 (currently enrolled)

• Udacity – Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree Program (Completed Term 1, ML/DL/CV)

• Udemy –The Complete Product Management Course (course on best PM practices)

• Villanova University, PA – Master’s, Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Design and Software

• Bangalore University, India – Bachelor’s, Mechanical Engineering (Paper presented at Indian Society of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics / IIT, Mumbai, on “Automotive cam follower motion generation”) Page 2 of 2

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