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Python, R, Excel, communication, analytical writing, data manipulation

Round Hill, VA
September 20, 2018

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Andrew G. Robinson 571-***-****

Round Hill, Virginia


University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, May 2018

- 42 credit hours in Mathematics

- Concentration in Data Science



Data Science Intern at IST Research Corp

As a data science intern at IST Research I became proficient with the programing language, Python. My duties consisted of various research tasks, creating predictive functions/models and participating in a daily SCRUM meetings. Operating under an Agile business structure, each research task was expected to completed within a 10 day period and consisted of research into advancement of methods within the data science field of Natural Language Processing (NLP). My research was then put to use in feature extraction/characteristic identification for the creation of predictive NLP models. With Python I gained experienced with the packages of Pandas, Numpy, Mathplotlib, Scikit- Learn, NLTK and various data visualization packages. All of the research and other work was based on the availability/accessibility of large amounts of open source social media data (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Part Time During School and Summer Work

Old 690 Brewing Company

Communication with customers/coworkers and working at fast pace are the key to responsibilities for this passion.

Farm Hand at Lost Corner Farm

This job consisted of disciplined work, early mornings and longs days, picking and planting various vegetables and fruits.

Soccer Referee

Timeliness, preparedness, and confidence were all very important traits to have as a soccer referee.

Salesman at Play It Again Sports

Having knowledge of store’s inventory and having the ability to promote the appropriate product to the customer were two key aspects of this position. UPS delivery Helper

At UPS organization and timeless were very important. Maintenance Worker at Phillip E. Bollen Park

Maintenance of a large baseball/softball and soccer facility; consisted of mowing, conditioning and preparation of fields, irrigation, etc. Pool Operator/Lifeguard

Duties include supervision of up to 4 employees at a time and keeping the pool at the optimal P.H. and chlorine level


Statistics: Probability theory and calculus-based statistics including probability distributions of discrete and continuous random variables, functions of random variables, methods of estimation, and statistical inference

Problems of Industries: R programming language, manipulation of large datasets to conduct a thorough time series analysis, changepoint/moving average

Decision Analysis: Implantation of Linear Programing, the Queuing Theory, Economic Order Quantity, and decision trees

Management Information Systems: Support Systems, the analysis and decision making processes, creating databases, creating queries

Data Science: Python programming language, the Data Science Process

Abstract Algebra: The use of thermos and axioms to understand mathematical systems, including groups, rings, integral domains, and fields

Real Analysis: A rigorous, real analysis approach to the theory of calculus

Calculus I, II and III: Derivatives, integrals, series, sequences, limits, minima/maxima

Multivariable calculus: Triple integration, converting coordinates from Cartesian to polar

Linear Algebra: Manipulation of arrays, proving sets and spanning sets, understanding of matrices

Differential Equations: Methods for solving differential equations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors


Consisted of the learning and implementing the “big four” methods of data analysis: classification, association rules, prediction and clustering. I went in-depth into linear and multiple regression, looking at multicollinearity and methods of correlating independent variables, learning how to utilize R to assist in the process. Other methods of analysis such as Principle Components Analysis, Discriminant function analysis and Cluster Analysis were also studied and implemented in R using various data sets from the website “Kaggle.” Proficient in: R Python Mathematica Excel Access Word PowerPoint LaTeX OTHER

Extra-Curricular actives and hobbies:

Club Soccer at the University of Mary Washington

Disc Golf


Varsity Soccer Woodgrove High School February 2014 – May 2014

Senior Captain- consisted of leading, motiving, and communicating with teammates in order to reach our goals

Second Team All-District

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