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Design Engineer

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
September 20, 2018

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Aerospace R&D Engineer Delivering Inventive Technical & Operational Expertise to Pioneer Key Product - Project Vision

Canadian Permanent Resident

**** ****** ****, ******, ******* L1L0J9, Canada

: +1-289-***-**** : LinkedIn: PROFILE

Aerospace and Project Research Engineer

7+ years of working with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technologies to design unique engineering solutions that delivered high ROI to client investments, challenging global projects across varied industry sectors.

Work adroitly across broad fields’ viz. CFD, CAD, CAE, FEA, Programming to re-engineer designs and translate client developments visions into robust, high-performing and accurate prototype reality.

Patents (Pending): Japanese patents for innovative fan blade design:

• JP-201*-****** - Unique centrifugal fan design with lower shaft power than conventional design

• JP-201*-****** - 3D blade design for a centrifugal fan for higher performance and lower noise

• JP-201*-****** - Novel fan blade design for noise reduction CAREER HISTORY

Nidec Corporation 2014 - 2018

Nidec Corporation is a Japanese MNC with group companies all around the world, employing more than 15000 staff and is the World's No.1 Comprehensive Motor Manufacturer.

Research & Development Engineer - CAE, Singapore

Spearheaded multiple CFD, Aero-acoustics, Conjugate Heat Transfer, Product Development, FEA and Programming projects for electronic devices ranging from cameras to wine chillers, with critical engagements across product development and design optimisation to deliver competitive technologies that meet customer requirements and performance, quality standards. Authored seven internal technical papers on aero-acoustics, impact analysis and fan design tool generation, and delivered a presentation on ‘Axial fan noise prediction using hybrid CAA method’ at the STAR User Conference in 2016. Project Contributions & Notable Achievements:

Conjugate heat transfer: Recommended critical design modifications for electrical appliances’ cooling systems to reduce peak temperature by 5 C, thereby surpassing customer needs with 20% higher cooling effect compared to rival designs.

FEA: Conducted static structural and modal analyses on motor models to check structural integrity at various operating conditions, leading to the identification of the cause for noise, and the ideal material for casing before mass production.

Programming: Designed axial fan and drone propellers using inverse mean-line design and direct blade element momentum theory, delivering >20% higher performance and currently being implemented on a system level.

Product development: Developed new cooling fan prototype with 20% higher performance and 4.5dB lower noise in comparison with the competitor product, spiralling sales by a massive $3.1 million/year in revenues.

FEA: Identified the suitable computational method to study impact analysis on actuator model reducing the product development time. The recommended explicit solver decreased computational time by 60%.

CFD & Aero-acoustics: Implemented nature inspired (bionic) designs on various parts of a fan to develop low-noise cooling fans with up to 4dB noise reduction at Blade pass tone (BPT) level. National University of Singapore 2013 - 2014

NUS is a highly ranked university with state of the art test facilities for experimental and computational fluid dynamics. Research Engineer - Project: Wing in Ground (WIG) Effect, Singapore Performed ground effect studies on lifting bodies using a wind tunnel for a collaboration project between NUS and Wigetworks Pte. Ltd., researching on existing literature and designs and negotiating quotations with contractors and suppliers to re-design the rolling ground wind tunnel set-up installed at NUS. Notable Achievements:

Significantly enhanced the usability of the wind tunnel by improving the quality of air flow.

Developed a mounting system to study and report to the client company about the effect of ground clearance and angle of attack variation on ground-effect phenomena, based on surface pressure measurements and force measurements.

Isolated the test section from the moving-ground mechanism, thereby reducing inherent system vibrations and increasing speed specification by 50%.

National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore, India (Subsidiary of HAL, Bangalore) 2009-2010 National Aerospace Laboratories is an Indian government funded research organisation in the field of aeronautics and space Trainee Engineer

Performed studies on bearing locknut designs for horizontal axis wind turbine, propeller mould development techniques and design and development of vertical axis wind turbines for small-scale power generation. Notable Achievements:

Designed and manufactured drag-type vertical axis wind turbine for small-scale power generation on house roof-tops.

Suggested an innovative blade guiding mechanism to reduce the frictional losses.

Reviewed literature and conducted feasibility study on various mould materials & manufacturing techniques thereby developing mould design methodology for MAV propellers. AREAS OF EXPERTISE

Business Consulting & Strategic Support Project Engineering & Management Product Design & Development Design Optimization Fluid dynamics/ aerodynamics Gas Turbine Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Finite Element Analysis

(FEA) Conjugate Heat Transfer Computer Aided Design & Engineering (CAD-CAE) Aero-acoustics Mechanical Impact Analysis Wind Tunnel Testing Machine Learning Programming Operational Efficiency Cost Control Cross-Functional Co-ordination Training & Capability Building Stakeholder & CRM TECHNICAL SKILL-SET

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Modelling - SolidWorks, ProE, SolidEdge, AUTOCAD Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) - SC Tetra, FLUENT, Star-CCM+, OpenFOAM, Flowtherm, Paraview Finite Element Analysis (FEA) - Patran, Dytran, MARC, ANSYS Mechanical Operating Systems Others - Windows, Linux MS Office Suite Programming Tools - Excel, VBA, Python

Design Optimization Aero-Acoustics - DAKOTA Actran ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS & PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering (TUM- Asia, Singapore - Germany Joint Programme) 2013 B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering, Amrita University, Kerala - India 2010 Internship: at National Laboratories (NAL), Bangalore - India Professional Courses & Certifications:

Machine Learning (Online course), Stanford University, USA Ongoing KEY STRENGTHS

Metrics-driven, deploying key technology, product development, design optimisation expertise with superior execution capabilities and business acumen for the end-to-end management and delivery of key projects.

Entrepreneurial-minded with a strong sense of ownership and sharp engineering acumen and project management skills.

A creative attacker, with the analytical ability to detect faults and troubleshoot complex problems; staying focused on monitoring the progress of action items and bringing them to a conclusion within appropriate time & budgetary frames.

Adaptive to shifting priorities, rapid change and ambiguity; comfortably juggling operational, technical & project pressures.

Effective communicator with cross-functional leadership skills to liaise with a variety of stakeholders.

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