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Area Service Manager

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
September 20, 2018

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B.E. Electronics & Communication Engineer

Contact: +91-773*******

Email ID:

Address: ***/* **** ****, ***. Jawahar Nagar Police Station, Jaipur, Rajasthan.


Career Objective:

To implement my knowledge and abilities in an efficient manner, so as to contribute to overall growth of the organization. Being able to learn and improve myself every day and become adaptable to fulfil any role demanded by the organization and lead the team by example.

Academic Credentials:




Board / University

Percentage / GPA




BIT MESRA-Deemed University












Professional Experience:

IFB Industries Ltd.

Graduate Engineer Trainee (15th June 2017 to 25th August 2018)& Area Service Manager

An intensive program inclusive of multiple projects to provide effective solutions to the challenges faced in Service Operations, Quality Control, Production Line and Component Failure and help in the overall business growth.


1.A Service and Business Improvement project at IFB Service Office (Hyderabad) where I worked for 3 months to analyse the various field failures associated with home appliances analysed the Business Processes, provide Trainingto the Service Ambassadors (Technical Fault Diagnosis and Sales Pitch for IFB Essentials) and provided effective solution to help the business grow.

2.An Intensive two-month training at IFB Industries, Goa inclusive of the following department:

Vendor Support and Development- Identification of Correct Vendor based on Quality, Economics and Logistics, Preparation of PSW and other Documents for Vendor Support.

Inbound Quality Control- Analysis and Testing of Outsourced Parts based on sampling (calculated using factor such as CTQ and CTP), Preparation of JIR and SIR files associated with all such parts and a Fitment Trial Report.

Process Quality Control - Process Audit and Identification of Critical Points on Production Line, preparing a PPAP file associated with every part, process and assembly, P-FMEA.

Field Quality Control- Used Paynter’s Chart and Ladder Diagram to identify the field associated problem connected them to the associated part/ assembly issue and solve it to reduce the risk of future failures.

Quality Checks- Preparation of 8D report, Usage of Quality control tools (Fishbone diagram, Pareto Chart, Scatter Diagram, etc.), Non Conformity Report.

Production Assembly Line - Preparation of Process Flow Diagram, Usage of PERT and CPM on Production Line, Test Labs on production Line, application of anthropometry to reduce physical stress on workers, adherence to safety standards and SOP’s.

Benchmarking and Component Testing- Benchmarking using various Gauges to compile the overall difference between aesthetic and performance parameters of the machine with respect to various market competitors. Testing the product so as to check the durability and longevity of the product along with coherence to the standard compliance as set by the government body.

3.Handled Franchisee Service Operation at Mumbai Branch, the project included:

Minimizing the Service TAT- Successfully reduced pendency from 66% to 24% (Inclusive of Customer Dependency).

Inventory Management- Utilized FSN, HML, VED, SDE and ABC Analysis.

SPU Generation and Control Audits

Marketing and Promotion - Arranged BTL Activities that helped in Marketing IFB Essentials and Connect to the Customers.

Root Cause Analysis - An in depth study on highest consuming part and analysed the cause of failure, provided effective solutions to the Production Team which are currently under consideration.

Business Process Improvement - Identified key factors affecting poor AMC performance and worked on streamlining the overall process that helped in 130% growth in AMC numbers.

Business growth - Implemented Business processes with thorough understanding of market penetration and segmentation. Utilized the resources and helped in growth of business.

Data Analytics - Thorough study of data to gain insights and generate proper action plan that can facilitate in further improving the business and at the same time understanding the Spare consumption trend and minimalizing the consumption.

4.Handled Franchisee Service Operation at Jaipur Branch, the project included:

Improving the installation TAT - Successfully increased Installation Call Closure TAT (within 12 hours) from 44% to 82%.

Accounting and Finance - Created an effective business model to help the Franchisee generate profit and operate smoothly without having any over dues.

Network Expansion-Led a project on identifying and appointing a new Service Franchisee to facilitate the ease of operations as well as help the brand in delivering higher level of Service. As a leader supervised each phase of network expansion and designed a profit generating business model.

Induction - Co-ordinated and assisted in the entire induction and training procedure of the newly appointed franchisee.


1.Hyderabad Service and Business Project:

i.Effective Training Sessions that helped in improving the Capability of 5 Service Engineers by 1 level.

ii.Training and effective implementation of a modified 3Q technique helped in increasing the FTF to 72%.

iii.Business improvement in terms of AMC numbers by 110% and IFB Essentials by 121%.

2.Goa Production Stage:

Suggested certain correction procedures on assembly line (Front Load) and benchmarking department which are being worked upon at preliminary stage.

3.Mumbai Service Operation and Business Improvement Project:

i.Reduced Pendency from 66% to 24%.

ii.Increased AMC Numbers by 130%

iii.Improved Primary Billing of IFB Essentials by 136%.

4.Jaipur Network Expansion and Business Development Project:

i.Improved Installation TAT closure (within 12 hours) from 44% to 82%.

ii.Successfully set up a new Service Franchisee and assisted in the induction procedure.

iii.Increased the overall IFB essentials business by 125%.

iv.Actively involved and lead a team in conducting BTL marketing activities which helped in generating good revenue and also create brand awareness.

Internships and Projects:

1.30 days training on Industry-4.0(Digitization in Industries) at BOSCH Ltd. Jaipur.

PROJECT ASSIGNED: Bulk material consumption in the sub-assembly.

Worked on a project on number of reverting pins on the sub-assembly line and maintenance of the stock, which came under the idea of Industry 4.0.The number update was checked via the weight in a manner that whenever the number reached to a minimum level a SMS was received by the person responsible for stock update.

2.35 days training on Manual testing of web pages at EbiZneeds-Jaipur

PROJECT ASSIGNED:An organization which develops web pages for e-commerce websites.

Test cases for FOXMAIDEN (Australian based ecommerce website). Also helped me in learning the process of streamlining business functions for higher profitability and increase my proficiency.

Computer Skills:

1. MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint and MS-Excel.

Extracurricular Activities:

1.Senior Coordinator - Technical committee, BIT Mesra.

2.Achieved positions in various debate competitions at School and College level.

3.Active participant of BIT-MUN.

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: December 17, 1994

Father’s Name: Mr. Praveen Parnami

Gender: Female

Languages known: English, Hindi, German(Certification A1-Level)

Hobbies: Reading, Adventure Sports.


I, hereby declare that all the above details are true to the best of my knowledge.


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