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Engineer Chemical Engineering

Ajman, Ajman Emirate, United Arab Emirates
September 23, 2018

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Linked.Mobile com/Phone: lina-abduljawad-a*nlina@(+971) 567 hotmail.U.5595b053 A.004 E. Dubai com 561 LINA FOUZI ABDUL JAWAD

OBJECTIVE Female Management Engineering, Chemical Scientific of Laboratory, Engineer Research with Refinery Training and Higher Oil Engineering, Administrative Education. Gas Experience Processing in SKILLS EXPERIENCE & ABILITIES Ability presentation communication the technology developing knowledge lab Petroleum LECTURER From CHEMICAL tests organization, 2017 to using provide IN ENGINEERING products, and course into – BMC To skills, various experience the skills Now a instruction INSTITUTION, curriculum high both learning petrochemicals, and lab degree theoretical TEACHER a equipment of demonstrated environment at laboratory as of various DUBAI, per computer AND and accreditation lube and BUSINESS U.levels practical, management A.documenting oils, and competency E. literacy within teaching product DIRECTOR excellent and and the systems international to blending methodology, results demonstrated program interact verbal IN TECHNICAL and and and with areas, and able working standards, testing.experience written people ability to effective STAFF, perform knowledge to at excellent integrate CHEMICAL all in analytic levels of of ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT, FACULTY OF CHEMICAL & PETROLEUM ENGINEERING, AL-BAATH UNIVERSITY, From TRAINING 2008 INSTRUCTOR - SYRIA To 2017 IN PRODUCTION & DESIGN DEPARTMENT, FACULTY OF MECHANICAL

& FromSYRIA LABORATORY ELECTRICAL 2001 - 2008 ENGINEER ENGINEERING, AND AL-TRAINING BAATH UNIVERSITY, ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT, FACULTY OF CHEMICAL & PETROLEUM ENGINEERING, AL-BAATH UNIVERSITY, EDUCATION SYRIA From MASTER 1994 DEGREE - 2001 IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING (PETROLEUM REFINING ENGINEERING) COMPLETED IN (10 / DECEMBER / 2001) FROM FACULTY OF CHEMICAL & PETROLEUM ENGINEERING, IELTS ICDL Computer Gold Plugging Property Ministry Medal (certificate International of Point Protection Training Supply of Invention AL-(C.with F.BAATH & P.Center Computer (P.Home IOP) overall ) of “Producing UNIVERSITY Syrian & in Trade Directorate Syria.Band Driving Gas in Score Catalysts Syria, Oil)IN License) SYRIA of ” 5.awarded 2001. 0 Commercial to WITH completed Reduce by THE the & the ESTIMATION Industrial Organization in Pour (3/August/Point Property OF (of P.HONORARY. 2011) P.Individual ) & Protection Cold from Filter SBI in

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