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Engineer Manager

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
September 22, 2018

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Akhilesh Tiwari


Career Objective

An artificer chiseled for the challenging environment which offers scope for economic growth, development and enterprising my practical and learning skills to effectively contribute towards the achievement of the organizational objective. Technical Skills

Erection & Commissioning, BMR, ERP, SOP, DPR, P & ID Diagram, Control Valve Loop, Tracing

& Tracer in Pipe line, SAP Module, Production Warehouse, Kaizen, MSDS, Yokogawa Module P& ID based PLC Controller, Safety Device HTA, AFT, RTD, Production Planning, HTA Module. Utility Costing, Cooling Water Pump Operation, Priming, Seal Leakage, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Flushing Fluid System. Hot Thermionic Oil(Fuel Oil) Work Experience

Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd(Gajrula, up, India)Senior Engineer( Acetyl Operation, Design &MIS)

To work on SCADA PANEL for continuous Operation Azetropic Distillation Column Ethyl Ethanoate Plant process, Absorption Column, Raffinate,CSTR based Continuous Reactor its trouble shooting, Debottlenecking. To keep watch on productivity abnormility as least, to Maiatain Documentation of HIRA, MSDS, TPM,Steam Costing, Housekeeping,Handling batch unit operation and continuous unit operation of ethyl acetate, acetic anhydride, raffinate unit operation, Blending.

To provide training to all 7shift engineer, 32 Senior process chemist Of any new process of plant Changeover.

To work on BAAN Software, Batch Yield, Inventory,Productivity, TO continuous keep on smooth operation without abnormilities .

To participate in CSIR Safety proggram continuously under "sanklp " Hazop Studies of Acetyl Division exam Passed Certificate( Dekra Inc Chilworth Technology Pvt Ltd,2018)

Shift Engineer Jan 2015 - Sepetmber 2017


Akhilesh Tiwari


To handle 25 manpower during operation, To Run Batches as per USFDA Guidelines,check log sheet properly without deviation under norms of USFDA.

• To Check productivity yield, cost saving of utilities, Kaizen Norms to follow up on Production Site,Productivity, yield, reduce operation of batch ti,e cycle.

• To ensure that the daily production is met.

• Strong Operation Control Trouble shooting & Debottlenecking.

• To Control De-hydrogenation and High Pressurized Autoclave, Reactor based on flushing Fluid system operate and monitor independent.

• Take Responsibility of Blending of perfumery raw material Terpenes based TA Perfumery, Finished Products storage Handling According to International Standards, as per safety norms, HAZOP, HACCAP, CGMP, WHO, HALAL based.

• To monitor and control adopting Process Optimization according to Mass-Energy Balance independently to avoid abnormalities in Simple Distillation column, Fractionating column, Ageotropic Distillation Column, Pressure Swing Adsorption Column.

• To take decision with corrective and preventive action for out of specification batches w.r.t. handling of various operation at plant of fine chemicals Viz. Adhesives, resin section, turpentine oil, pine tar, Paramenthane, Titanium catalyst, indion-140, Zinc chloride, Hydrogen peroxide.

• New products introduction (NPI), Engineering change order management (ECO), Price material process and Bill of material (BOM), Batch Manufacturing Report of Pharma Grade.

• Totally Responsible for Housekeeping of Plant, internal Audit, External Audit of Integrated Management system, to fulfillment of company subsidiaries like IFF, proctor & Gamble, Fer menich, Emami, Privi Organics, US Pharmacopia, JP Pharmacopia, Ion Exchange Ltd, Pine Tar Series MRF, APPLO Tyre.

• To keep continue watch on parameter of temperature and pressure on programmable logical controller (plc.) of distillation column, yield is coming as per desired by another sales party.

• To ensure how much catalyst to be introduce to save net batch time cycle, reaction time.

• Optimum utilization of energy in Effluent Treatment Plant, SAT Flakes Section Using Rotary drum.

• To allow Work Permit for Hot Welding Job, Pigging, Tank Inspection, Confined Area. Akhilesh Tiwari


• Process Optimization with Mass -Energy balance, Recovery of every month used Utility for process, Effective use and work function distribution of 24-30 manpower management in 8 hourly shift.

• ETP Engineer: Commissioning 600 Mcube flow rate clarrifer based Effluent Treatment Plant--- Dew India Pvt Ltd (Jan 2016 - Jan 2017)

• To implement SOP for Operation, Process, Treatment.

• To take Monthly Production of Wastage Product for Export Purpose.

• To Check, SSV, MLSS OF Aeration Floating Tank, Kaizen for better performance of COD, BOD of Effluent.

• TO give report on ERP to production Manager, Deputy Production Manager, Senior Engineer.

• Catalyst & Mulling Operation: To make Monthly Stock of titanium dioxide, opearting cost of production of Titanium di oxide, to maintain its Chemical Factor for feasibility of Isomerization, Nickel sulphate, copper sulphate, Paramanthene Hydroperoxide, K- 10 for Production Isoborneol Hydroperoxide, to check always its activity during its operation.

Production In charge (Process & production lab) Jun 2014 - December2015 Ashish Agri Foods Private Limited

• To give instruction related to Lab technician for analytical testing of fatty Acid

(Stearic Acid, palm oil, oleic Acid) as per demand of other industry.

• To operate Multiple Effect Evaporator feed rate and steam consumption analysis.

• To develop Kaizen and 5 "s" in Fatty Plant.

• To check sample of before dispatching of Vanaspati ghee, and Ph. Acid value, Purity of Glycerin, Iodine value of edible Oil

• To give instruction and check Heat exchanger used in fatty acid plant.

• To give report related to daily production of Stearic acid to General Manager of fatty acid plant. To check effective utilization of Nickel catalyst in fluidized catalytic bed fractionating packed column.


Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering

2014 FET MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly (UP) 83 % marks Akhilesh Tiwari



2009 Glen Hill English School (Varanasi) C.B.S.E Board (Delhi) 49.20 % marks High School

2007 Central Hindu Boys School (Banaras Hindu University), C.B.S.E. Board (Delhi) 62.80 % marks

Industrial Training

Analysis of Parameter of Effluent & Portable Water June 2013 – Aug 2013 Pollution Control Research Institute (BHEL) Guide: Dr. P.K. Biswas, Senior DGM, PCRI, BHEL

• To know Basic Idea practically about primary, secondary, tertiary treatment of effluent. How to manage ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSSESSMENT for any new Industry

• Effectively used Machine learning tools, Digital PH Meter, Sycnometer, BOD Incubator, Turbidity meter, Conductivity meter and Vertical laminar flow.

• Received a very good performance certificate and best remarked given by Raj Singh (Manager, BHEL, Haridwar).

Academic Seminar


Guide: Huma Warsi, FET MJPRU

Extraction OF Biodiesel from waste frying oil using TRANSESTERIFICATION Demand of biodiesel due to easy available and economically possible technology due to Mushroom like Restaurant and MC-DONALD.

Academic Project

Incineration Method in Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management Plant Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) Solid Waste Management Rules in Incineration on Method to avoid the risk of damaging areas of high environment value.


Production Department June 2013 – July 2013


(Atmospheric Vacuum 1& 2, Sulfur Recovery Unit, De-sulpho-dehydrogenation Unit) Guides: Er. Dharmendra (Process Engineer), Er. Amit Kumar (Process Engineer), Ajay Tiwari

(Supervisor, Reliance Petrochemical, Jamnagar, Bombay)

• Function of Fire &Safety Dept., How to Save Our Plant from Hazardous Things

• To Know About Modern Used Catalyst in Oil Refinery (HR- 538 Catalyst, ISOM Catalyst and TK250 Catalyst) Process of HYDROGEN Generation and Use of Flare System. Akhilesh Tiwari


• Completed Training with Sincerity& shown keen interest in Learning, Appreciated by A.B. Minz (Sr. Officer ER)

Programming Skill

• Developing industrial chemical process, some familiarity with ASPEN PRO and HAZOP Studies, C/C++ Programming

Scholastic Achievement

• t.Got first prize among management (production) in safety on "Safety is primary Resource to workers and officers, Mock Drilling.


(5th&6th) organized by IIIT, Allahabad. Interacted with NOBEL LAUREATE PROF. RUDOLF, PROF.BUCKY and discussed most burning TOPIC on Environmental Problem .

• Got 3rd Rank sponsored by University, NATIONAL- Level Quiz Competition organized by RAKSHPAL BAHADUR ENGINEERING& MANAGEMENT COLLEGE, BAREILLY in 2012

• Got 3rd Prize in creative Essay Writing Organized by AKHIL BHARTIYA STUDENT UNION in 2012 Presented a Poster Based on BIODIESEL from WASTE FRYING OIL in INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE RTMS-13 organized by MJPRU and got an appreciation letter by PROF. MATERNY (JACOB UNIVERSITY, FRANCE).

• Campus - Ambassador of IIT- BHUWNESWAR Tech fest "Wissenaire14" in advertise and co-ordinate for organizing workshop in various college campuses.

• Campus Ambassador of IIT-BOMBAY, Tech fest "Radiance-14" organized by Mechanical engineering departmen

Soft Skills

• Good presentation and communication skills.

• Ability to make judgments

• Ability to handle variety of tasks and shift priorities simultaneously

• Innovative (FRUGAL)

• Ability to work independently and in a team environment

• Dedicated towards my job

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