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Software Engineer

New York, NY
September 18, 2018

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Joanne Chou

Seeking for software engineering internship in Summer 2019


New York, NY


New York University, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Stern School of Business New York, NY M .S. in Information System M AY 2020

N ational Taiwan University Taipei, Taiwan

B .S. in Computer Science and Information Engineering J UN 2015 EXPERIENCE

DataSpring Inc. J UL 2017 - JUN 2018

S oftware Engineer Shanghai, China

- Reduced 20% financial expense by fixing system and finance mismatch.

- Increased 30% user loyalty by refactoring exchange process.

- Lead the development of API for mobile application.

- Maintained survey software and data collection platform providing high-quality online and mobile samples in Asia. Data Insights Research Lab, Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica F EB 2016 - MAR 2017 R esearch Assistant, Advised by Prof. Kuan-Ta Chen T aipei, Taiwan

- Implemented D ata Science Jobs Board for T aiwan Data Science Foundation using Slim Framework (PHP) and MySQL.

- Implemented a charitable article recommendation platform, helping matching the donors and someone in need. Built new user interface, user experience and website flow, data collection for libfm training and recommended system. (PHP, MySQL, Python, R, JavaScript)

- Reconstructed S martdonor designed for financial transparency of NPOs in Taiwan. Data Science in Taiwan Conference F EB 2016 - MAR 2017 Web developer T aipei, Taiwan

- Built the conference website (w eb) and landing pages for series activities (w eb) eSkyGo Ltd. J UL 2015 - NOV 2015

Front End Web Developer T aipei, Taiwan

- Maintained crowdfunding platform Wuyouchou, responsible for the Front End part (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, Java).

- Front End lead for WeChat application Intelliparking (HTML5 web app), used node.js, dust.js and other Front End technology and responsible for Front End and Back End integration. Participated in product planning. Finpo Creative Design J UL 2014 - MAY 2015

Back End Web Developer T aipei, Taiwan

- Used PHP with MVC framework (Zend) and MySQL to built customize e-commerce website, responsible for the Back End programming with maintainable database. Created RESTful APIs for Front End development, including Travel goods website, Maternal and infant supplies e-commerce website, Bakery website and Order Manage System for painting seller with online image editor for customers from eBay.

- Built Back End GUI with Ext.js.

- API integration including migrating Wow!News contents into MSN news and credit card payment gateway integration. Language Technologies Laboratory, National Taiwan University J UL 2013 - JUL 2014 R esearch Assistant, Advised by Prof. Z hao-Ming Gao T aipei, Taiwan

- Researched in natural language processing, language data processing and analysis, machine learning for National Science Council plan, using R, Python, Perl. Analyzed likelihood-ratio test of Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars and lexical (w eb) .

- Built elementary school textbook corpus using data from Kang Hsuan Educational (w eb) .

- Developed software for language research by the Language Training & Testing Center (L TTC) and Graduate Institute of Linguistics at National Taiwan University (G IL, NTU) using data from General English Proficiency Test (GEPT). Rebuilt The LTTC English Learner Corpus (w eb) with new search features including C ollocation Search for understanding commonly collocation usage mistakes, K eyword Search for understanding usage frequency and common mistakes of specific keywords and N gram Search for searching phrases and idioms. LEADERSHIP

Registration and Reception Leader, Data Science in Taiwan Conference 2016 Volleyball Team Captain, NTU CS Dept. 2014

Artist Director, NTU x National Chengchi University Orientation Camp 2013 Artist Director, NTU CS Dept. Performance 2013

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