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oracle database administrator

Greenbelt, MD
September 18, 2018

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Oracle Database Administrator



A talented, resourceful and a certified Oracle DBA with over five years of solid experience in oracle database administration in an enterprise production environment across multiple platforms, with the ability to provide proficient technical support in all aspects of database administration including Installation and Configuration, Database Security, Golden Gate Replication, Database Cloning, Memory management, Performance monitoring and tuning, RAC, Data Guard, Backup and Recovery, Upgrade and Patching, OEM, Grid control, Migration.



Bachelor’s Degree ( Electrical Engineering ), minor ( Information Technology )


Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Security +


Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c

Operating Systems:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7,Unix Solaris 9, Windows Server 2008, 2012 R2


SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, Bash and Perl Scripting


SQL*Plus, SQL Loader, Toad, Sql Navigator,(OEM) Enterprise Manager, OEM Grid Control, RMAN, SQL*Loader, Exp/Imp/Data Pump, Log miner, Statspack/AWR, DBCA, DBUA, ADDM, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Managements Services (OMS), Real Application Clusters (RAC), ASM, SRVCTL,


IBM - Columbia, MO

Oracle Database Administrator /Production Support

April 2016 -Present

Resolving tickets related to Network Congestion, Memory (SGA and PGA, CPU & I/O) and other oracle related issues.

Managed Container and pluggable databases.

Worked with 12c new features like Redaction policy, adaptive query optimization, and Restore table through RMAN (PITR on a table) etc.

As a team, Configured and Managed Golden Gate for Unidirectional and Bidirectional Replication.

Applying maintenance and interim patches on all databases using the Opatch utility.

Provide support to developers to enhance their SQL, PL/SQL code and responsible for setting up of new user accounts, schema Deployments and related user administrative tasks.

Table refreshes and schema refreshes using Datapump, expdp and impdp as well as Refreshing Dev and Test databases with data from Production on a regular basis.

Responsible for configuring Data Guard which includes a primary database and a physical standby database setup for disaster recovery and handling synchronization issues between primary and standby.

Performed migration on database from Non-ASM to ASM and Non-RAC to RAC across multiple data center.

Partitioned very large tables to improve database performance, Implemented Range, List, Hash Partitions, Create and schedule refresh for materialized views.

SQL tuning and Database Performance tuning has based on reports generated by SQL Trace, TKPROF, STATSPACK, Explain Plan, AWR, ADDM and monitor the database performance on daily basis.

Responsible for setup and implementation of 2 Node RAC on Linux in 10g and 11g R2.

Performed various tasks like Administering RAC using SRVCTL, adding nodes and instances, Administering Storage Components, Parameter Management, and Configuring High Availability Features for RAC.

Environment: Oracle 11g/11g RAC, VMS, Sun Solaris, Windows Server 2008, 2012 R2,

AT&T – Dallas, TX

Oracle Database Administrator

July 2013-March 2015

Scheduled repetitive activities like gathering schema statistics, exports, tablespace usage report using crontab.

Applied RDBMS patches, security patches for improving the security and functionality of the databases.

Installing, configuring and maintaining Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 10g to monitor and managing the databases.

Configuring Data Guard to ensure high availability, data protection and disaster recovery for enterprise data.

Used import/export utilities for cloning/migration of small sized databases and Datapump.

24 X 7 Production & Development database support and administration.

Diagnosed Oracle bugs and coordinated with Oracle support to resolve them in timely manner.

Automated the processes like moving files, managing alert log, efficient backup by developing UNIX scripts.

Loading data from flat files to database using SQL*Loader, External Tables.

Performed SQL oracle contention and monitored production database using automatic workload repository (AWR), automatic database diagnostic monitor (ADDM) and Active Session History (ASH).

Refreshed/cloned databases using RMAN utility.

Documented the Standard Processes for peers to follow.

Tuned database performance and optimized slow running queries using Explain-Plan, SQL-Trace, STATS PACK reports and AWR Reports. Provided recommendations using ADDM reports. Analyzed the trace files Using TKPROF utility.

Developed compliance reports and performed auditing at higher levels.

Extensively used Data pump, conventional export/import utilities for loading data to and from databases, for logical backups and migration of databases.

Monitored and optimized the performance of the database application using OEM alongside with customized shell scripts.

Environment: Oracle,, IBM AIX V6.1, Linux, RAC, ASM, RMAN, AWR, ADDM, SQL* Plus, SQL*Loader, OEM, TOAD 10.0.


Expert in implementing High Availability solutions with Oracle 11g RAC, Oracle Data Guard and Real time replication using Golden gate.

Proficient in setting up logical Standby Database supported by ORACLE DATAGUARD for disaster recovery purpose.

Proficient in Database administration activities such as user management, space management, Monitoring, Creating Database, Managing Oracle Instance and Database security and Materialized Views.

Experience in performing point in time recovery at times of necessity.

High ability to analyze and understand the AWR reports and can fine-tune the databases for maximum performance.

Experienced in Oracle installations, upgrades, patches, backup and recovery, migration, configuring logical/physical architecture, SQL, Tuning, Security and auditing,, performance tuning, and cloning on the above said versions

Configure Manager, Replicate and Extract processes and implement bidirectional replication using Golden Gate.

Performed installation, configuration and maintenance of oracle 11g/12c, 11g RAC databases.

Delivering Oracle Database performance-tuning services for customers with Explain Plan, Tkprof, StatsPack, and SQL Trace.

Experience in tuning database and memory components for optimal performance using AWR, ADDM and ASH reports.

Expertise in setup, installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of several Oracle tools and utilities like Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer in various versions.

Excellent knowledge in Flashback Recovery, Hot/Cold Backup and Cloning/Refresh of databases using RMAN.

High ability to interpret, analyse, understand the AWR reports, and fine-tune the databases for maximum performance.

Expertise in implementing partitioning methodologies (Range partitioning, List partitioning, Hash partitioning, Composite partitioning) on tables and indexes for high performance.

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