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Guilford, CT
September 18, 2018

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David G Prather

Northford, CT *****



Meticulous Quality Assurance Specialist with over 15 years of experience, which includes 7 years of managing suppliers and 4 years of M8 rail car inspections. Flexibility to perform in both self-directed and team environments. Characterized as a knowledgeable individual with keen intuition and talents to develop productive working relationships and motivate teams comprised of all professional levels. Innovative thought leader with reputation for discovering new ways to do things better, faster, and more economical.


Mechanical Aptitude

Electronic Test Equipment

Microsoft office

Measuring, Devices, Calipers, Micrometers, etc.

Blue Print Reading

Product Quality Deficiency Reports (PQDR)

ACE Associate Certified

First Article Inspection (FAI)


Production, Preparation, Process (3P)

Certified Fire Fighter/EMT

ISO9001 auditing and quality management standards

Circuit Schematic Interpretations

Lean/6S Manufacturing Principles



Quality Assurance Engineer, M8 CSR Shop, New Haven, CT

Responsible for scheduling, the implementation and the inspection of all supplier FMI’s that are performed and then get customer sign off.

Generate work reports for customer acceptance and first article inspections on all Field Modification Instructions (FMI’s) cars resulting in Metro North Railroad buyoff.

Lead the Scheduling and performing of demonstrations of new FMI’s, which results in Metro North Railroad acceptance and the CSR Shop implementing onto the entire fleet.

Responsible for ensuring quality directives are implemented, all tools requiring calibration are sent out and auditing of processes on the shop floor to validate all equipment and processes are meeting the ISO 9001 standards.

Support the movement and set up of the fall arrest safety system, leading to zero fall related injuries.

Inspect all incoming cars prior to modification and final inspect all outgoing M8 rail cars after modifications.

Lead on writing and implementing root cause and corrective action plans on the shop floor and with our suppliers to help eliminate escapes.

Manage special projects including the installation of Positive Train Control (PTC) on the entire fleet of M8 rail cars and the quality clinic.

Member of the CSR shop Safety Committee.

SIKORSKY AIRCRAFT, A United Technologies Company 2003 – 2013

Quality Engineer, North Haven, CT (2010 – 2013)

Sikorsky Aerospace Services (SAS), Stationed at New Breed Logistics

Checked blue prints and other technical data when parts were not marked or damage occurred, resulting in root cause analysis and corrective action towards various vendors or warehouse employees on the non-conforming material.

Led initial investigation on incoming non-conforming material on Product Quality Deficiency Reports (PQDRs) within the Government Furnished Equipment crib to determine party responsible for deficiencies.

Performed weekly packaging and dock audits to meet the Military Packaging Standards outlined by the Government, which reduced the number of high drivers by 90%.

Worked closely with Material Analysts at the end of each month to place high dollar material on deliveries to be sent out of the warehouse to ensure monthly revenue goals met.

Performed regular audits against ISO9001 revision c standards to validate vendor’s were in compliance.

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ACE Coordinator, Aerostructures, Bridgeport, CT (2008-2010)

Performed layout of Production Preparation Process (3P) for a brand new manufacturing facility, which allowed several hundred employees to move their operation from one facility to another.

Managed a team of four ACE Pilots on the shop floor performing lean manufacturing, visual identification, turnbacks and 6S which led to the factory obtaining ACE Gold certification.

Sr. Tech A, Mfg/Prod/Ind/Mds and Stds (Whirl Stand), Stratford, CT (2004 – 2008)

Balanced and inspected main rotor blades for military and commercial helicopters in order for the helicopters to be able to maintain flight.

Performed daily and weekly upkeep of the whirl stand operations such as changing out inserts of the blade cuff adaptors on the rotor head in order to balance the blades.

Performed weekly Total Preventative Maintenance, ensuring there would be no catastrophic failures.

Plant Protection Officer, Armed Security, Stratford, CT (2003 – 2004)

Verified identification of contractors, foreign national visitors and regular employees, cultivating safe and secure environment with low number of incidences.

Inspected vehicles that entered the grounds of multiple plant locations and performed random checks of items carried by visitors, limiting suspicious activity on grounds.

Provided initial medical care until individual was transferred to an outside agency.

NORTH AMERICAN WIRELESS SOLUTIONS, LLC, Nextel Customer Care Center 2002 – 2003

Branford, CT

Account Executive

Performed daily acquisitions, assisted customers in the selection and sale of Nextel phones, products and services.

Organized promotion set-ups and monitored inventory levels to match business demands.


Wallingford, CT

Network Technician (2000 – 2002)

Managed the operation, maintenance and upkeep of 16 cell sites and 4 paging sites.

Performed troubleshooting of analog, CDMA, T-1s and related telephone equipment, in order to have uninterrupted cellular service for customers.

Associate Engineer, RF System Design (1996 – 2000)

Generated, maintained and reported on various databases by performing pre- and post-cellular drive tests on suspected trouble areas, identifying geographical deficiencies in cellular coverage.

Performed test transmits for new cell sites by erecting transmitter at the proposed height, confirming that specifications set by engineer would provide adequate coverage.


AS, Computer Engineering Technology, Gateway Community Technical College, North Haven, CT

Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) – Associate and Practitioner, ITO University Foundations

Connecticut Commercial Drivers License - Class B with Tanker Endorsement (CDL-B)

Powered Industrial Vehicles (Fork Lifts, Boom lifts, Scissor lifts and Golf carts)


Confidential and Secret


Northford Volunteer Fire Department Company #2, Northford, CT 1998-Present

Member: Medical Committee and Rapid Intervention Team (R.I.T.)

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