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Highland, CA
September 18, 2018

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Extensive experience in strategic technology planning as well as IT infrastructure deployment and management in the transportation, technology vendor, government and defense sectors. This includes program, project and product management, and executive management, in small firms and large private enterprises and in the public sector. Work history spans technology roadmaps, requirements and feasibility studies, system architecture, system specification, deployment planning, system integration oversight, commissioning and operations management. Served as CIO of two firms (an Oracle/Sun/BEA VAR and a large trucking company), established and led a public-sector IT unit of approximately 100 persons with responsibility for all midrange technology for a user community of 23,000 users and (as a contractor) led enterprise-wide IT task forces for McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu and Ingram Micro. Led business/market development activities in the transportation sector for products and services of major technology and defense firms.

Expert in the planning, acquisition and deployment of technology infrastructure, particularly servers and storage systems, and in the application of advanced technology to the home workplace. Excellent communicator: author of five books, including two published worldwide by McGraw-Hill and over 100 professional and trade papers, also writing regular columns in technology and general publications.

Also, please note that most consulting assignments undertaken were as mandated leader of IT task forces and similar initiatives within F-100 corporations, not conducting 'studies'.

>>> Have renewable TN visa via our U.S. company so NO SPONSORSHIP IS REQUIRED.

Blockchain enthusiast – actively exploring how Blockchain (within and among enterprises) will enable workplace decentralization and spur dramatic growth of the home workplace. Have written extensively on self-navigating queries and peer-to-peer automated networking. Also very interested in Blockchain for supply chain / transportation applications.


Honors Bachelor and Masters degrees in Public Administration (Carleton University, Ottawa) each with extensive major in transportation engineering and minor in systems.


Workplace Technologies Corporation (WTC)

WTC is a strategic technology planning and management consulting firm, based in southern California. Most consulting engagements are long-term contracts for major transportation firms, system vendors or governments which involve creation and leadership of new IT initiatives either by acting in line management capacities or by leading task forces, working groups or project teams.

>>> All transportation-related projects are marked in blue text.

Managed all of the following projects in the roles indicated:

Program Manager – Documentation and Process Team – DIRECTV, El Segundo, CA

Built and led a large cross-functional team to chart all workflow for a system architecture / engineering organization as well as to establish a documentation management regime. Also led initial requirements initiative for a comprehensive technical reference system spanning document management, architecture, and configuration management database (CMDB).

Transition Project Manager – Cross Functional, Atos, San Diego, CA

Led project office for a five-year $43-70M outsource program for Atos on behalf of the City of San Diego including planning, risk and issue management, definition and development of the documentation base, representing Atos on various City change management and configuration management boards plus oversight of major infrastructure and service procurements.

Senior Project Manager, New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization, Fredericton, NB

Managed a multi-phase hurricane/nuclear event evacuation planning project for the Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) of the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station including methodology and software tools research and selection plus designing and leading an Evacuation Planning Workshop

Formed and led a 30-member joint government-contractor team to develop and validate the off-site emergency plan, document lessons learned and create an evacuation planning kit.

Senior Technology Advisor, Enterprise Architecture, Health Canada, Ottawa, ON

Developed a comprehensive assessment of current adherence to vendor, industry, national and international standards for the Canadian federal health ministry, including recommendations for future standards adherence for each component of the enterprise architecture.

Provided the CIO and Chief Architect with a current-state assessment of the application and infrastructure components of the enterprise architecture including specific recommendations for near-term remedial measures.

Project Manager, Ingram Micro, Santa Ana, CA

Planned, established and chaired Global Server Infrastructure Strategy Task force, a group of 30 IT professionals charged with planning a comprehensive governance, architecture, sourcing and operational regime to accomplish a refresh of all shared computing including data centers, all servers and networks for the next several years - included data center survey, server inventory, computing demand survey, governance framework and a detailed gap analysis against ITIL V3 requirements.

Managed a two-country SI procurement project as part of a global SAP rollout. Conducted a lessons-learned review and produced a report recommending changes to procurement process.

Planned and launched a more extensive Procurement Development Project aimed at improving the functional, documentary and automation aspects of IS-related procurement.

Project Manager, Department of National Defence, Ottawa, ON

Building on the previous project, led the Army Core Architecture Construct (ACAC) proof of concept effort for a less complex, but more powerful, defence architecture construct able to support representation, architecture, modelling, simulation and experimentation uses.

Project Manager, Department of National Defence, Ottawa, ON

Led Army Command Support Architecture (ACSA) Strategy project, extending earlier work to define the overall technology management strategy and architecture strategy for the Canadian Army; this included leading three stakeholder workshops and creating the ACAC, an Army-specific architecture approach, but aligned with the DND Architecture Framework (DNDAF) and hence also the DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF).

Architecture Consultant, Department of National Defence, Ottawa, ON

Advised and assisted Defence Research Development Canada (DRDC) regarding the application of the DND Architecture Framework (DNDAF) to the Operational Command Building, a new unified facility for the four existing Canadian Forces operational commands. Led project to define a role for DRDC in improving the practice of operational architecture (OA) and the application of modelling, simulation and experimentation (MSE) activities to OA within the Armed Forces.

Executive Consultant, Department of National Defence, Ottawa, ON

Created Capability Objectives for the second-generation deployment release of the Land Forces C2IS which is an Army command/control system.

Project Manager, Alberta First Nations Technical Services Advisory Group, Edmonton, AB

Established definition and functional model for new multi-purpose data centre including physical and system configurations, cost estimate and build plan.

Executive Consultant, Strategic Planning, Air Cargo Security, Transport Canada, Ottawa, ON

Leveraging past civil aviation, security and emergency management experience, provided comprehensive strategic technology planning/management advisory function for the Canadian federal transportation ministry’s Air Cargo Security Unit – activities included review and assessment of Canadian, U.S. and international air cargo security documentation, recommendations regarding program development, participation in multi-agency portals and development of a simulation-capable data/process architecture.

Project Manager, Composite Warning Systems for xwave, an Aliant company, Ottawa, ON

Building on earlier emergency management work for xwave, conceived, sold and managed delivery of a project (with a team of five) for the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA) to conduct a risk analysis of their current Emergency Public Warning System (EPWS) and to develop a strategic plan to evolve it into a multi-component Composite Warning System (CWS).

Project Manager, Strategic Marine Security Emergency Planning for Transport Canada, Ottawa, ON

Led high-level strategic policy planning project to initiate a Canadian program to harmonize with the American Marine Operational Threat Response (MOTR) plan – this included identifying the key counterpart legislation, regulations, plans, agencies and linkages among them which would need to be involved in the establishment of a comprehensive Canadian capability to mirror any part – or all – of MOTR where a threat or incident situation touches both Canada and the U.S..

Chair, IT Strategy Project Core Team for Canadian Border Services Agency, Ottawa, ON

Led effort to establish an IT Strategy Program Office, develop project charter, workplan, IT vision statement and a large group of pro-forma and working documents for a Canadian federal government agency with a population of approximately 12,000.

Director Strategic Planning for xwave, an Aliant company, Ottawa, ON

Established and managed Strategic Planning Unit responsible for new business development activities for a systems firm of 1200, specializing defence/aerospace and public safety software and integration. Specific responsibilities related to establishing xwave in the California and DC (U.S. federal) markets, leveraging existing offerings to evolve a suite of emergency management products and launching civil transportation systems in the aviation, rail and highway modes and for intermodal facilities.

Director Strategic Planning for xwave, an Aliant company, Ottawa, ON

Established and managed Strategic Planning Unit responsible for new business development activities for a systems firm of 1200, specializing defence/aerospace and public safety software and integration. Specific responsibilities related to establishing xwave in the California and DC (U.S. federal) markets, leveraging existing offerings to evolve a suite of emergency management products and launching civil transportation systems in the aviation, rail and highway modes and for intermodal facilities. The latter includes AVL/GPS systems.

Senior Technology Management Consultant for Public Works Govt. Services Canada, Ottawa, ON

Managed Governance / Service Strategy Development for an Information Management Registry Pilot project intended to ultimately provide access to all formal content records for the Government of Canada, including cost-opportunity-benefit assessment and definition of governance structure.

Project Manager for Agriculture / Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa, ON

Managed a Strategic Infrastructure Roadmap Project setting out the business, operational and technical direction for a community of over 7000 end-users, addressing desktop, middleware, servers, process, user support and other areas – established follow-up Infrastructure Transformation Program.

Project Manager for Department of National Defence, Ottawa, ON

managed the initial phase of the Army Consolidated Architecture Framework (ACAF) project to develop the operational architecture for the Canadian Army, based on the U.S. DoD Architecture Framework (DODAF) – formed project team, organized project, modified DODAF for Canadian use in collaboration with U.S. Army – this project included solicitation of SME/stakeholder input, creation of a family of artifacts, quality control and artifact promulgation.

Product Development Project Manager for Parliant Corporation, Syracuse NY / Ottawa, ON

managed a strategic telecommuting / home workplace product definition/development, market development and distribution planning project (based on previous home workplace experience) for a computer-telephony integration (CTI) product vendor – project also included field work in southern California.

Government-on-Line / E-Business Strategy Project Manager for Government of Canada

conducted a Web Services / Application Hosting Strategic Framework project for the Assistant Deputy Minister - GTIS of Pubic Works Government Services Canada (PWGSC) including authoring a White Paper, undertaking consultations with six client departments and producing a strategic framework document including business risks and a high-level implementation plan;

Developed Request for Proposals (RFP) for a major E-Forms and workflow procurement project, for approx. 4500 users for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC);

Detailed continuance planning and initial program office development for multi-agency, ebXML based E-Forms and workflow project involving the RCMP, CCRA and Health Canada;

Established INAC E-Forms related infrastructure strategy also spanning workflow and groupware needs plus ebXML planning / implementation requirements;

Established the strategic planning agenda for the IT / telecommunications organization to migrate all program delivery to Web-based client service for a governmental organization with over 180,000 employees – total program value approximately $2B - also led development of a migration planning kit for local line managers – some details of projects are classified.

ISS Hosting Program Manager for Amdahl Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA

Managed the development of a Application Service Provider (ASP) / Application Infrastructure Provider (AIP) hosting program delivery capability within the IS organization to serve all Amdahl/DMR hosting customers – responsible for organization design, planning, and budgeting plus individual project estimating, chartering, launch and execution – included retaining and training project managers as well as re-orientation of existing IS staff.

UCMS Program Manager for Amdahl Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA

Managed multi-phase Application Infrastructure Provider hosting program for major system vendor including program development and rollout of first phase project involving Sun (Solaris) and Fujitsu (NT) servers, Oracle, Siebel CRM and private subnet for Amdahl customer UCMS – also contributed to business planning and development activities – managed team of 30.

Principal Consultant, Strategic Planning for California Public Employee Retirement System, Sacramento, CA

Served as principal consultant and author for a Strategic Information System Plan covering business, operational and technical issues for a state agency which manages $170B of assets.

Program Manager, External Web Hosting for Hewlett Packard Corporation, Palo Alto, CA

Organized and led the External Web Hosting Program Team which was responsible for planning and managing the outsourcing of approximately 800-1000 customer-facing web sites, with an estimated total program value of $275M.

CIO for Infosys Corp, an E-Business / Internet Development firm and VAR

Acted as Interim CIO, leading the development of a Technology Management Plan and implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system;

Planned, organized and led development of E-Business product/service strategy as Chair of the E-Business Steering Committee (EBSC);

Developed first-draft business plan for existing and new (E-Business) offerings.

Program Director for Blockbuster Video, Dallas TX

Organized and established program office for a multi-phase E-Commerce web site development program valued at approx. $20M.

Program Manager for Boeing Commercial Airplane Group (BCAG), The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA

Program consisting of five application projects, plus server acquisition, to modernize most business systems for a unit performing modifications to in-service transport aircraft;

Led enterprise-wide Collaborative Computing Review Team (CCRT) responsible for developing a multi-vendor groupware strategy including requirements, application review, issue of a large Request for Information (RFI) to industry, development of an appropriate technology architecture and establishment of implementation mechanisms for an undertaking with an estimated value of approximately $300M;

Advised Chief Technology Officer on integration of Douglas Products Division technology base with that of BCAG heritage;

Advised regarding home workplace / telecommuting technology strategy development.

Program Manager for Douglas Aircraft Company, McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Long Beach, CA

Comprehensive Technology Strategy Study establishing technology direction, recommended architecture and ongoing planning framework for a user community of approximately 1500 in the Product Support Division - also led company-wide effort to establish an electronic drawing storage/retrieval system;

Independent review of Electronic Maintenance and Operations Documentation (EMOD) project conducted for Vice President, Customer Support;

Development of User Requirements Document and RFP for Warehouse Management System acquisition;

Independent review and procurement plan for Service Bulletin Processing System (each project valued in millions of dollars details are proprietary to MDC).

Project Manager for Lear Astronics, Santa Monica, CA

Established bid strategy for the F-18E/F fuel control system;

Conducted rail and highway electronics business development and product definition for firm with annual revenues over $120M, which is now pursuing collaborative launch of rail electronics product line with multi-year investment commitments based on this work.

Perley Technologies (1990) Corporation / PTC, Ottawa and California 1990 – 1996

(5.5 years; PTC was merged into WTC in 1996; Became President of WTC at that time.)

Independent consultancy specializing in open computing systems technology and transportation systems. Recent projects include:

Developed strategic technology architecture for a high confidentiality enterprise-wide, client-server application for a Canadian federal government organization, on subcontract to AIT Corporation of Ottawa (multi-million dollar project; details are confidential).

Developed information technology organization structure and high-level plan, and preliminary technology architecture, for Transport Canada, Air Navigation Systems organization in support of the privatization of air traffic control in Canada (architecture is national in scope - current technology budget of organization is in the hundreds of millions of dollars).

Developed strategic technology architecture and technical specification for the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) Interim Electronic Warfare Operations Support Centre (project value approx. $2M; other details are Classified).

Conducted rail and highway electronics business development and product definition for LEAR Astronics (LEAR, with annual revenues over $120M, is now launching a rail electronics product line with multi-year investment commitments based on this work).

Conducted formal assessment of the applicability of XPG4 (X/Open Portability Guide level 4) to Department of National Defence system architecture (results have since been incorporated into new procurements valued at millions of dollars).

Conducted business development and technology planning for AMCI, an electronics firm owned by the Union Pacific Railroad (AMCI has annual revenues of approx. $30M; firm made strategic product launch decisions based on this work).

Conducted rail and truck electronics business development project for Canadian Marconi Company (CMC), including market and product strategies, collaborative relationships, customer contacts and a business plan (CMC, a firm of $250-300M annual revenues, set their product strategy and launched new highway electronics products based on this work). This included on-board computer systems and AVL/GPS.

Co-managed internal office automation technology architecture for the Ottawa office of Coopers-Lybrand (the recommended architecture was subsequently implemented in Ottawa as a potential pilot for other branches).

Co-managed preliminary technology architecture for a comprehensive human resources application for the Public Service Commission (project, valued at $5M, proceeded to implementation).

Managed development of open system application profiles, technical specifications and RFP documents for Employment and Immigration Canada (now called HRDC) (project was incorporated into overall departmental technology architecture).

Transport Canada, Ottawa, Ontario 1988 - 1990

Director, Intermediate Informatics, Information Management Services

(2.5 years; program was successfully implemented; resigned to launch small business due in part to subsequent major re-organization of Transport Ministry.)

Reporting to the Director General, Information Management Services, planned/implemented a program for the acquisition of an estimated 400 mid-range UNIX servers within the Canadian federal government department of transportation. Program value estimated at $230M. Transport Canada was a community of approximately 23,000 users spanning the aviation, airports, marine and surface modes. The program included development of a large RFP, vendor qualification, five simultaneous field trials, an extensive system administrator training program and the creation of the Intermediate Informatics Branch with a staff of 25 at Headquarters plus a further 57 in five regions plus contractors for a total of approximately 100. The Unit Level System (ULS) Establishment program was the first large-scale federal acquisition program to use open systems standards, the first to certify multiple vendors and the first to train/certify para-professional system administrators. Responsibilities also included oversight of staffing and service delivery for five regional informatics offices across Canada.

Kleysen Transport, Winnipeg, Manitoba 1987 - 1988

Director, Operations Development (Chief Information Officer)

Managed the IS Department including inflow/deployment of central systems, PC's and truck computers for a large trucking firm with more than 450 vehicles and 1200 employees. Initiated development of an integrated enterprise, departmental and personal computing network. Established preliminary technology architecture. Oversaw on-board computer / GPS program for 120 highway cabs.

Computing Devices Company, Ottawa, Ontario 1986 - 1987

Consultant, New Business Development

(22 month contract completed but not renewed because CDC's parent restricted it to military marketing only.)

Reporting to the Senior Vice President, developed and implemented business development strategy to carry signal processing, limited field RF detection and communication, electro-luminescent displays and military vehicle computers into the truck and rail electronics fields. Established working relationships and co-operative development program with truck and rail equipment OEM's and component manufacturers. Developed concepts for use of advanced technology in intermodal transportation. CDC annual revenues were approximately $100M at that time.

Perley Technologies Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario 1983 - 1985


Owned/managed a highly specialized systems consulting firm offering expertise in the office automation, computer simulation, emergency planning and transportation systems fields. The firm had fourteen employees, $1.38M annual revenues and was an authorized OEM for Mitel Kontact workstation equipment and DEC systems (Rainbow to MicroVAX) in Eastern Ontario and Southern California.

Creation of functional specification for weather briefer workstation for Atmospheric Environment Service, Environment Canada (specification was adopted and supported procurement);

Planning/installation of various computer networks and office automation systems for small and mid-sized business customers (PTC established and maintained a loyal customer base);

Planning, deployment and management of a national network of 28 Mitel workstations, a VAX mid-range system, a national E-mail system and over 400 terminals (network met user objectives);

Development of Emergency Planning Training and Research Electronic Community (EPTREC), a simulation-capable emergency management geo-coded database for Emergency Planning Canada (EPC);

Composite public warning system definition and preliminary design project at the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station for EPC and the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization (NBEMO).

Bonaventure Systems, Ottawa, Ontario 1983

Director, Special Projects

(Firm was bankrupted by hostile takeover six months after hiring.)

Responsible for the establishment and management of a new division and a product-oriented OA strategy, reporting directly to the Executive Vice President of a firm of 420 employees

Goodwood Data Systems Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario 1975 – 1983

President – Omnium/Waldan Division 1981 - 1983

(Goodwood, a firm of 100 employees with $10-12M gross revenues, was placed in receivership in 1983 by its creditors.)

Engaged in full-time management of WALDAN TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION, founded in 1975, operated full time beginning 1979 and sold in good condition to Goodwood Data Systems in 1981, thence operated as OMNIUM/WALDAN Division. Reported to the President of Goodwood; projects managed included:

Feasibility study of smart siren based composite indoor/outdoor public warning system for national use in Canada, for EPC;

Creation/execution of a full-scale emergency field exercise for the Pt. Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station for NBEMO;

Implementation of a computer-based training system at the EPC Emergency Measures College in Arnprior, Ontario;

Studies of the feasibility of a CBT system, a GIS database for emergency planning in Ontario and a civilian command/control response system - all for EPC;

Study of the feasibility of outsourcing various air services operated by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (co-operatively with another firm);

Study of the Canadian transportation capital project delivery/export capability for the Canadian Commercial Corporation;

Studies of Air Canada fleet planning and of the feasibility of various supplementary air services, based on new technology, for the Science Council of Canada.

Also managed Goodwood's Lektromedia Division which produced/sold stand-alone CBT equipment used largely in civil aviation applications. Some specific projects were:

Development of prototype/production flight deck Systems and Procedures Trainer (SPT) for the Boeing 767-200 for United Airlines;

Corporate strategic planning studies in various areas including CBT product development;

Study of the feasibility of a military flight information processing system to align the display system of DND's TRACS with the Transport Canada Joint En-route Terminal System (JETS).


Member, Technology Committee, Trinity Episcopal Church, Orange, CA

Sunday School Teacher, Trinity Episcopal Church, Orange, CA

Supporter, Giraffe Conservation Alliance

Member, California Missions Foundation

Member, Theodore Roosevelt Association

Volunteer Flight Simulator Program Manager, Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum

Member, Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA), Orange County Chapter

Founding member of User Alliance for Open Systems (UAOS) and member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the Society for Computer Simulation (SCS).

Served on SAE Truck/Bus Serial Datalink Specification Committee as well as the Advanced Train Control System Communications and Locomotive Computer specification committees.

Delivered more than 50 professional papers, two books published and two currently in process.

Air Cadet Lecturer - Airframe Structures .

Wolf Cub Leader (8 years, Carp, Constance Bay and Kanata, Ontario).

Civil Air Patrol Lecturer – Transport Aircraft Technology, El-Toro Marine Base .







CALIFORNIA CANADIAN, The Bugle-Observer, Woodstock New Brunswick (2014- Present)

TECHNOLOGY COMPASS, Technology in Government Magazine, Ottawa (2005 – 2007)

This publication is read by many public-sector IT professionals throughout Canada and is also on the Web. See – search site for ‘perley’ to read recent articles. ‘

TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT, HUM Magazine, Ottawa (1993-1996)

Similar publication to Technology Management in Government as described above.





Corporation for Open Systems (COS), May 17, 1991.

ADVANCED INFORMATION HANDLING IN TRUCKS: THE FOUR REALITIES, Presented on behalf of Computing Devices Company at the 1987 Micronex Electronics Conference - Transportation Electronics Section - Winnipeg, Manitoba.

AM QUADRATURE PHASE MODULATION FOR THE ADVANCED TRAIN CONTROL SYSTEM PROJECT, Presented on behalf of Computing Devices Company at the Advanced Train Control Systems Specification Development Committee

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