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Engineer Civil

Doha, Qatar
September 18, 2018

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Shahe Mulk

Mobile: +971*********,+971*********


Civil Engineer


Present Position Civil Inspector

Nationality Pakistani, Passport # EZ0769181

Profession Civil Engineer – 8 years of experience

Qualifications BSc in Civil Engineering

Visa Status Employment Dubai

Driving License Valid, Dubai UAE

Approvals: Approved from RTA Dubai (UAE )

Approved from KPK Highway Authority (Pakistan)

Employer Outline

AECOM Dubai : May 2017 to Till Date

ALCAT Contracting Company QATAR : Aug 2016 to March 2017

Ghantoot Group of Construction UAE. : Feb 2015 to Jul 2016

Nespak Engineering consultant PAKISTAN. : May 2011 to Jan 2015

Qualification Experience

Profitable results-oriented, manage multi-disciplines businesses, competent professional engineer with 08 Years of versatile experience with Consultants and reputed Contractors in the Position of Site Civil Engineer and Civil Inspector. Carrying out duties of Civil Inspector. Checking of as built drawings and shop drawings. Roads & Ramps, Retaining walls, relocation of Sewer lines, Irrigation lines, Water lines and new Drainage network. My responsibilities are for all kind of Road works, Earth works Asphalt etc. Assuring the accuracy of work done by contractor. Preparation of Daily and Monthly reports. Reporting to the higher authority about progress status and cause of delays during execution of works also considering safety aspects. Checking of Road drawings Road slopes cross fall camber vertical curves horizontal curves lowest point for drainage purpose and road alignment.

Execute safe safety - quality projects works with valuable returns of municipal water, wastewater, storm water projects, and reporting Resident Engineer.

Roads Services and Utilities Works

Road Works:

Supervising work as per planning, programme and specifications.

Prepare Quality Inspection/Observation Report and Non- Compliance Report (NCR) to any findings on works on site that has any deviation with the approved plans and specifications.

Checking and verifying contractor’s as built drawings, cross sections.

To oversee quality control and safety matters on the site, and ensure that regulations are adhered to.

Inspection of Embankment, sub grad, Aggregates and Asphaltic works with respect to the construction methodologies, workmanship and equipment.

Rolling, break down or initial rolling, Intermediate rolling and Finished rolling.

Road diversion works, traffic management works, trial trenches works, gantry sign board fixing etc.


Employer: AECOM Dubai – March 2018 to till Date

Working with AECOM Dubai on RTA Project Roads and Infrastructures works in Ruwayya CM1003-12

Position: Civil Inspector

Duties and Responsibilities: -

Ensure performance of the work in strict accordance with the plans and specifications.

Maintain a detailed diary of the day’s work activities, issues, work approved or rejected, hours of operation, labor and equipment used, etc. and sign at the end of each day.

Interface with the public, especially residents and business owners adjacent to the work to mitigate the construction impacts.

Coordinate with the contractor’s Engineers in charge of the work on a daily basis to advice on the proper execution of the work.

Coordinate with the Materials Inspector / Materials Engineer and arrange for sampling and testing of satisfactorily completed work, and quality assurance testing of suspect materials.

Coordinate with the Surveyors to check the line and grade of completed work for conformance with the plans and specifications.

Report questionable methods of operation by the Contractor to the concerned Engineer.

Report to the concerned Engineer any failure of the Contractor to conform to plans and specifications and to provide good workmanship.

Take measurement of works inspected.

Maintain records of completed works for interim and final payment and as-built plans.

Maintain detailed records of work performed by the contractor on a Day Works basis.

Make special notes and document the Contractor’s activities that may lead to claims.

Issue instructions to the Engineer in Charge of the work and do not argue with the Contractor or his representatives.

Notify the concerned Engineer of conditions that render it impractical or unreasonable to enforce the specifications.

Report and document any accident that occurs on site and notify the concerned Engineer immediately

Employer: AECOM Dubai - May 2017 to February 2018

Maintenance works of Asphalt Pavements in overall Dubai

Position: Technical Civil Inspector

Duties and Responsibilities: -

Worked on RTA Project -CM1001 Maintenance of Asphalt Pavement in Overall Dubai

Expert knowledge of subsurface preparation / methods and techniques of constructing and repairing asphalt surfaces.

Expert skill in applying and levelling gravel, crushed stone, sand, or other aggregates to the proper thickness for the subsurface and in applying sealer. Adept skill in shaping curbs and drainage ditches and in curing asphalt with sealer.

Supervisory roles successfully conducting rigid and flexible pavement maintenance and repair.

Familiar with the project’s contract documents, detailed drawings, specifications, and health and safety.

Ensure the contractor/s compliance with the standards and specifications of the contract documents.

Undertake all site supervision and inspections when required or instructed by the Project manager.

Liaise and daily follow up with the contractor. This is to ensure the contractor is managing its resources

Prepare daily report to the project manager this includes works orders, materials delivery, and daily inspections

Co-ordinate and co-operate with client project manager during their site inspections in the presence of RTA Manager

Assist the project manager in the preparation of any correspondences in compliance with the contract

Where site problems are found, work with the site team to resolve them promptly.

Maintain records of materials tests performed and executed works.

Audit inspections for conformity to contract documents and contractor submitted plans.

Employer: ALCAT Contracting Co., Qatar - August 2016 to March 2017

RawdatRashed Road QS016- Package 1

Position: Site Civil Engineer

Duties &Responsibilities:-

To make sure that work is carried out to the Public Works Authority’s (PWA) specification.

Preparation of method statement according to QCS and project specification.

Supervision Quality of work as per QCS2010/Project specification and with approved shop drawing.

Supervise subcontractor’s works to achieve and maintain required construction, operation and maintenance in accordance with the contract documents.

Monitor the quality of materials and workmanship installed, operated and maintained.

General. Inspection of all civil work as shown below.

A. Inspection of excavation formation for all kind road work bound an unbound pavements and Utilities as per QCS2010 and project specification and with approved shop drawing.

B. Inspection of bedding/surrounding for all kind of utilities with different approved material.

C. Inspection of pipe laying /jointing /testing for all kind of utilities as per specification and client requirement.

D. Inspection of surface preparation and water proofing for structure work.

E. Supervision and inspection of formation / subgrade and Asphalt work as per QCS 2010 Frame work specification and with Approved Shop drawing.

Employer: GhantootGroup of Construction, UAE – Feb 2015 – July 2016

Improvement of Mafraqto Ghwaifat at Border Post Highway

Position: Site Civil Engineer

Duties &Responsibilities:-

Worked as Site Civil Engineer with Ghantoot Group on their project Improvement of Mafraqto Ghwaifat Border Post-Highway Section No 4B Himeem Interchange to al Mafraq.

Project Scope Dual Carriage way each having four lanes constructed for 140 speed limit 6 bridges and two ramps and having Dry & wet Utilities estimated cast 1.2 billion AED .

My Duties & Responsibilities on the project but no limited to.

Resolve the site generated quarries by coordinating with Project Manager to ensure performance of the work in strict accordance with the drawings and specification.

Process the joint measurement forms and maintain the records of their status

Review of Contract Drawings and other relevant item which is a part of Inspection / Supervision.

Supervision and Inspection of all construction activities carried out by sub- contractor on site.

Maintaining records of site resources, daily progress of work, inspections, construction and workshop drawings, method statements and ITPs (Inspector Testing Plans). Making special notes and document the contract activities that may lead to claims & prepare a snag list /punch list during preliminary handing over & prepare a document for Final Handing over.

Employer: Nespak Engineering Consultants, Pakistan– May 2011 – Jan 2015

Project Dualization of Mardan – Takht Bhai Road

Position: Civil Inspector / Site Civil Engineer

Duties &Responsibilities: -

Attending to Inspection Requests (IR's) submitted by the contractor and take appropriate action in a timely manner.

Review submitted shop drawings against contract drawings and specifications, local codes and statutory requirements and international best practice.

Maintain records for daily activities on site including progress photos and ensure they are readily available for inspection as and when required.

Report Directly to Resident Engineer on activities of contractor work as per daily program schedule.

Monitoring quality control of all ongoing construction activities.

Inspecting project’s on-site works (Cutting/filling, Sub grade, Sub base materials drainage, sewerage work, services/utilities work, earth work, asphalt, Concrete, Kerb stone fixation & Traffic signs etc. as per RFA’s submitted along inspection of works.

Nature of Job :-

All Road Works

Construction of reinforced soil walls, concrete barriers, curbs, sidewalk, guardrails and fencing work.

Roads and paving including asphalt layers, earthwork, sub base, and installation of road signage.

All Kind of Maintenance and Operation work.

Water and Irrigation Networks:

Installation of GRE & GRP Pipelines from dia. 225 mm to 1200 mm. Construction of butterfly

Valves, Air valves, washout valve, flow meter chambers and thrust blocks. Pressure testing

Flushing and disinfection testing of pipelines. Shutdowns and connection with existing mains.

Sewerage and Storm Water Networks:

Installation of UPVC, GRP pipelines from dia. 160 mm. Construction of Manholes and fitting installation and testing associated works. Pre-casting of house connection chambers. Installation of gullies. Testing of non- pressure pipelines Water test, Mirror test and Deflection test, Air Test GRP Insitu lamination. Construction of soak away and pumping stations for sewerage and storm water.

Language Capabilities:

Native language is Urdu and can speak, read and write English, Pashto and Arabic.

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