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Oracle Data

Hyattsville, MD
September 20, 2018

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Oracle Database Administrator


I am a highly motivational, methodical, and results-oriented professional with hands-on experience in Oracle database administration, design, and security. Equipped with necessary skills and expertise in identifying performance constrains on high-volume transaction systems, analyzing SQL statements, and design indexes for the improvement of response of queries. Knowledgeable of systems development life cycle (SDLC) as well as extracting, transforming and loading (ETL) data. Very good at formulating and implementing cutting-edge solutions to bridge technical functions with core business operations. Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills in collaborating with all levels of professionals. I also have 1 year + IT experience serving in the US ARMY.


Database Installation and configuration, Database Upgrade, Maintenance, and Migration, Capacity Planning, Space Management, Database Monitoring, Data Guard

Patches Application, Oracle Golden Gate, Backup and Recovery, Performance Tuning


Sonexus, Lewisville, TX

Oracle Database Administrator May2016–July 2018

Set up oracle 11g and 12c databases in production, development, and test environments which depend on project requirements, as well as Oracle 12c Grid Control to monitor Production, physical Data Guard (DG Broker), and Stage and Dev systems

Distribute system storage; develop future storage requirements; create Oracle Wallets; and implement tablespace-level TDE security

Perform installation, configuration, maintenance, and support of Oracle 11gR1, 11gR2, 12c RAC, physical and logical standby database for test, development, and production for various home-developed applications, as well as for business transaction functionality

Hold responsibility for upgrading of DBs from to 12.1 and patches such as maintenance and interim on all the databases; and for positioning and administration of user and space management granting requiring privileges to users

Manage database maintenance, backups, recovery, patching, upgrades, performance tuning, and user access control

Track and troubleshoot database issues with OEM grid control and gaps between source and target databases configured with GoldenGate

Lead the alignment of Listener and Tnsnames as well as Oracle grid infrastructures and Oracle database software to fulfill the current needs, while upgrading as required to meet the expansion needs of the company

Employ database tuning, such as tuning applications, tuning instance, and tuning disk usage to monitor and optimize performance of the database, while debugging SQL tuning

Develop database objects such as tables, views, and sequences by writing SQL scripts

Proficiently utilize various software, databases, tools, and methods, which include the following:

–Data guard broker for Switch over to design and continue physical standby maintenance;

–Oracle 12c Cloud Control for alert monitoring and notification to participate in the 24x7 on-call support for 12 databases of 2.0 TB 4 Node production 10g and 11g RAC databases;

–Golden Gate and worked with conventional EXP/IMP for migrating data from 10G to 12c to administer logical backups EXPDP/IMPDP used for re-hosting the application;

–DBMS_JOBS, DBMS_SCHEDULER, Crontab, to schedule RMAN backups, purge jobs, and maintenance jobs;

–OEM to arrange notifications such as various levels for cluster activities, tablespace utilizations, and listener alerts;

–RMAN Active duplication method as well for disaster recovery site to establish physical standby;

–Guarantee restore point (GRP) to execute database recovery;

–ASM to create disk groups integrating additional storage, called DISKS and troubleshooting ASM issues;

–Goldengate to install unidirectional replication on oracle 12g databases;

–Data Guard with physical standby effectively configured and used Data Guard Broker utility to devise and configure high-availability systems;

–Export/import and data pump to carry out logical backups;

–Distributed database feature to develop database link between two databases in accessing the table data from one local database to remote database;

–Explain plan, TKPROF, SQL Analyze, STATSPACK, ADDM, and AWR reports to ensure performance tuning of SQL statements and database tuning;

–Different types of backups to plan database backups, such as operating system, full/partial backups, and export/import; and

–PL/SQL to formulate procedures and functions

Key Highlight:

Capitalized on industry expertise in accomplishing the following projects to boost overall efficiencies:

Played integral role in the configuration of GOLDENGATE for real time replication. Expert in configuration and implementation of golden gate in a heterogenous environment, across same and different platforms for real time data replication and high availability. Performed initial load using datapump, golden gate, transportable tablespace and Rman from source database to target.

Implementation of physical standby database through configuration and administration of Data guard in a non-RAC environment

Upgrading of the databases from 11g to non CDB 12c;

Installation and configuration of GoldenGate and Replication of data using Oracle GoldenGate

Migration of 12c Non-CDB databases to pluggable databases; and

Installation of Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) including grid infrastructure (Clusterware and ASM) and Oracle RDBMS software on a three nodes RAC architecture in development and UAT running oracle

Fresenius Medical Care, Lexington, MA

Oracle Database Administrator June 2012–April 2016

Provided very high skills in configuring, setting up and managing Oracle 11g and 12cdatabases as well as Data Guard for physical/logical standby databases

Fulfilled diverse functions including configuration of Data Guard on both standby and primary for 51 production databases; addition and expansion of disk volumes to oracle servers; application of patches,, and; and administration of fail over and switch over between standby and primary databases

Create users, groups, roles, profiles; and assigned the users to groups and grant necessary privileges to the teams

Devised logical and physical design installed and upgraded databases

Administered the performance of the databases and viewing of alert log files and trace files

Operated VMware under various operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, windows; and Oracle VM (OVM)

Executed transferal of multiple Oracle 10gR2 database to oracle 12cR2 on VMware

Obtained snapshots and rebooting the server's and performance monitoring for Oracle databases in VMware

Implemented high-availability solutions with Oracle 10g &11g RAC, physical standby databases (Data Guard), while scheduling the Physical backups (hot & cold) in CRON tab using RMAN utility and controlling the scheduled jobs

Made effective use of the following software, databases, tools, and techniques:

–RMAN and traditional Data Pump export/import utilities in Oracle 11gR2 to clone and migrate databases;

–Export/import and data pump to upgrade and transfer single instance database to multiple instance databases, while administering migration of old datacenter to new datacenter;

–Export/import to refresh schema while creating the database, table spaces, tables, indexes, setting privileges, and user logins;

–Data Guard feature of Oracle 11g R2 to implement logical and physical standby databases for RAC cluster on Sun Solaris platform

–VM sphere client for various performance tuning issues;

–SQL Trace, TKPROF, and EXPLAIN PLAN utilities to optimize and tune SQL queries; and

–Integrity constraints and database triggers to maintain the data integrity and security

Key Highlights:

Provided a skillful role in the successful migration of Oracle 10g/11g to 11gR2 RAC (Real Application) database

Utilized the golden gate, data guard and RAC, as well as Oracle Streams in Oracle 11gR2, thus replicating data


B.Ed CST/ECONOMICS, University of Buea, Cameroon


Oracle Certified Associate



Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c

Database Tools:

Oracle (Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL*Plus, DBA Configuration Assistant) Toad OEM Grid RMAN SQL*Loader Exp/Imp/Data Pump Log miner Statspack/AWR Top DBCA DBUA ADDM Remedy

Operating Systems:

LINUX,WINDOWS, UNIX (Solaris 8/9/10, AIX, HP-UX).


Sun Fire 15K Sun 6320 Storage Sun Enterprise Servers 890/880/420/450 Sun StorEdge 6320 Hitachi EMC Dell Servers Red Hat Linux 5.X


BEA WebLogic 10.2.3

Tuning Tools:


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