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Pharmacy Pharmacist

New Castle, DE
September 20, 2018

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Postulated position: Manufacturing technician - 2

First/Given Name: FELIX

Middle name: MBAKU

Last/Family/Surname: TENGEN

Date of Birth: June 06, 1975

Gender: M

Address: 809 Arthur Springs Lane

City: New Castle

State: Delaware

Zip/Postal Code: 19720


Mobile Telephone: 302-***-****

Short Motivational Statement:

It is with much delight and a strong sense of purpose that I take this step to apply for the position in your distinct establishment.

Trained as pharmacist, I understand how important it is to approach each and every task meticulously. My time 12 years post university; has been spent as a pharmacist in several healthcare organizations and in various portfolios.

I had been given the opportunity to open and manage Pharmacie Queens in Yaounde Cameroon for the past seven years to date. I am happy with my achievements so far on this job. My employer stands to attest to my claim as well as other professionals in the city of Yaounde. My performance on this job stands to testify my ability to lead and to manage to success as well as performing to high standards.

I must also mention my successful term as a pharmacist in The National Hospital Abuja, Nigeria- one of the best hospitals in black Africa in terms of healthcare specialization, delivery and infrastructure. To have excelled professionally in such a multidisciplinary environment as in the National Hospital Abuja, Nigeria will no doubt suggest to you my ability to perform to high standards under strict professional supervision.

I have always realized that all I have achieved in my career so far; I did so by giving my best with all maximum effort I could give for my establishment. Frankly, I am not satisfied yet with what I have done. I believe that I can do even much better if given the opportunity to serve on a platform such as yours.

Past employers

Employer: Pharmacie Queens

Address: Yaounde

Address Line 2: Cité Verte

City: Yaoundé

State/Province: Centre Region

Country: Cameroon

Zip/Postal Code: 2048

Telephone: +237-*********

Position: Pharmacist

Started: 01 April, 2009

To: November 30, 2017

Main Responsibilities:

The job in pharmacy Queens is a job I consider as the most important position I have occupied in my professional career. This job has been very different from all the other jobs I had taken as a pharmacist. The job at Pharmacie Queens offered me the opportunity to exhibit all the skills and experiences I had gathered throughout my training as a Pharmacist as well as on my previous jobs. On this job, I was given the opportunity to set up from fresh a new community pharmacy. I conceptualized the design and worked closely with the technicians in setting up the interior of the Pharmacy. I suggested an interior design that provided enough room for the pharmacist to be able to speak one-on-one with the patients about their treatment and medications without breaking its confidentiality and not simply over the counter as is being done in most pharmacies in the country. This design has remained unique in Yaoundé and in Cameroon as a whole.

As the representative of my boss, I had the responsibility to apply and obtained all the required legal documents for the establishment of the pharmacy. I negotiated all the contracts with the suppliers and engaged the relevant utility companies for the supply of things like water and electricity. For reasons of security, I also signed up an insurance policy contract as well as a security company engagement for the provision of both a protocol officer and night guards for the protection of the pharmacy. I recruited ancillary workers for the pharmacy, trained and orientated them for one month before the inaugural opening of the pharmacy especially those who did not have any direct past experience in a pharmacy environment.

As the only pharmacist present for the execution of the project, I was responsible for the initial order of drugs for the pharmacy. My previous work at Pharmacie Le Joudain, Yaoundé gave me an idea of what drug products and starting quantities that I had to order; at least for that initial order. The above experience of setting up a new pharmacy remains an opportunity I will always appreciate. This experience surely; must have put me ahead of my other colleagues with whom I left pharmacy school with. I had the opportunity to learn from senior professional colleagues and to put it into practice immediately at the moment I started this job. This is a task I succeeded and received accolades from my boss on the inaugural opening ceremony.

Pharmacy Queens has been growing from strength to strength these seven years. It has been highly rated by Laborex Cameroon (the major drug wholesale company in Cameroon) as one of the most viable pharmacies in the city of Yaounde in terms of ordering and payment of bills.

I have had administrative and managerial roles towards the growth of the pharmacy. I have ensured the satisfaction of my patients and customers by screening their prescriptions and making appropriate treatment suggestions and referrals. Reviewing and interpreting physician’s orders, preparing medication orders, patient counseling have been and will always fascinate me as a pharmacist. Check against medication errors and drug interactions and incompatibilities. I have gone a long way to provide free Medical Therapy Management free of charge for many patients to optimize their treatment benefit.

I visa financial decisions and ensure that the pharmacy accountant pays all taxes and bills incurred by the pharmacy. I report regularly to my boss the situation of the pharmacy on a regular monthly basis. I represent the pharmacy at all pharmacy board meetings. With my staff the pharmacy has so far function in harmony.

Working in the capital city has given me the opportunity to participate in seminars that have increased my managerial skills of pharmacy as well as the general health policies of the country as well as the health policies and health goals of the World Health Organization (WHO).

I also under see the control of the inventory of the pharmacy. I ensure the book keeping of the pharmacy including maintain the poison register in accordance with the legal pharmacy provisions. Coordinate the activities of the ancillary workers of the pharmacy for a good pharmacy practice environment.

I also do the compounding of extemporaneous preparations.


City: Limbe

Country: Cameroon

Position: Pharmacist

Started: September 2008

To: March 2009

Main Responsibilities:

My job at Medicine shoppe Pharmacy was basically a clinical job with the added responsibility of ordering and controlling the drug stock of the pharmacy. I had as responsibility to see every prescription that entered the pharmacy for purchase. I also listened to patients who required drug advice and suggested treatment options and referral when necessary. Ensuring a good drug therapeutic outcome; through strict check of drug interaction and incompatibilities.


City: Yaounde

Country: Cameroon

Position: Pharmacist

Started: July 2008

To: September 2008

Main Responsibilities:

Pharmacie Le Jourdain was my first experience to work in Yaoundé where I had to deliver my professional expertise for the first time in French after my long years of study and work in Nigeria and in the Anglophone region of Cameroon. Though for a short period of time, I was able to accomplish my primary task which was to help opened a pharmacy for a pharmacists who was getting into community pharmacy after long years as an administrator in the Cameroon ministry of public health. I was instrumental in the initial drug order of the pharmacy as well as the orientation of the auxiliary staff. I attended to patients on their prescriptions. I controlled the stock of the pharmacy and represented the proprietress in pharmacy board meetings in her absence.


City: LImbe

Country: Cameroon

Position: Pharmacist

Started: October 2007

To: February 2008

Main Responsibilities:

Fako pharmacy was my first job I occupied and worked as a pharmacist after my return to Cameroon from my pharmacy studies. I worked here basically as a pharmacist. In Fako Pharmacy I had the responsibility of ordering and controlling the drug stock of the pharmacy. I checked every prescription that entered the pharmacy if possible and also coordinated the work of the auxiliary pharmacy workers. I had the responsibility to ensure the payment of all drug orders from the suppliers and also the payment of all bills incurred by the pharmacy. Attending to patients remained my prime activity.


City: Abuja

Country: Nigeria

Position: Pharmacist

Started: July 2006

To: June 2007

Main Responsibilities:

My job at National Hospital Abuja was my first official job after graduation from University. It gave me the opportunity to practice as a hospital pharmacist. Being a large hospital with several departments, I had the opportunity to work as a pharmacist in the pharmacy units of the pediatric department, emergency department, inpatients department, outpatient department, intensive care department, special treatment department (for treatment of HIV and AIDS), drug information unit as well as in the hospital central pharmacy store.

At the Special treatment unit I had the opportunity to dispense antiretroviral drugs as well as drugs for other chronic diseases such as anticancer drugs. In the hospital central pharmacy I had the opportunity to be implicated in the PEPFAR (President Bush Emergency program for HIV and AIDS).

The hospital Central pharmacy was the central point that received antiretroviral drugs and made supply to other smaller hospital pharmacies in the Nigerian capital.

At the drug information unit I coordinated clinical presentations in the pharmacy department as a way of continuous education for the hospital pharmacy staff. I was also involved as the assistant editor of the hospital news letter that published health articles written by the health personnel of the hospital. I provided drug information to the hospital health staff.

In each of the hospital units I screened and dispensed prescriptions and I counseled the patients on their drug treatment. I also formulated some extemporaneous preparations. Evaluate each prescription against medication errors, drug interaction and incompatibilities.

Followed up the treatment of chronic diseases and evaluated the patients’ drug response to treatment.

Also was responsible for the inventory control of the pharmacy department.

My time in the National Hospital of Abuja enabled me to be registered on the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria.


City: Zaria

Country: Nigeria

Position: Pharmacist

Started: April 2006

To: June 2006

Main Responsibilities:

In Al-Madina Pharmacy I worked as a community pharmacist. I was involved in the screening and dispensing of drug prescriptions as well as counseling of patients. I also had the opportunity to assist in giving medical care to the populations through an Islamic nongovernmental organization that was affiliated to Al-Madina pharmacy. I attended to common disease conditions and made referral when necessary.


City: Waff Rd Kaduna

Country: Nigeria

Position: Pharmacist

Started: January 2005

To: March 2006

Main Responsibilities:

In Saman Pharmacy I worked as a community pharmacist. I was involved in the screening and dispensing of drug prescriptions as well as the preparation of extemporaneous preparations. This was my first job post university.


Degree: Graduate degree

University: Ahmadu Bello University Zaria

Country: Nigeria

Degree Title: B.Pharm

Area of Studies: Pharmacy

Year Awarded: 2006

Attended: Full-Time

Attendance From: October 1997

To: December 2004

List main subjects/projects:


-Pharmaceutics and drug development

-Pharmaceutical chemistry

-Pharmacognosy and drug development

Description main subjects/projects:

1.Pharmacology and clinical Pharmacy: The focus here was placed on the study of the principles of pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics of drugs and their application in the disease induced abnormalities in individual patients. In order to select effectively a drug for the treatment of any health condition; the study of pharmacology also had to focused on the study of patho-physiology, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, clinical application of pharmacokinetic data, drug interactions, Drug toxicity, adverse drug reactions, and risk analysis applied to prescription drugs which in all form the basis of therapeutics, which is the goal of pharmacology.

2.Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Microbiology: The studies in this department were aimed at understanding the principles and techniques of drug manufacturing and compounding, physical analysis of drugs and with an extension into the study of micro-organisms and the principles of sterilization, and development of anti-microbial agents.

3.Pharmaceutical chemistry: The focus here was on the study of the chemistry of drug substances, chemical identification of drugs, drug structural analysis, drug synthesis, drug structure and action relationship, quality control and physicochemical property analysis just to state these few.

4.Pharmacognosy and drug Development: The studies here were centered on the study of natural drug sources of plant origin, cultivation of medicinal plants, collection and extraction of active substances from medicinal plants.

5.Orders subjects: a) Biochemistry which provided a greater understanding in the biochemical processes that lead to the synthesis of active drug substances in plants. Also the biochemistry as applied to humans.

b) Anatomy which laid emphasis at cellular level i.e. histology

c) Physiology. This covered the study of normal body functions so as to better understand the body pathology.


The end of course project submitted to the Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical sciences ; Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria. For the award of the Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm ) e degree entitled the-EFFECT OF INCUBATION TEMPERATURE ON THE GROWTH PROFILE AND SUSCEPTIBILITY TO ANTIBIOTIC FOR SOME ECHERICHIA COLI AND BACILLUS SUBTILIS ISOLATES.


Working on the hypothesis that there is no significant effect on the growth profile and chemical inhibition of bacteria within the confines of their growth temperature range; the growth profile by way of viable count and minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of antibiotics obtained at 25oC, 30oC and 37oC incubation temperature. The viable count and MIC were determined for the standard, laboratory isolates of E- coli and Bacillus subtilis.

The results obtained from the growth profile and the MIC of chloramphenicol at 25oC, 30oC and 37oC incubation temperatures were compared using statistical methods. It was found that at a significance level of 5% using the chi- square (X20.05) the growth profile of the isolates incubated at 25oC, 30oC and 37oC differed. The MIC values also differed with the different investigation temperatures under investigation using chloramphenicol as the antibiotic. The growth profile results for each isolate showed a little difference amongst the three temperatures under investigation while the MIC results showed an even more marked difference between the optimum growth temperature (37oC) and the sub-optimum growth temperatures(25oC and 30oC).

This work therefore indicates that the MIC values for chloramphenicol on the test isolates obtained at sub-optimum temperatures were more than double those obtained at the optimum growth temperature; and that quantitatively there is a marked difference amongst the test isolates under the incubation temperatures investigated.

Aim: This project was aimed at determining quantitatively the extent to which the incubation temperature affects the growth profile of E-coli ATCC 11775 strain, E-coli laboratory isolate, E-coli clinical isolate, Bacillus subtilis NCTC 10342A76, Bacillus subtilis laboratory isolate and Bacillus subtilis clinical isolate incubated at temperatures of 25oC, 30oC and 37oC. It was also to ascertain to what extend their sensitivity to antibiotic (obtained by determining their MIC) at the same temperatures is affected using chloramphenicol as the antibiotic is affected.

Objective: The objective of this work was based on the backdrop of an epileptic power supply in most of the medical centers in Nigeria and in most parts of Africa, where it becomes almost impossible to maintain a constant optimum incubation temperature for identification and for the selection of an appropriate antibiotic for treatment by determining the MIC.

Interpretations of results: It is important to note that the there was a noticeable bacterial multiplication in all the isolate strains used in all the three temperatures under investigation. This is simply because all the bacteria strains under investigation are mesophiles and will thrive in temperatures ranging from even 5oC to 37oC. However at the optimum growth temperature of 37oC, the growth profile was highest and compared using the Chi- square at a 5% significance level (X20.05) showed that there is a difference in the growth profile of the isolate samples at the various temperatures under investigation.

Considering the susceptibility (MIC) using chloramphenicol as antibiotic, the MIC of all the isolate strains obtained at all the temperatures under investigation compared using the Kruskal Wallis test at a 5% significance level (X20.05) showed even a greater difference in the MIC obtained at the optimum temperature of 37oC compared to that obtained at the sub-optimum temperatures of 25oC and 30oC.

The reasons to be advanced for these differences obtained in the growth profile and MIC at different temperatures can be explained by the fact that:

- Activation energy: The metabolic processes for growth of micro-organisms are well balanced at the optimum temperature. Low temperatures may result in metabolic deficiencies thereby increasing the nutritional requirements for growth.

- Loss of control at molecular level: The synthesis of some enzyme cofactors may be inhibited at sub-optimum temperatures e.g. the synthesis of glutamate dehydrogenase in a strain of E-coli has been shown to be inducible at 37oC but constitutive at 30oC (Halpern, 1961).

- Permeability defects: At some low temperatures micro-organisms lost their cellular permeability therefore their cellular uptake of solutes is inhibited due to changes in the various permeases and the molecular architecture of the cytoplasmic membrane and shortage of energy required for the active transport of solutes.

- Phase of growth: At optimum temperature the cells are in an active phase and will be killed much easily at relatively low MIC.

In accordance with previous works that had been carried on this subject it is important to note that to achieve a good result of a culture of micro-organisms and the selection of an appropriate antibiotic for any treatment it will require working strictly within the optimum incubation temperature of the micro-organism involve amongst all other parameters to be respected.

The hypothesis that there is no significant effect on the growth profile and chemical inhibition of bacteria within the confines of their growth temperature range was thus rejected.

Professional affiliations:

Registered member of the Cameroon Pharmacists Council

Registered member of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria

Other Relevant Academic Qualifications:

High school education: I attended Cameroon Protestant College Bali, NWP Cameroon for the years 1993 -1995.

Wrote and passed the following subjects at June 1995 GCE Advance level: Biology B, Chemistry C, Mathematics C, Further mathematics B and Physics.

Secondary school education: I attended Cameroon Protestant College Bali, NWP Cameroon for the years 1988-1993. I wrote and passed the following subjects at the June 1993 GCE Ordinary level: Chemistry A, Biology B, Mathematics A, Physics A, Geography B, Human Biology B, French B, English B, Economics C, Christian religious knowledge B, Additional mathematics B.

Primary education: Attended Presbyterian primary school Diche 1 Widikum, North West region Cameroon.

International Language skills

Spoken English Excellent

Written English Excellent

Spoken French Very good

Written French Very good

Spoken Spanish understandable

Written Spanish Understandable

Professional affiliation

-Member of the Cameroon Order of Pharmacists

-Member Pharmacy Council of Nigeria

-Member of the International cancer Network

-Attended so many seminars on HIV and AIDS management

- Participated in e- seminars on palliative care in oncology

Other Skills & Experience:

Freelance medical therapy management

Excellent IT skills in Microsoft word, excel, power amongst others


Travelling, swimming, singing and learning new languagues


Florence Besem

32 Buena Vista Drive

New Castle Delaware 19720

Tel: 302-***-****

Dr Valentine N Ndikum(MD, MSc,DTM&H)

Assistant lecturer in Pharmacology

Faculty of Medicines and Biomedical Sciences, Yaounde


Tel: +237-*********

Dr Mme Abong Bwenda Therese

Former President Pharmaceutical Society of Cameroon

Tel: +237-*********

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