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Medical Training

Iraan, Texas, United States
September 17, 2018

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Zohreh Hashemabadi


Profile: female, **, single

Nationalitu: Iran

Current location: Tehran, Iran

Current position: Swimming and hydrotherapy instructor

Company: Paya sports group

Preferred location: Dubai

Salary expectation: negotiable

Work Experience

Jul 2003 - 2010 Khorramshad sport complex

Lifeguard, swimming instruct

This sport complex has been considered

as main sport complex in Tehran with a

large number of customers.

_Being lifeguard for 8 hours per day

_Swimming coach for the public classes

around 15 customers every session

Jul 2007 - 2009 Golestan swimming pool

Swimming coach

I taught swimming for different ages around

6 hours per day,

I worked as a hydrotherapy instructor there

for disable people.

Jan 2010 – 2012 Sharif university swimming pool

This complex is another main sport

complex which related to the Sharif

university (number 1 ranking uni)

_Swimming instructor


_head lifeguard for even days

Jul 2011 – 2012 Enghelab sports complex

this complex is the largest and state-of-the-

art one with modern facilities in every kinds

of sports

_swimming coach

_hydrotherapy instructor

Main achievements:

_familiar with the latest developments in

hydrotherapy methods

_familiar with the aqua spinning which was

related to the USA hydrorider

Mar 2008 – present Iranzamin Residential Complex

This complex is a residential one with state-

of-the-art facilities and amenities in pool

and gym, which is for the people who leave

there. There are 360 rooms

_swimming instructor for all ages


_hydrotherapy instructor

_TRX instructor


Sep2005-jun2010 Iran Medical Science University

medical librarianship, B.S

Sep 2015-jul2017 Tehran university

Exercise physiology, master degree

-Thesis : the effect of interval training on

heart autophagy factors, Beclin1 and P62,

in young and old male rats

-Supervisor: Professor Rahman


-Advisor: Professor Fatemeh


Professional Achievements

-Took place in Olympiads of swimming matches for several years at University

-Manage to achieve ranking first, second and third in swimming matches

-Achieve citation in sport at University

-Have achieved head lifeguard from Iran Swimming Federation

-Second degree swimming coach from Iran Swimming Federation

-Third degree of hydrotherapy coach from Iran Swimming Federation

-Third degree synchronized swimming coach from Iran Swimming Federation

-TRX coach from Iran Universal Sport Federation

-Third degree physical readiness coach from Iran Universal Sport Federation To shed light on who I am as a person, I ought to mention a few facts about my personal interest. First and foremost, sports have always been the most tremendous part of my life. Even as a young girl, I can recall having only been keen on swimming and studying day in and day out. I took patrts in several Olympiad of swimming and was able to achieve gold, silver and bronze medal in session. Throughout my schooling years, I developed a rather enthusiasm to fully understand the human body, pondering upon the positive effects it could have on my abilities as a swimmer. Before I knew it, studying anatomy and physiology took over the majority of my life, which eventually led me to the selection of Physical Education in university. Foremost I went on to study at Iran University Medical Science, thus completing my B.Sc. in medical librarianship and continuing my studies in M.Sc. at one of the top ranking universities across the globe, the University of Tehran. I am in progress of M.Sc. in the field that I adore in every sense, I have a suitable understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects of Sport Physiology and although I have devoted all of my life to reaching this status, I can say, without any regrets, it was by far the most rational path that I could have ever chosen.




-excursions and works in different labs.


-Toefl 83

-GRE 285


-Daneshvar zavajery,S.

Pournemati,P.Hashemabadi,Z.Khosravi.N.Aghaalinejhad,H.Regular physical training reduced oxidative stress caused by exercise in rat,s journal of biologhy,pharmacy and allied sciences. July, 2015, 4(7): 512-522. MANUSCRIPTS UNDER REVISION

-Daneshvar zavajery,S. Hashemabadi,Z. Abasgholipour,A. Fatkhani,M. Mehrabizadeh,E. exercise training diabetes. Olum varzeshi. 2015

-Abasgholipour,A. Daneshvar zavajery,S. Hashemabadi,Z. Fatkhani,M. Tashakorizadeh,M. modern principles exercise in water. olum varzeshi,2015

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