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Social Media Design

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
September 17, 2018

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Cinema 4D/After Effects/Premier/




I believe in constantly pushing my skills in 2D/3D design and motion. My free time is mostly spent experimenting with different media and techniques to create fresh and interesting outcomes. I love keeping up to date with new trends and styles and incorporating them into my work. I feel the most important part of my job is creating the most appropriate design for the brief and delivering that on time.



Mark Jones

THE COALITION / MICROSOFT: Sept 2017 - May 2018

I create designs and visual content for the GEARS OF WAR brand. This includes work for Esports, Social media, merchandise and in game.

Scarab Digital: Jan 2017 - Aug 2017

My Main role was to design and animate FUI (Fantasy User Interface) for the TV shows The Flash, The Arrow, Supergirl.

ANIMAL LOGIC VANCOUVER: June 2016 - Dec 2016

My role at Animal Logic was as a Digital Artist on the LEGO MOVIE 2. I was part of the concept team and involved in creating ideas and concepts for the LEGO MOVIE 2 and bringing those ideas to life with either style frames or motion frames. I created Branding for in Film assets, logos and decals and designed phonemes for characters. ZOIC STUDIOS: May 2018 - May 2018

I designed and animated UI screens for a TV pilot. WEST MEDIA : JUNE 2018 - CURRENTLY

I designed and animated UI screens for a TV pilot. WORK EXPERIENCE


Mark Jones

CARBON DIGITAL: 2009 - 2013

My responsibilities are the generation of ideas and styles for advertisements and pitches, and their implementation. I was responsible of a small team of designers whom I would over see and work with on the creation of style frames, pre viz, motion tests, through to the final product. I have been involved in pitches for Channel 4, ITV, Vertigo Films and have worked with clients such as Unilever, creating graphic designs and videos for their brands and prototype products.


I was involved in creating designs for the new pages on the Kukri Sports web site. I designed a number advertising images for print and went on the create all the sound and video content for Kukri, including promo videos for new products and web site deals, monthly video news letter and competitions which would be featured on the site. BUBBLE MEDIA - 2007

I worked for a short time at Bubble Media in Manchester, helping create an in store promo video for New Look and their summer collection and was involved in the filming of a Sony Promo for their PSP 2 device. I also production a number of adverts for print and web. THANK YOU


During the three years i working on the release of GUITAR HERO LIVE I was in charge of all aspects of motion design within the game. I worked along side the UI team to design a fresh and modern UI, in a total re-imagining of the GUITAR HERO interface. I designed a large number of “fake band” logos, created large scale animations for concert screens, created concepts for new “hero powers” and other in game VFX elements.

I took lead of a team of 3D artist with whom i created a batch of 15 channel branding IDENTS that were used within GHTV (GUITAR HERO TV). I also worked alongside Activision to create video content for GUITAR HERO LIVE promos.

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