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Mortgage Quality Reviewer, Clear to Close Reviewer, (CTC), Processor

Littleton, CO, 80128
September 17, 2018

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Gayle L. Meyer

**** *. ***** ******

Littleton, CO 80128

Home: 303-***-**** Cell: 720-***-****


Professional with years of experience in the mortgage and finance industry, with the ability for quick thinking, flexibility, organization, problem solving, customer satisfaction, and leadership on a daily basis. I am currently enrolling in classes at the National Association of Mortgage Underwriters, (NAMU), and when completed I will have earned my Conv/FHA/VA & Commercial Underwriters Certification. I am also taking the DE Underwriting which will enhance and assist in my future employment. I am very versatile, a quick study and very active. I enjoy being busy and have had experience in many computer programs. I also have my own desktop computer, with Windows 10, dual screens and have done several contract jobs from home in the past. I have worked with all types of mortgage and automotive loans, and have utilized a large variety of computer programs. I have worked with various automotive dealerships on the infrastructure development of the Special Finance Department, which included direct dealing with the public, investors, and underwriters. I have managed and implemented the strategic planning to develop, managed & trained my own sales teams in both the automotive and mortgage industries, creating a personable, professional, and productive asset for each company.

Business Experience:

American Financing Corporation – 09/19/2016 – 06/29/2018

Remote: Junior Underwriter/PNC Underwriter – Duties consisted of entering the front underwriters queue’s, clearing documentation leaving upfront underwriters with only income, assets, title and appraisal for review. This also included double checking of documentation previously cleared by the front underwriters, (income, assets etc.), and addressing of any errors. My production rate was upwards of 700-800 files touched per month. Other duties consisted of reviewing processing issue files to see if we could move them forward to be approved for mortgage loans.

For one year worked as a PNC Underwriter, (Purchase No Contract), underwriting credit, income and assets to qualify borrowers for a home purchase. I had direct contact with processors, MC’s, Coordinators and management. My production in PNC was 250-300 new files reviewed per month, not including resubmissions which consisted of an additional 50-100 files, allowing for higher volume of loan closings. Upon arrival of new management, I was moved back to Jr. Underwriter and the position was discontinued shortly thereafter. During the 1.5 months back in Jr. Underwriting, I handled over 1600 files.

American Financial Resources Inc. – 01/08/2013 – 01/14/2015

CTC Underwriter Remote: CTC, (Clear To Close) Department.

Duties consisted of final review of existing or missing required documentation and conditioning of each loan file prior to closing. This also included detail correction of any errors within the file. Knowledge of loan programs, guidelines, state lending rules and updates were a constant factor. Upon completion of initial review, account managers and underwriters were notified of any corrections required, and once completed the file was returned to CTC department for final review. The file was not allowed to close until all corrections were completed and cleared by CTC. This enabled all closed loans to be purchased quickly, enabling a higher company volume.

Department responsibilities were dispersed to the underwriters and all CTC personnel went to Operations Support Pods. The responsibilities were to assist account managers and underwriters in obtaining/updating of required documentation in the process field and verifying accuracy of documentation for underwriters. High production & task completion volume was required.

Metlife Home Loans – 09//26/2011 – 03/01/2012

Set Up Processor: Duties consisted of set up, disclosure, and preparation of all required and legal documentation for submission of all new loan application packages. Which included accuracy of loan product, compliance, lending regulations and application information, uploading files into workflow, ordering appraisals, title, and executing of 4506T. Duties also included communication with borrowers to insure they are still engaged, collection of program required documentation and fees from potential borrowers. The completion of MCQC, Net Benefit, and High Cost checklists. Assisting in any and all aspects to insure that all current loans are processed, closed and funded accurately in a timely fashion.

Global Financial – 04/2011 – 09/15/2011

Underwriter Remote: Scrubber Level 1, 2. & Trailing Docs: Contracted to re-underwrite and scrub mortgage loan portfolios associated to various clients involved in litigation. Clients included either plaintiff or defendant in such cases, and included projects for high profile, well known companies. Duties included input into testing system from documentation in file, and testing of evidenced documentation. Both automated and manual forms of re-underwrite were required for the Retail/Wholesale division. Also, the Correspondent Lending/Manual Underwrite division. This included automated or manual testing, detailing of results, and not limited to one area of review. Learning of necessary guidelines and requirements for each of the various loan products, and the ability to analyze on an individual loan to loan basis was required to complete analysis for all divisions. Manual calculation for accurate DTI/LTV percentages and evidencing of the percentages were necessary on each file. Detailed noting of each file, and documenting location & labeling of all required documentation.

Rose International Inc. – 12/14/09 – 03/13/11

@ Bank of America

Loan Processor: Duties were to obtain, qualify, prepare and ensure packaging of loans

originated by loan officers. Direct communication with the borrowers as to obtaining and explaining of required documentation in a timely manner. Verify loan documents including income, credit, appraisal and title insurance. Also, to order and coordinate loan documents, as well as meet crucial deadlines as requested.

Robert Half International / Accountemps – 05/04/09 – 12/04/09

@ Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Loan Processor: Duties were to obtain, qualify, prepare and ensure packaging of loans originated by loan officers. Communication with the borrowers, verify loan documents including income, credit, appraisal and title insurance. Also, to order and coordinate loan documents, as well as meet crucial deadlines as requested.

GMH Financial - 04/03 – 05/09

Owner: Duties consist of originating, meeting with, and qualifying potential customers. Structuring, processing, underwriting, submitting and closing of mortgage loan packages to various investors on behalf of numerous clients. Including the completion and overseeing of required documentation, obtaining verifications, meeting required conditions and working directly with the underwriters and customers to insure closing of such loans according to all governing laws and guidelines. As a direct correspondent with some investors I also handled the closing documentation. Loan types were VA, Conventional, Non-conforming, and FHA. Owner operator.

Pride Real Estate Lending Inc. - 12/02 – 04/03

Loan Officer Remote. Duties consist of originating, meeting with and qualifying potential customers, structuring, submitting, processing and closing of mortgage loan packages to various investors. Including the completion and overseeing of required documentation, obtaining verifications, meeting required conditions for all loan types.

Mortgage Funding Solutions - 01/01 – 12/02

Loan Officer/Processor Remote: Duties consisted of Origination, structuring and placement of potential customers for mortgage loans. Also, setting up a team of originators as well as assisting in all aspects of processing and closing of all loan types.

Cherry Creek Kia - 10/02 – 12/02

F & I Director: Duties consisted of contracting customers, sales of service contracts, and after market products, as well as placement of all contracts and completion of all finance responsibilities on auto purchases. Communicating and directly working with sales people assisting for completion of sales transaction, and structuring of sales and loan packages.

Osborn Automotive - 07/02 – 09/02

F & I Director – Special Finance Dept Responsibilities consisted of setting up the Special Finance Department, contracting customers, documentation requirements, and sales of service contracts and after market products. The qualification, placement, structuring of sales and loan package, money transactions and all finance responsibilities required to fund the loan. Also, in charge of training sales people and assisting in the sales process when necessary, (desking).

Bullwinkle’s Auto Inc. - 11/00 – 07/02

F & I Manager Duties consisted of contracting customers, sales of service contracts, GAP insurance, structuring of loans, advising sales managers on negotiations of sale according to credit reports, quality control and placement of loan packages; as well as all other duties upon request for a steady flow of the dealership. (High volume of Hispanic clientele)

Super Auto Inc. – 07/99 – 11/00

GM/GSM/F & I DIRECTOR: Duties included management of the store procedures, monitoring of all inventory, personnel management, accounting, and reconditioning of inventory. As well as the qualifying, structuring and placement of sales and loans, including collection of required documentation, monies, and customer/lender satisfaction.

(Deals consisted of a large volume of Special Finance needs, as well as A & B paper, and a high volume of Hispanic clientele)

Courtesy Ford – 03/98 – 06/99

F & I Manager/Assistant CMA: Duties included the contracting of customers, selling of products, collecting required documentation and monies, placement of loan, communication with lending institutions for such placement, packaging of loan, keeping all records and logs updated, as well as accounting from and back end gross records for all transactions.

Auto Finance of America – 09/96 – 02/98

Owner Operator: AFA consulted for various auto dealerships and lending institutions in the Rocky Mountain Region. Duties consisted of overseeing the training employees,

qualifying, analysis, structuring and placement of potential auto loans customers, contracting, packaging and completing of all transactions for the purchase and financing of vehicles. Also, locating vehicles for pre-approved customers, referring them to the

proper locations and completing the loan process including the sale and delivery of many after market products.

Cherry Creek Dodge/Colorado Chrysler Plymouth/Factory Car Outlet – 01/96 – 09/96

Special Finance Department Director: Development of department for Moreland Group and training of each stores Special Finance Department Managers, including the sales people.

Christopher Dodge – 12/94 – 12/95

Special Finance Assistant Manager: Assisted in the set up of the department, structuring of sales and loans, supervised salespeople, qualifying of customers, setting up and communication with various lending institutions, contracting, and sales of after market products, processing packaging and placement of loans.

Vanguard Acceptance Corp. – 03/92 – 11/93

Senior Funding Analyst: Duties consisted of final analysis of auto loan packages for funding to various dealerships across the United States. Locating and curing of discrepancies or errors in calculations, structure, accuracy, misrepresentations and disclosures prior to funding, (perfecting the lien).

Vanguard Sales & Leasing – 12/89 – 11/93

F & I Director / Administration: Instrumental in the development of the “Special Finance” program development, building of dealership and corporation. Duties consisted of everything from reception to management for the productivity and growth of this division of the corporation which started out with four employees and three cars. Within one year there were 6 to 8 sales people, 3 lot men, one secretary, one accountant, a sales manager, contractor, finance director, and general manager with sales averaging 118 per month.


Finance and Insurance Barnes Business College 1985

Real Estate Sales Barnes Business College 1984

ABILITIES: Encompass, Data Trac, Doc Trac, Calyx, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and a variety of finance programs.


Azalee Byers 303-***-**** (American Financing UW Mgr)

Marilyn Pierce 303-***-**** (American Financing Mgr)

Tyrone Odle 303-***-**** (Global)

Jules Hatfield 303-***-****

James Malafronte 720-***-****

Rigoberto Nieves 201-***-**** (AFR)

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