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Manager Engineering

New York, NY
September 17, 2018

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631-***-**** (C) NYC resident


A leading position in engineering, technology, project, product line, business development and program management in semiconductor, commercial, telecom, aerospace industries, related components, modules, subsystems and systems. EXPERIENCE:

Seasoned hands-on engineering manager and technologist, led large multi-disciplinary teams, engineering and product organizations, have run large projects and programs, experienced in process and technology development and insertion, technical marketing and market analysis, qualification and certification, NPI, executing product and engineering plans, resource management, grooming, planning and budgeting; extensive commercial and aerospace experience, bottom line and business oriented, good presenter and communicator and good in front of customer. ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS:

BS in Physics and EE, MS and PhD. in EE



COBHAM Plc., Hauppauge, NY 2017-

Sr. Product Engineering Mgr.

Responsible for transitioning designs from engineering to production, resolving test, yield and performance issues. Develop related processes, training and tools. Space qualified/high reliability electromechanical systems, actuators, cogless DC motors, steppers, servos. Six sigma, CI projects, Lean Methods, NPI/DFM/ DFC lead. Impact: Immediate impact on four key programs, one stuck in manufacturing and three in testing, where issues were resolved and jobs closed successfully. Developed electrical characterization methods for in-process verification, implemented SPC and improved yield. Developed specialized cleaning process and measurement and related capital equipment and vendor selection and rationalization and conducted qualification trials. ANALOG DEVICES Inc., Chelmsford, MA 2015- 2017

Product Line Manager

Responsible for a $30M portfolio of microwave amplifiers for commercial and aerospace applications. GaAs, GaN and HBT. Broadband packaged and die devices for global markets, point-to-point radios, satellite, radar, EW, automotive, instrumentation and general telecom applications. Maintaining portfolios, help define road maps, setting specifications and prices, sponsoring R&D, oversight of product releases, customer relations, forecasting, and revenue goals. Impact: Product portfolio provided 8% YoY overall growth. In the process end-of-lifed various old parts, introduced numerous new ones, rationalized and sponsored R&D on new products, poising the portfolio for long-term growth. WIRELESS TELECOM GROUP (Microlab, Boonton, Noisecom), Parsippany, NJ VP of Engineering 2012-2015

Responsible for a multi-discipline engineering group, two divisions (Network Systems (Microlab) and Test Measurement (Boonton and Noisecom)), all engineering functions, standard and custom product development, low PIM technology, roadmaps, technology acquisition, seminars, webinars, white papers, validation and certification. Developed the first active and network products for Microlab, passive and active POIs for Wireless distributed antenna (DAS) systems, introduced numerous low-PIM in-building wireless (IBW) products including indoor antenna line, multiplexers, hybrids, couplers, combiners, attenuators and tappers, a CPRI

• Engineering management

• Leadership

• Team building

• Mentoring

• Roadmap development

• Design and eng. process

• Transition to manufacturing

• Technology insertion

• Wireless

• Aerospace

• New product development

• Market analysis

• Continuous improvement

• DFM and DFC

• Product management

• Root cause analysis

• Process development

• Semiconductors, GaAs, GaN

• Microelectronics

• Electronics

• RF and microwaves

based (GPS) repeater development, active WiFi injector, broadband telecom signal/spectrum monitor and conditioning equipment, mostly aimed at LTE and MIMO applications for operators and neutral hosts. Oversaw Test and Measurement engineering and product development. Super fast USB peak power meter introduction, development of a new CW power meter, update and upgrade of numerous legacy products such as bench-top peak power meters, audio and modulation analyzers, new sensor development for power meters. Introduction of white-labeled OEM instruments. Reported to CEO, participated in Board meetings, helped with business planning, M&A discussions, general budgeting and resource planning. Impact: Oversaw tremendous growth in DAS market space with new product introductions taking advantage of changing technical requirements, standards and infrastructure build out. Help developed a strategy for active, fiber optic and digital point-of- interface products to build on traditional passives in this area; hired and developed a team, executed a development plan, engaged consultants and trial customers and made WTG a player in this arena. MITEQ, INC., Hauppauge, NY 2004-2012

Director of Amplifier Product Lines

P&L responsibility for wide-band, medium power and high performance RF/MW/MMW hybrid technology amplifiers for aerospace and telecommunication applications. GaAs, pHEMT, LDMOS and GaN designs, COB, MCM and chip-and-wire assembly. Super low-noise and cooled LNAs through Ka-Band, HPAs and power modules, thermal design, optical drivers to 43 GB, fiber optic transceivers, laser drivers, waveguide and hybrid designs through 50 GHz, comm. links, space and airborne applications, low-phase noise and pulsed RF/DC amplifiers and complex amplifier systems. Managing the amplifier PL, multi- disciplinary engineering, R&D, product development, assembly and test resources. Hands-on design work in all product areas. Impact: Product line grew to about $12M from $7M during my stewardship, provided positive cash flow quarter after quarter. Introduced brand new products, including GaN amplifier portfolio, air-born Ka-Band HPA, multi-band EMI test PA racks. CCI, Little Ferry, NJ 2004-2005


Linearized RF transmitter design for commercial and Wireless applications. POWERWAVE AMPLIFIER TECHNOLOGIES INC., Hauppauge, NY 1997-2004

[Formerly ERICSSON and MICROWAVE POWER DEVICES, INC.] Senior Product Line Manager and Technical Marketing - Powerwave (2003-2004) Product line management for integrated multi-carrier transmitter indoor/outdoor boosters, tower-top products, repeaters, RF front ends. Radio network (GSM/EDGE/WCDMA/CDMA) capacity and coverage improvement, link balance and optimization custom solutions.

Manager of Engineering Project Leads - Ericsson (2001-2003) Managing a group of Project Engineers (EPLs) who are technical leads in wireless BTS transmitter/system projects in addition to system and design responsibility. Responsible for specifications, system design and allocations, analysis, vendor development, technology insertion, mfg. and test methodology, BOM, risk mitigation, work planning, execution and reporting. Research on advanced feed-forward concepts, high efficiency architectures, analog and digital predistortion, advanced loop control, distortion receivers and new devices.

Director of Engineering - MPD (1997-2001)

Directed a multi-discipline (RF, digital, S/W, mechanical, manufacturing, verification, reliability, draft and design) engineering group and an engineering lab, total of four managers, their staff and senior technical staff. Carried out some design work in most projects. Developed LDMOS multi-carrier and single-carrier, linearized, high power base station transmitter amplifiers and shelves. TDMA/CDMA/WCDMA/GSM/OFDM work. From concept to production, validation, and customer/application support. Planning, organization and team development, technology development and roadmaps, market analysis, design for low cost, requisite engineering process and tool development, recruitment, project and capital budget planning, reporting and vendor development. M/A-COM, Boston, MA 1991-1997

Principal Engineer, Corporate R&D

SMT/COB/MCM/Flip-chip, MCM CAD and model development; staff and tool development, DFM; quotes, proposals, HBT/PHEMT device and MMIC development, GMIC (passive IC technology) circuits, PCM/SPC and IC production testing; LNAs, up/downconverters, and front ends; linear HPA modules, TDMA/CDMA, DCS/PCS/AMPS/GSM, MMDS/LMDS, CATV applications. Radar T/R modules. MCA business development, technology transfer to product lines, technical and marketing seminars. Technical Director for DoD TRP project.

GMIC (Glass MIC) Engineering Manager, MMIC Products Group Lead, Application Engineering Manager MCM development and foundry services, L to Ku-Band wide band, power and low noise applications, transceivers, oscillators, switches, filters, multifunction assemblies, T/R modules. Wideband EW, radar subsystems, assemblies. MMIC vector modulator, phase shifter and other single-function MMIC development; plastic and ceramic packages through 30 GHz, commercial, military and space applications; IR&D, product release; manufacturing & customer support; business development. Set up a new application engineering group for custom solutions & marketing support. COMPACT SOFTWARE INC., Patterson, NJ 1988-1991

Program Manager, MW Lab Director

MIMIC program Phase I activities and Program Manager as part of TI/Raytheon Team. Involved in developing a MMIC Design Workstation; advanced active/passive device models and CAD development, managed/directed subcontractors. Set up a microwave test and characterization lab. Active and passive component models, libraries, load-pull hardware and software development. Application support, SBIR proposals, seminars, courses and lectures. NEW JERSEY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Newark, NJ 1987-1991, 2013-2014 Adjunct Faculty

Taught graduate/senior level Microwaves, High Frequency Electronics, and RF Design courses in ECE Department. RCA DAVID SARNOFF LABS, Princeton, NJ 1984-1988

Member of Technical Staff

Developed microwave and milimeterwave GaAs FETs and SSPAs for terrestrial and space applications. Developed MMIC processes, device modeling and characterization, HEMT and GaAs/Si devices and MMICs EDUCATION

BSEE, Bogazici Un./Istanbul 1978

BSPhy, Bogazici Un./Istanbul 1978

MSEE, Drexel Un./Phila 1980

PhDEE, Drexel Un./Phila 1984


Numerous technical courses, marketing, product development, team building and leadership training. Experience with Mentor/Cadence CAD tools and various analog simulators such as AWR, ADS, and Ansys; trained in stage-gate process, program/project management, DFM, SPC, ISO, six-sigma, root cause analysis, lean methods, standard engineering practices and documentation.


Over 40 technical articles published in various IEEE journals, transactions and international conferences. Two patents related to GaAs FET and MMIC design. A list of specific projects, design work, patents and technical contributions is available upon request. AFFILIATIONS

Member of IEEE, organized IEEE MTT Symposium Technical sessions and workshops, RWS Conference paper reviews and session organization, MTT Transactions reviewer, MTT Technical Program Committee memberships, IEEE MTT Technical Committee-17 HF/VHF/UHF, founding member and co-chair, NYIT Industry Advisory Board, 2014 IEEE Ben Franklin Symposium Organizing Committee, 2018 IMS Organizing Committee. US citizen. Held DoD Secret Clearance.

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