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Manager Microsoft Office

Houston, TX
September 17, 2018

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Asile Betancourt

**** ****** **** ****

Brazoria, Texas 77422



To obtain the ability to work side by side with a company and advance as well as grow within the company. Also be able to work hand in hand with my employer and fellow coworkers as a team one on one. Be able to gain experience in an overall aspect of my job and duties of the job that are required of me as well as being able to accept any and all responsibility, and challenges, and to succeed to the fullest with the company.


Service Champion I, TDECU; Angleton, Tx August 2016 - March 2017

Duties as follows, Open and Close Branch on a daily basis. Sometime have to operate the Drive-Thru early mornings, also process ATM deposits as well, and then alternate over to the front line. Balance drawer every morning and also trial balance throughout the day before shift was over. Handle large amounts of cash on a daily basis. Handle deposits as well for commercial and personal accounts. Offer products from time to time to Members according to needs if necessary to their accounts to help better service them and their accounts. Strong customer services skills on a daily basis. Work hand in hand with Branch Manager and Assistant Managers Daily. Strong email usage throughout the different Branches in different departments and areas/cities. Strong usage on a daily basis with multi-phone lines, process day end reports when closing. Strong Excel work when needed.

Teller/Lead Teller, IBC BANK; Bay City, Tx November 2015 - July 2016

Duties as follows, Open and Close Branch on a daily basis. Operate Drive-Thru in the early mornings and then alternate to front line. Balance drawer first thing in the morning and throughout the day would have to trial balance and then balance once more again before shift ended. Process ATM deposits first thing in the morning for all commercial and personal accounts. Process large cash deposits daily for commercial and personal accounts. Worked hand in hand closely with customers and to their personal needs. Offered products according to the needs of the customers accounts on a daily basis. Work also closely with Branch Managers and Assistant Managers on a daily basis throughout the different Branches when necessary. Attended meetings weekly with Branch and Assistant Managers to coordinate what was at hand on the schedule for the month. Strong email usage throughout the beaches. Process Money Orders, Cashiers Checks when needed by customers. Strong usage on Multi-Phone lines daily. Had Remote Override Availability to assist other employees with processing large deposits on a daily basis from other branches as well. When needed, able to operate Microsoft office utilities such as Excel, Power Point, Access, Word, etc. Multi tasked through different programs simultaneously when needed.

Assistant Manager, SECURITY FINANCE; Angleton, Tx April 2012 - July 2015

Duties as follows, Open and Close Branch on a daily basis. Process Night Drop Payments immediately to customers accounts. Preformed and Processed Applications in person and over the phone for loans. Answer multi-phone lines daily, take in cash and check payments for loans. Strong email usage on a daily basis with other branches throughout the other offices if and when needed. Strong usage on different programs according to the needs of the office and the personal customer accounts at hand daily. Strong Microsoft Office programs as well when needed such as, Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, etc. Also, preformed “field work” when needed meaning, go door to door to collect payments aggressively or to work with customers to their needs of their loans to help them. Created work schedules from time to time when Manager was away, and also lunch schedules as well. Process month end reports monthly and reported to Supervisor with these monthly reports. Process bank deposits and ran to the bank for change orders and to pick up mail at the post office daily.

CSR/Licensed Auto Insurance Agent, CLAWSON INSURANCE June 2008 - March 2010

Duties as follows, assisted customers on a daily basis over the phone and in person in collecting personal information to process auto insurance applications, homeowners insurance as well. Answer multi-phone lines daily, run to deposit monies and pick up mail and drop off mail daily. Eventually started taking classes to become a License Agent for Auto Insurance. Obtained the license through November of 2011. Work closely hand in hand on a daily basis with Owner/Manager and Assistant Manager With Auto And homeowners policies. Scan files daily, strong usage of Excel and Word Documents to obtain monthly reports etc.


Brazosport College, Lake Jackson, Tx GED, 2010


Bilingual, can Read, Write, and Speak Spanish Strongly. Strong Internet usage, strong skills in Microsoft office programs such as, Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, Power Point. Can operate all office machinery such as Multi-phone lines, fax machine, 10 touch key calculator, computers, laptops, etc. Willing to learn other programs if necessary according to the job at hand quick and fast that complies with the job if needed. Fast learner, work very well under pressure and able to meet deadlines in a timely manner. Organization skills are strong, problem solving along with team building skills. Work well with others, very self driven, and self motivated, also very dependable and reliable. Strong Leadership Skills.

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