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Manager Financial Analyst

Alexandria, VA
September 16, 2018

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Junior Analyst

• Use statistical methods to compute and verify 2323 institutions' risk score

• Maintain, update, and capture issues related to the Risk Assessment Database

• Work closely with developer in improving the Database for efficient use

• Reconcile both databases: the Monitoring Tracking Database that captures all information related to the institutions and and the Risk assessment Database built internally to compute risk score and reflect institutions activities' changes.

• Assist Manager and peer analysts in drafting the recurrent financial monthly report and in making budget-related decisions

• Collect, analyze and report data from institutions and conducted small audits like on their grants management policies, procedures and practices

04/2017 – 10/2017

SOTEL-CI Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Financial Analyst Assistant

• Assist Finance Manager in executing grants application’s documents

• Maintain and execute financial data ‘s status and reports of the funds received and provide financial inputs to the Finance manager

• Perform internal accounts’ reconciliation, analyzed, reviewed, and tracked each program’s requirements to comply with the government’s regulations

• Prepare supporting data to justify corrections made on reports if any

• Assist in preparation of audits and reports for both customer and management

• Developing and presenting quaterly operational performance reviews to Manager

• Assist and advise on forecast management activities (input collection, processing and report creation) 04/2016 – 11/2016

EDUCATION GGEEOORRGGEE MMAASSOONN UUNNIIVVEERRSSIITTYY Data Analytics Engineering 2017Forensics – 2019 Master Degree With Focus in Predictive Analytics and Digital SKILLS Machine learning methods in data analysis

Analytical tools - Basic knowledge ( R, Python, SQL) Data visualization & predictive modeling: (Tableau, Plotly, R) Proficient in the use of MS Access, MS Excel

Strong interpersonal skills and ability to multi-task Detail oriented and demonstrates a sense of urgency about work Curious, Collaborative, Driven

SUMMARY A young professional passionate about analytics and pursuing a Master of Science in Data Analytics Engineering with emphasis in Predictive Analytics and Digital Forensics. In order to provide a scope for growth and excellence in the technology, science, and financial industries, Ms. Bessin is in the pursuit of a challenging career in Data Science.



World Corruption Analysis: Analysis Study the correlation, trends and patterns in relation to Happiness, Corruption and Countries in the world using k-means, Linear regression models and visualized with Tableau.

Lending Club Analysis: Analyze and predict factors impacting a loan tendency to fall in the bad loans category (default, late, etc.) using classification, random forest models and visualized with Tableau. Terrorism in the United States: States Forecast and predict future possible terrorist attacks in the U.S using PCA, k-means, time series analysis models and visualized with Tableau, Plotly.

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