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Specialist Internal Medicine holding HAAD & DHA License

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates
September 14, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Elia Georges Sarkis

Specialist Internal Medicine

Mobile: +971-**-******* E-Mail: Specialist Internal Medicine holding HAAD License, DHA License and MOH-UAE Evaluation Certificate, with total 13 years’ experience in Medicine, including 8 years proven experience in Internal Medicine as a Specialist. Currently practicing in UAE since 2015.

Master’s Degree of Internal Medicine: MOH - Syria Feb 2006 to Oct 2010

Bachelor’s Degree of Medicine: Damascus University - Syria Sep 1999 to Aug 2005

Sub-specialty internship program of Gastroenterology: MOH - Syria Jul 2011 to Feb 2012

HAAD License as Specialist Internal Medicine Apr 2018

DHA License as Specialist Internal Medicine Sep 2015

MOH - UAE Evaluation Certificate as Specialist Internal Medicine Apr 2016

MOH - Syria Permanent License as Specialist Internal Medicine Dec 2010

Specialist Internal Medicine

Jun 2018 to Present

Los Angeles Medical Centre (LAMC), Abu Dhabi - UAE Job Description :

Conduct full clinical workup including all medical investigations required to establish the final diagnosis, and determine the treatment plan.

Providing all outpatient medical services to the patients referred by the GP physicians.

Specialist Internal Medicine (Part-time)

Sep 2016 to Jun 2018

Royal Wing Healthcare Centre (RWHCC), Dubai - UAE

Job Description :

Collaborating with the GP doctors in the clinical assessment of the patients with complicated health conditions, and counseling about the procedures recommended to manage such cases.

Long-term observation and periodic follow-up of the patients with chronic diseases, and adjust their treatment plan accordingly.

Medical Director - Specialist Internal Medicine

Aug 2015 to Jun 2018

Digital Polyclinic, Dubai - UAE

Job Description :

Providing all healthcare services to the patients of internal medicine clinic, such as: medical consultation, clinical examination, ECG, and all diagnostic investigations.

Follow-up the laboratory & radiological investigations, and evaluate the treatment response.

Processing all insurance claims and insurance-related documentation required to provide the medical services for the insured patients.

Administrative Tasks :

Concluding the official contracts with insurance companies, laboratories, diagnostic centers, and holding all agreements / tie-ups required to operate the healthcare facility.

Conduct the official correspondence with the private and government entities.

Processing the DHA licensure applications, and all relevant documentation.

Overseeing the promotional activities and marketing achievement.

Scheduling the healthcare personnel duties, working hours, and vacations.

Specialist Internal Medicine

Jun 2014 to Nov 2014

ER & ICU at Al-Bassel Emergency Hospital of Al-Zahra, Homs - Syria Job Description :

Direct supervision on the critical cases at ICU, and taking the necessary actions to manage the emergency cases.

Triage the ER patients to the competent departments based on the initial diagnosis.

Coordinating with the inpatient department physicians to follow-up the referred patients.

Specialist Internal Medicine (Part-time)

Apr 2014 to Nov 2014

Headquarter of Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), Homs - Syria Job Description :

Monthly assessment of the patients with chronic diseases enrolled in the health insurance of SARC organization, to prescribe their monthly medications and modify the dosages.

Uploading the patients’ data to the organization medical database using ICD codes.

Specialist Internal Medicine

Jan 2011 to May 2014

ER & IM department at National Hospital of Sadad, Homs - Syria Job Description :

Intensive monitoring of the inpatients' health conditions at the internal medicine department, and supervising the implementation of their treatment plans.

Preparing daily reports about the inpatients' clinical status.

Assigned by the Health Directorate of Homs to organize the scientific activities and medical events at the hospital.

Specialist Internal Medicine (Part-time)

Jan 2011 to Apr 2013

Al-Birr Medical Centre at Al-Birr Charity Association, Homs - Syria Job Description :

Conduct full medical check-ups to the patients of ER and internal medicine clinic, follow-up the medical investigations reports to confirm the diagnosis and initiate the treatment.

Review the patients’ files and medical records entered into the association database.

Regulating the distribution of free medical aids to the eligible patients.

Resident Trainee Physician - Internal Medicine department Feb 2006 to Oct 2010

National Hospital of Homs, MOH - Syria

Duties and Responsibilities :

Apprenticeship on the clinical examination and diagnosis skills under the supervision of the internal medicine consultants and senior specialists.

Contributing to the patients’ preparation for the diagnostic and interventional procedures.

Got trained on various medical equipment at the internal medicine department.

Internship completion at the affiliated hospitals of the National Hospital of Homs: Hospital : Period :

National Hospital of Talkalakh, MOH - Syria During Nov 2006 and Jun 2007

National Hospital of Al-Quaryatayn, MOH - Syria During Mar 2008 and Apr 2009

National Hospital of Al-Sukhnah, MOH - Syria During May 2008

National Hospital of Sadad, MOH - Syria From Jun 2008 to Jan 2009

Chief of Internal Medicine Resident Physicians

Jul 2009 to Oct 2010

ICU at National Hospital of Homs, MOH - Syria

Duties and Responsibilities :

Conduct training to the new resident physicians on handling the critical cardiac cases.

Scheduling the monthly duties of the resident physicians at the ICU.

Review the daily reports presented by the resident physicians about the patients’ status.

Comprehensive clinical workup skills: medical consultation, full body physical examination, diagnostic investigations, diagnosis and treatment skills.

Interpretation of: ECG, lab test reports, and medical investigation results.

ICU management skills: acute coronary syndromes, arrhythmias, I.V infusion rules of the ICU medications, and CPR proficiency.

Cardiovascular diseases, Respiratory and Pulmonary diseases, Gastrointestinal disorders and Liver diseases, Renal diseases and UTI, Infectious diseases.

Chronic diseases: Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart failure and Ischemia, Thyroid dysfunction and Hormones disorders, Hyperlipidemia and Cholesterol disorders, Arthritis, Asthma, COPD...etc.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) - American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines International Training Centre (ITC), Dubai - UAE Aug 2016

Basic Life Support (BLS) - American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines Mohammed Bin Rashid Academic Medical Centre, Dubai Healthcare City - UAE Feb 2016 Al Razi Training Centre, Dubai - UAE Mar 2018

Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED - American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines Mohammed Bin Rashid Academic Medical Centre, Dubai Healthcare City - UAE Apr 2016

Fundamentals of Infection Control - World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines International Training Centre (ITC), Dubai - UAE Jul 2016

Advances in Epidemiology and Vaccination - World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines International Training Centre (ITC), Dubai - UAE Jul 2016

Food Intolerance and Digestive Health - 2nd International Conference Dubai Hospital, Dubai - UAE Oct 2016

The Global Paediatric Conference - Al Jalila Foundation Mohammed Bin Rashid Academic Medical Centre, Dubai Healthcare City - UAE Dec 2016

Vast experience in workshop planning, health awareness camps, and medical events.

Swift adaptation to the new work environment, ability to work under pressure for long hours.

Decision-making in critical situations, and problem-solving skills.

Highly commitment to the work duties and punctuality.

Communication, doctor-patient relationship, and interpersonal skills.

Ability to contribute positively to the spirit of team cooperation.

Open to ideas and comments, and take criticism positively.

Trustworthy, task oriented, and highly organized.

Insurance claim portals Windows system & Microsoft Office Internet and E-mail

Arabic: Native English: Proficient

Nationality: Syrian Date of birth: 01.01.1982

Marital status: Married with 2 children Current address: Dubai - UAE

Visa type: UAE Residence, valid to Aug 2020

Thanks for your time and consideration

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